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The only engine available for the Compass is a 180-horsepower 2.4-liter 4-cylinder powering either the front or all four wheels through a variety of transmissions. A 6-speed manual comes standard on all Sport models, and is available on 4WD Latitude models. If you want a front-wheel-drive Compass with an automatic, it’s going to be a 6-speed, while 4WD models get the 9-speed automatic; all automatic-equipped Compasses get start/stop. Fuel economy is pretty good across the board, with manual FWD Compass models getting up to 32 mpg on the highway. The engine is smooth and quiet enough, but power is only adequate for an SUV that can weigh up to 3,600 pounds in Trailhawk form. Note that 4WD Compass models can tow up to 2,000 pounds.And the Compass fits only 59.8 cubic feet of cargo with the rear seats folded. That’s 8 cubic feet less than the Ford Escape, which is about the same size.At first glance, the Compass is immediately recognizable as a Jeep. From the front, it looks like a smaller Grand Cherokee. From the side, it could be mistaken for the slightly larger Cherokee. From the back, there’s a hint of Renegade and Wrangler. But in two-tone paint, it stands out from a crowded pack of identical-looking crossovers. Jeep Compass, a SUV has 13 versions available in India. Compass has 10 Diesel Cars, 3 Petrol Cars. Jeep Compass comes in 5 colors, namely Brilliant Black, Exotica Red, Hydro Blue, Minimal Grey and Vocal White. First look of the Jeep Compass in India : PowerDrift 17th April, 2017

Perhaps most striking is that the Compass is available in both Sport and Latitude models with 4WD and a manual transmission, a rare combination in any vehicle these days. Latitude models also get other additional equipment: a choice of two infotainment system upgrades sporting larger screens and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, available dual-zone automatic climate control, and an optional Beats audio system with nine speakers and a subwoofer. Limited models get leather seating, the 8.5-inch Uconnect system and generally nicer interior trim. Options packages include a Technology Group that adds HID headlights, forward-collision warning and emergency braking, and lane-departure warning.This is my first time car and my buffer car till I get the car that I want. It works pretty well and haven’t had any issues for the time that I have it (2months) hopefully I won’t run Into any soon. ... Read full review Despite sharing a model year with the SUV it’s replacing, the 2017 Jeep Compass is an all-new vehicle, built on the same basic underpinnings as the Jeep Renegade and Jeep Cherokee. With a new engine, significantly better interior, and much better features, it immediately goes from afterthought to top of mind.

Every Compass comes with a 2.4-liter, 180-hp Tigershark 4-cylinder engine—the same one that’s an upgrade in the Renegade and the base choice in the Cherokee. Everything else about its performance depends on which Compass you choose. The Jeep Compass, redesigned for 2017 to more closely resemble its big brother the Grand Cherokee, slots in between Jeep's smaller Renegade and larger Cherokee. It's a useful size and a well-executed vehicle, despite some performance hiccups. Strong sales for the redesigned model suggest that.. Jeep totally revamped the 2017 Compass model and gave it much-needed upgrades and changes. This all-new contender in the small crossover segment fits between the small Renegade and larger Cherokee models as the newest addition to the Jeep family. The Compass, along with the.. The brake pedal is hard to push and the car won't start. Makes a clicking sound and dash lights do turn on. Last time I drove it was last night I don't know what's going on. I have a 2017 jeep comp...

The Jeep Compass was once our lowest-scoring car. Can the new 2018 Compass prove it's now on the right path? Jeep Australia has issued a recall for the 2018 Cherokee, Compass and Grand Cherokee, along with the 2017-18 Wrangler, over concerns vehicles could suddenly stall while driving The nine-speed goes from 4.71:1 in first to 0.48 in ninth, with a final drive ratio of 3.73 (Trailhawk’s final ratio is 4.33). The stick-shift has a 6.68 gear ratio spread and 4.44 final drive ratio; the six-speed automatic has a spread of 6.64 and a 3.50 final drive ratio. Outside the US, buyers can also get a 1.4 liter turbocharged four, six-or-seven-speed DDCT (the latter only in China), 2.0 TigerShark, and 1.6 and 2.0 liter Fiat MultiJet diesels. If you want to read about the earlier (carried-over-from-2016) 2017 Jeep Compass, please read our 2016 Jeep Compass Expert Review. Jeep Compass Multijet 140 Limited 2017 review. The new Jeep Compass enters an ultra-competitive market. It'll need to be an improvement on the previous Compass if the compact SUV is to compete with the Volkswagen Tiguan and Seat Ateca

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Search & read all of our Jeep Compass reviews by top motoring journalists. One of Jeep's oldest nameplates in Australia has had a rough time of it, but with an all-new model set to launch in late 2017, the company is hoping to put the old days behind it.Those days include a shocking.. Car Seat Covers Set Leather For Jeep Compass MP/552 2017-Present Car Covers Styling Seat Protector Cushions Internal Accessories. Zlord Car Interior Co-driver Storage Box Handle Decorative Bowl Cover Sticker Fit for Jeep Compass 2017 2018 2019 Accessories Dirigir o Jeep Compass é ter a certeza de aventuras muito seguras. Através do Computador de Bordo em TFT 7 você tem acesso a diversas funções e informações sobre o veículo, sem falar no Painel repleto de itens de conforto e um acabamento único. * De série nas versões Longitude.. There is just one engine, with three different transmissions. A Fiat six-speed manual is standard on the Sport and Latitude, with FWD or AWD; a six-speed Aisin is optional with FWD. All wheel drive Compasses can be ordered with the optional nine speed automatic (not a six speed automatic); the Trailhawk is nine-speed only.Some automakers include free scheduled maintenance for items such as oil changes, air filters and tire rotations. Some include consumables including brake pads and windshield wipers; others do not. They are typically for the first couple of years of ownership of a new car.

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Editor’s note: This Car Seat Check was written in May 2017 about the 2017 Jeep Compass. Little of substance has changed with this year’s model. To see what’s new ... Read more Here are the top 2017 Jeep Compass for Sale ASAP. View photos, features and more. What will be your next ride

 The Compass is made in Pernambuco, Brazil, and will be made in Mexico and China, with the Chinese plant producing for domestic use only. Overall, there will be 17 powertrain options and 100 countries of sale. Ordering opened in Brazil on September 26, 2016, with a 2-liter Chrysler gasoline engine and a 2-liter Fiat diesel. Jeep Trailhawk, 2017 Jeep Compass, Wheel Fire Pit, Jeep Cars, Jeep Jeep, White Jeep, Camaro Car, Aston Martin Cars, Old Tires. Jeep Cars, Audi Cars, Jeep Compass Price, Best Cars For Teens, Audi Allroad, Ford Flex, Mid Size Suv, Car Accessories For Girls, Luxury Suv Jeep Active Drive (AWD) is optional on all but Trailhawk; Jeep Active Drive Low is only used on Trailhawk, where it’s standard. The system has a fully disconnecting front wheel drive mode, automatic engagement, and a variable wet clutch in the rear drive module; there is programming for off-road, low-traction, aggressive-launch, and fast-turn driving. Both systems have a a neutral position; the Trailhawk has a 20:1 crawl ratio in low gear as well. The Compass uses a Chapman (modified MacPherson) suspension, with 8.2 inches of rear wheel articulation and 6.7 inches of front wheel articulation. Koni front and rear struts have frequency selective damping, which filters out high-frequency inputs from rough surfaces, making the ride smoother without sacrificing control. The front crossmember both adds rigidity and a third load line to help in crashes, while a new “split” shock absorber mounting splits road vibrations to improve acoustics. The rear cradle is solated for the same reason; it also includes attachment points for the lateral links and half-shafts.

The all-new Jeep Compass certainly looks the business. Its exterior styling may be its best attribute, with a baby-Grand-Cherokee look that keeps with one of the two known Jeep styles (the other being the round-eyed, chunky Wrangler look that’s also worn by the Renegade). The seven-slot grille up front is traditional but not functional (the holes aren’t open), and the headlights look like Grand Cherokee units. The wheel openings are the squarish Jeep style, as well. 2017 Jeep Compass Review: Baby Grand. Jeep's all-SUV lineup gets a major upgrade with this 1-for-2 replacement of the old Compass and awful Patriot. 2017 Jeep Compass First Drive: All the right stuff Les nouveautés de la Jeep Compass 2017. En matière de design, si la nouvelle Jeep Compass a conservé l'architecture globale de la première génération - à savoir 5 portes, 5 places, et un gabarit de SUV compact - elle s'avère incomparablement plus séduisante 2.4-liter inline-4 180 horsepower @ 6,400 rpm 175 lb-ft of torque @ 3,900 rpm EPA city/highway fuel economy: 23/32 mpg (FWD, manual), 22/31 mpg (4WD manual, FWD automatic), 22/30 mpg (4WD automatic)

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2017 US pricing started at $22,090 (including destination) for the Sport 4x2; the Sport 4x4 costs $1,500 more. The Latitude, with or without AWD, was $25,390. The Trailhawk started at $29,690 and the Limited (AWD only in 2017, FWD or AWD in 2018) at $30,090.But it’s surprisingly not that unpleasant, even in—no, make that particularly in—this low-end, no-frills, DIY-shifting Sport form. It’s not quick, either. But hey, it costs only about a quarter of what a Grand Cherokee Trackhawk does. Interested in the 2020 Jeep Compass but not sure where to start? Learn about it in the MotorTrend Buyer's Guide right here. This current second-generation Compass debuted for the 2017 model year and sports a pint-size version of the design language present on the automaker's midsize Grand.. The Compass’ overall footprint is nearly as big as the larger Cherokee; the biggest difference between the two is that the Compass comes only with a four-cylinder engine. Inside, the Compass actually has more cargo room than the Cherokee: 27.2 cubic feet of room behind the backseat and 59.8 cubic feet with it folded. That’s almost 3 cubic feet more behind the backseat than the Cherokee has, and nearly 1 cubic foot more overall room. It’s still smaller than the Kia Sportage, though, which has 30.7 cubic feet of cargo room, expandable to 60.1 cubic feet. The spacious Honda CR-V is also bigger, with 39.2 cubic feet in back that’s expandable to 75.8 cubic feet. 2017-2018 Jeep Compass cabin, interior, noise, and styling. Noise was cut back using structural design, as well as frame-under-glass door construction with triple seals and acoustic wheel well liners. As oh2o predicted in Allpar, the Compass will have an 8.4 UConnect touch screen stereo option..

The new Jeep Compass is a continuation of the original concept — a tough-bodied, compact crossover with one model engineered for off-roading and three for bad weather, all in a Grand Cherokee-style skin. It carries the Chrysler “Tigershark” 2.4 liter engine, with manual and automatic transmissions, with a two-liter turbo four in the works. Often called a basic warranty or new-vehicle warranty, a bumper-to-bumper policy covers components like air conditioning, audio systems, vehicle sensors, fuel systems and major electrical components. Most policies exclude regular maintenance like fluid top offs and oil changes, but a few brands have separate free-maintenance provisions, and those that do offer them is slowly rising. Bumper-to-bumper warranties typically expire faster than powertrain warranties..css-1tol7fw > hr{margin-bottom:24px;margin-top:24px;}@media (min-width:768px){.css-1tol7fw > hr:first-of-type{margin-top:0;}}.css-9shtt8{display:-webkit-box;display:-webkit-flex;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;-webkit-align-items:center;-webkit-box-align:center;-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;-webkit-flex-wrap:wrap;-ms-flex-wrap:wrap;flex-wrap:wrap;}.css-9shtt8 > h2{margin-right:16px;}.css-9shtt8 > *{margin-right:8px;}.css-9shtt8 p{margin:0;}Used 2017 Jeep Compass Consumer Reviews.css-1pby8wh{display:-webkit-box;display:-webkit-flex;display:-ms-flexbox;display:flex;-webkit-align-items:center;-webkit-box-align:center;-ms-flex-align:center;align-items:center;}.css-1pby8wh > h2{margin-right:16px;}.css-1pby8wh > *{margin-right:8px;}.css-1pby8wh p{margin:0;}.css-1jgbv2y-Star{width:24px;}.css-gwaqy3-NumericRating{font-size:20px;font-weight:600;margin-left:8px;}@media (min-width:948px){.css-gwaqy3-NumericRating{font-size:24px;}}3.7 .css-131rkno-StyledParagraph{font-size:14px;color:#111111;line-height:1.5;text-align:left;font-style:normal;font-weight:400;}Overall RatingThe new Compass, however, is the perfect fit for a certain kind of buyer. Whether it’s right for you depends on your needs.

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Don't be misled a 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty doesn't promise a decade of free repairs for your car. It typically covers just the engine and transmission, along with any other moving parts that lead to the wheels, like the driveshaft and constant velocity joints. Some automakers also bundle seat belts and airbags into their powertrain warranties. With a few exceptions, powertrain warranties don't cover regular maintenance like engine tuneups and tire rotations. The 2020 Jeep® Compass offers comfortable and contemporary interior styling complete with a new available Alpine® Premium Audio system, abundant The 2020 Jeep® Compass offers innovative standard and available safety and security technology designed to help protect you from the.. CARS.COM — After a year full of rigorous Cars.com Challenges and comparisons, there is one clear conclusion: Some of the cars out there are just … not great. While winning ... Read more

Inside, I thought the Jeep was quieter than a new Honda CR-V I drove earlier in the week. And even with its higher ride height and off-road design, the Trailhawk was equally adept at long highway cruises and smoothing out suburban potholes.It’s no coincidence that the 2017 Compass looks like a miniaturized Grand Cherokee. The strong family resemblance goes beyond headlights and general shape, with traditional Jeep cues like the 7-slot grille, boxed wheel arches and the shape of the greenhouse. The Compass has its share of cute hidden design elements, like the Loch Ness monster, hidden on the rear hatch glass, that will surprise and delight buyers. Limited models offer more chrome on the exterior to match its more upscale intent, while Trailhawk models double down on off-road ruggedness with increased ride height, skidplates, more rugged tires and a blackout anti-glare hood. TheHorror Wow, Steve. New car owners like their car -- stop the presses! It's as if they liked how the vehicle drove during the twenty-minute test drive, and have not had enough ownership time to discover any reliability and/or quality issues. Even if problems never manifest, it's still too early in the honeymoon phase to say much of anything conclusively about the new Compass. The Jeep Compass will fill an interesting place in the Jeep showroom. It’s not as powerful as the V-6-optional Cherokee, but it’s marginally bigger inside and should be less expensive. It does allow for the next Cherokee to get a little bit bigger, further differentiating Jeep’s offerings.

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  1. The redesigned 2017 Jeep Compass is much improved over its predecessor. It's a good choice if you want a comfortable and affordable crossover SUV that can still handle a dirt road. Worth noting, the previous version of the Compass will also be sold as a 2017 model alongside the new version for a..
  2. Backseat room is surprisingly good as well, with decent legroom, but headroom is curtailed by the optional moonroof. There is some road and wind noise at speed, but no more than might be found in any of the Compass’ competitors. There’s not much engine noise, either, until you floor the gas pedal, at which point the four-cylinder creates more sound than speed. My biggest quibble with the interior is a near total lack of front storage space. Cubbies and storage pockets are few, with only the front cupholders to hold a larger smartphone, and then not very securely.
  3. The all-new 2017 Jeep Compass expands the brand's global reach with an unmatched combination of attributes that includes legendary and best-in-class 4x4 off-road capability, advanced fuel-efficient powertrains, premium and authentic Jeep design, superior on-road driving dynamics..
  4. A 3.5” trip computer is standard, a seven-inch unit optional, also as predicted. Either system provides custom options, and provide turn by turn navigation (if equipped). The 7-inch system also shows text messages.

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Jeep ® Compass Trailhawk ® zaliczył certyfikację Jeep ® Trail Rated ® określającą najwyższe zdolności terenowe dla seryjnych pojazdów. Zapewnił to szereg modyfikacji takich jak kształt zderzaków, powiększenie prześwitu i uzyskanie bezprecedensowych wartości kąta najazdu.. Jeep Compass 2017. Toda la información, fotos y datos técnicos del nuevo SUV light, que será fabricado en México. El nuevo Jeep Compass 2017 llegará a más de cien mercados mundiales, gracias a que será fabricado en cuatro plantas del consorcio, localizadas en Brasil, China, México e.. Users ranked 2017 Jeep Compass against other cars which they drove/owned. Each ranking was based on 9 categories. Here is the summary of top rankings.

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Whatever jeep compass 2017 styles you want, can be easily bought here. Car Window Visor Rain Sun Deflectors Guard Vent Shade Chrome Trim For Jeep Compass 2018 2 476 руб. 2 584 руб La Jeep® Compass concentre tout l'ADN Jeep® dans un authentique SUV compact de caractère, conçu pour toute la famille. Découvrez comment ses systèmes de sécurité, ses nombreuses technologies innovantes et son confort inégalable répondront à toutes vos exigences.. Four trim levels are available, starting with the Compass Sport. For $20,995, you get front-wheel drive (FWD), a manual transmission, and cloth seats. You can upgrade to a 6-speed automatic, but if you also add AWD, your choices are either a stick shift or a 9-speed automatic. The few available options include heated seats and satellite radio, but not Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Der Jeep® Compass Sport zeigt mit dem legendären 7-Slot-Kühlergrill unverkennbar, dass hier ein echtes Jeep® SUV vor Ihnen steht. Am Heck unterstreichen die markanten LED-Rückleuchten den individuellen Auftritt. Zudem verfügt der Compass Sport über eine umfassende Serienausstattung.. CARS.COM — It’s been little more than one year since we published our last Compact SUV Challenge, but much has changed within the market as several models have been ... Read more The 2017 Jeep Compass is built on the same underpinnings as the smaller Jeep Renegade and larger Jeep Cherokee, and it drives like a successful blend of the two. It offers the on-road quiet and comfortable ride of the Cherokee, but around town and in parking lots it feels more like the smaller and more nimble Renegade. The slow-shifting 9-speed automatic hampers power delivery from the 180-horsepower 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine, and we shut off the intrusive start/stop system. When the road turns, the Compass isn’t as nimble as competitors like the Kia Sportage or even the Subaru Crosstrek. However, nothing can touch the Compass Trailhawk off road, thanks to its raised ride height, more rugged tires (including a full-size spare), skidplates, a special crawl mode that locks the transmission in first gear, an additional Rock mode in the 4-wheel-drive (4WD) system, and more.Noise was cut back using structural design, as well as frame-under-glass door construction with triple seals and acoustic wheel well liners. The Trailhawk adds even more off-road capabilities with Jeep’s Active Drive Low system. It features a 20:1 crawl ratio, hill-descent control, and an additional Selec-Terrain setting: Rock. It uses software to simulate a locking differential by managing the Compass’ brakes. That means you get more control over the car at lower speeds, so it’s easier to drive on rough terrain.

CARS.COM — New-car sales might have retreated last month, but it wasn’t for lack of incentives; car deals averaged $3,475 per car in January, up 16.1 percent ($483) from ... Read more Dastan25 asked a 2017 Jeep Compass X High Altitude Maintenance & Repair question 9 months ago The previous Compass used an utterly annoying CVT in most versions. But the new Compass has stepped up to a six-speed automatic in front-drive models and FCA’s sometimes frustrating nine-speed automatic in 4x4s. But our test example had the standard six-speed manual, and it is by far the best choice of the three. Steve It's an accurate review, I agree completely. Everyday I hear great things from Compass owners. Home • Engines • Reviews • Chrysler 1904-2018 • Upcoming • Trucks • Cars

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Buyers can choose from a complement of active safety systems—including features like lane-keep assist, blind-spot detection, and forward-collision warning. View All CPO Program Details The 2016 trim lines continued: Sport, Latitude (Longitude, outside the US), Limited, and Trailhawk. Only the Trailhawk is “Trail Rated.”  

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2019 Jeep Compass Altitude - Keyless n' Go. Condition. New car. $2,200. Save. 2017 Jeep Compass High Altitude - SiriusXM - Power Sunroof - $142 B/W On pavement, however, the Compass feels less secure. That’s largely the fault of its 9-speed automatic transmission, which seems reluctant to downshift at speed. In practical terms, that means the car feels sluggish even if you floor the gas pedal while merging onto the highway or passing another car. Harga Jeep Compass 2020 mulai dari Rp 615 Juta. Compass 2020 SUV terbaru tersedia dalam pilihan mesin Bensin. Sebelum beli, cari tahu dulu spesifikasi, konsumsi BBM, promo dan simulasi kredit bulan April, review redaksi OTO, dan bandingkan dengan rivalnya seperti Renegade, Fortuner..

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Before exploring the new Compass any further, it’s important to note that this Jeep thankfully shares nothing but a name with its predecessor. Confusingly, both the old and new Compasses are on sale at Jeep dealerships as 2017 models. The older car is sometimes known as the Compass X, and we recommend avoiding it. It’s unpleasantly loud, it feels cheap, and it doesn’t get the high safety ratings of its competitors. CARS.COM — If a minivan signals a lifetime of yardwork and youth soccer, here’s some good news: All that grass can save you some green, at least when it comes to car ... Read more Jeep Compass (2020) in-depth review. Read our experts' views on the engine, practicality, running costs, overall performance and more. Jeep is hoping to captialise on the success of the Italian-built Renegade with the Compass and to that end it's based it on its smaller sibling

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But it isn’t perfect. Thanks to a loose turn-signal stalk, I accidentally flashed my high-beam headlights almost every time I signaled a left turn, and the speed-sensitive intermittent wipers were maddeningly too fast or too slow. Important heating and air-conditioning controls felt just out of reach.The Latitude also adds body-color door handles and mirrors, deep-tinted glass, cornering fog lamps, roof rails, 17 inch aluminum wheels (with optional 18 inch wheels), rear-seat console (automatic only), ambient LED lighting, vinyl seat inserts, leather-wrapped steering wheel, and passive entry. The better news is that the Compass is otherwise enjoyable to drive. On jaunts around town, the 9-speed had no problem picking the right gear for the engine to work efficiently without feeling sluggish. If you don’t mind auto start/stop killing the engine at stoplights, you’ll get close to Jeep’s promise of 22 mpg city, 31 highway, and 25 combined. While Jeep's North America arm is keeping us mostly in the dark about the redesigned 2017 Compass that's meant to replace both its namesake and the Before we tell you what we learned, let us quickly mention that one of the reasons why Brazil got first dibs on the 2017 Compass is because FCA.. Todos los precios Jeep Compass, las mejores ofertas para el año 2020, guía de compra, fotos Sale a la venta la edición Night Eagle. 21 de mar, 2017. 21 de mar, 2017 | Jeep Compass. Llegan las versiones Opening Edition con mucho equipamiento, tracción total y caja automática

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If you want driver engagement in this category of vehicle, you should buy a Mazda CX-5. And the Honda CR-V has it all over the Compass in terms of utility and refinement. But the least expensive all-wheel-drive CX-5 Sport and CR-V LX are almost $3000 more than the Compass Sport 4x4—with the difference likely even greater once dealer discounting comes into play. At this price-sensitive end of the market, that matters. In places like Montana, Vermont, or Colorado, where all-wheel drive is a virtual necessity and commutes are rarely stop and go, the Compass Sport 4x4 is an attractive alternative to yet another Subaru. And it looks more or less like a Jeep.TRAILHAWK The Compass Trailhawk is a unique proposition in the compact-crossover SUV segment. With lifted ride height, a low-range setup — not a 2-range transfer case, though — and other mechanical and electronic tricks, it’s far more capable in off-road situations than you might expect a car-based crossover SUV to be.Around town, the Compass usually operates as a front-wheel-drive vehicle, with some torque transferred to the rear wheels only when the lack of traction up front gets dire. It’s enough for most snowy conditions or when a dirt road turns to mud or when sand blows across the pavement but not much beyond that. The Jeep Compass is a four-door compact crossover SUV introduced for the 2007 model year, and is now in its second generation. The first generation Compass and Patriot, its rebadged variant.. Have questions about warranties or CPO programs?

Alibaba.com offers 529 jeep compass 2017 products. About 14% of these are Auto Lighting System, 3% are Car Bumpers, and 0% are Car Doors. A wide variety of jeep compass 2017 options are available to you, such as model, lamp type, and voltage Note: Due to changes in EPA testing to more effectively reflect real-world conditions, some 2017 models show slightly lower fuel-economy scores than their 2016 versions.

UCONNECT 4 We already like the Uconnect system in various Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Fiat models, and this new version fixes what few complaints we had. It’s far quicker, with a faster response to tapping the screen. And it finally incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Informationen zum Jeep Compass gesucht? Hier finden Sie technische Daten, Preise, Statistiken, Tests und die wichtigsten Fragen auf einen Blick. Gebrauchte Jeep Compass bei AutoScout24 finden. Technische Daten Top Angebote Fragen und Antworten Herstellerinformationen Bewertungen

The Jeep Compass benefits from having the latest FCA Uconnect technology, including a new, optional higher resolution 8.4-inch touchscreen with the latest and greatest software. The new Uconnect builds upon the goodness of the old one, with easy-to-use icons, simple menus, excellent legibility and quick functionality. A 5.0-inch touchscreen is standard, while a larger 7.0-inch and the 8.4-inch screens are optional. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now also offered on the 7.0- and 8.4-inch systems, with navigation also offered on the 8.4. A stronger selling point for the Jeep Compass is its all-new interior, which closely mimics the insides seen on the rest of the Jeep lineup — to the point that if you didn’t know which Jeep you were sitting in, you might not know which Jeep you were sitting in. The front seats are comfortable, with decent support and plenty of room in every dimension.If you subscribe to Uconnect Access, you’ll get to control your Jeep from your phone. Apps include remote diagnostics and an app to warm up your car remotely on a cold morning.

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'17-'20 Compass MP. New Jeep Compass! Chassis Code MP. 2017*-2020 MP Compass Roof Rack Cross Rails. T-Slot Mounted Bicycle Roof Mount Carrier. The new Jeep Compass maybe one of the smallest vehicles in the Jeep family, but it's got a light, unhindered drive that's perfect for city.. All Compass models are powered by Fiat Chrysler’s Tigershark 2.4-liter inline-four, rated at a so-so 180 horsepower. It doesn’t inspire much affection, but it’s not miserable in its work, either; it has a Red Wing boot sort of charm.Inside, it’s a world away from the old Compass. Everything fits together nicely, nothing feels cheap, and the whole setup wouldn’t feel out of place in a Toyota or Honda. Big buttons and easy-to-read screens are simple to use, and rear passengers even get a USB port. The roofline is the biggest departure, with the “floating roof” look that’s starting to be much too common among new automotive designs these days. At least you can get it in either a body color or contrasting hue, so if you want the roof to blend into the body, you can.

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Find 899 used 2017 Jeep Compass as low as $9,800 on Carsforsale.com®. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car See the 2017 Jeep Compass price range, expert review, consumer reviews, safety ratings, and listings near you. Despite sharing a model year with the SUV it's replacing, the 2017 Jeep Compass is an all-new vehicle, built on the same basic underpinnings as the Jeep Renegade and Jeep Cherokee

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  1. The gauge cluster features a 3.5-inch digital display; a larger 7-inch display is optional. Both are reconfigurable and customizable to the driver’s whims, as seen in other FCA products.
  2. Du suchst Infos zum Jeep Compass seit 2017? Jeep bietet den Compass mit zwei Benzin- und drei Dieselmotoren an, die ein Leistungsspektrum von 120 bis 170 PS abdecken und wahlweise mit einem 6-Gang-Schaltgetriebe oder einer neunstufigen Automatik gekoppelt sind
  3. A member of the New England Motor Press Association who has owned everything from a Town Car to a Prius, Keith has contributed automotive coverage to outlets including Wired, Car & Driver, and USA Today.
  4. Visibility is also good and includes a fun Easter egg when you look in the rearview mirror, out the back window, to find something looking back at you — I won’t spoil the surprise. Material quality of the various surfaces is good, but the colors are dull. There’s none of the pizzazz in the color selections that we’ve seen before, and nothing like what’s offered in the smaller Renegade. The Trailhawk brings some touches of color to the trim, but it feels like Jeep is going conservative on its interiors again after having experimented a bit with more unique combinations.

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  1. CARS.COM — When Cars.com compared seven compact SUVs in three days of expert testing for our 2017 Compact SUV Challenge, the redesigned 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan squeaked by the 2017 ... Read more
  2. 2017 Compass specs (horsepower, torque, engine size, wheelbase), MPG and pricing by trim level. Compare 10 Compass trims and trim families below to see the differences in prices and features
  3. The new 2017 Jeep Compass is worlds better than the old one. It spanks its competitors off-road, but its underpowered engine, sloppy handling and quirky automatic transmission keep it from being competitive on-road.
  4. Jeep Compass vozila: prodaja Jeep Compass auta iz cijele Hrvatske u malim oglasima sa slikama i cijenama Jeep Compass automobila. Njuškalo oglasi. Jeep Compass 1,6 MJT Limited MTX FWD. Rabljeno vozilo, 16049 km Godište automobila: 2017
  5. The C635 six-speed manual’s lower four gears are relatively closely spaced, with fifth a 0.85:1 overdrive and sixth an off-the-cliff 0.67:1 overdrive. What’s good about this Italy-made transmission is that the manual operation allows the driver to hold any gear as long as they would like. That’s an enormous advantage with an engine that peaks at only 175 lb-ft of torque and needs to spin at 3900 rpm to achieve that figure. In low-traction situations, it makes maintaining forward progress far more straightforward than with an automatic.
  6. The Trailhawk’s unique bumpers and ground clearance mean you get better approach, departure, and breakover angles—which basically means it’s harder to bottom-out the Compass or get stuck in a ditch. Steel skid plates protect the underside of the vehicle, and it also comes with two big red tow hooks up front and one in the back.
  7. The Jeep Compass was the first Brazilian-made car with adaptive cruise control, lane change monitor, and front collision warning/prevention — automated parking is also optional. The Compass can be ordered with turn signals on the mirrors. Other safety measures include all-row full-length side curtain airbags, four wheel antilock brakes, automatic defogging (with the automatic temperature system), automatic high beams, auto-reverse power sunroof, windows, and liftgate, capless fuel filler door, dual-note horns, and of course rear cameras and radar parking alerts. It also has an optional front wiper blade de-icer regardless of model, which should be popular in the snow belt.

Jeep Compass Price , Images, Review & Spec

  1. The 2017 Jeep Compass currently has 0 recalls
  2. Note: Since the 2017 Jeep Compass is an all-new model, the in-cabin technology in the 2018 Compass is unchanged. Uconnect has been updated over the years, and the 2017 Jeep Compass adds Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for more cloud-connected features - and a familiar interface for..
  3. O Jeep Compass é um utilitário esportivo médio da Jeep. Foi um dos primeiros modelos de automóvel do Grupo Chrysler a oferecer versões com transmissão continuamente variável (Câmbio CVT) fabricada pela Jatco
  4. Sport is the base, with black door handles, manual transmission (optional automatic), clear glass (unless buyers get a package), manual headlamps, no fog lamps, black mirrors (still power adjustable and heated), no roof rails except with a package, 16 inch steel wheels, the small trip computer, air conditioning, ordinary interior lighting, and black cloth seats. Unlike past base models, this one doesn’t seem to have been crippled by leaving out items most people want; it even includes the media hub, pushbutton starter, tilt/telescope steering wheel, and rear camera.
  5. Measured owner satisfaction with 2017 Jeep Compass performance, styling, comfort, features, and usability after 90 days of ownership. The Jeep Compass has the look of a traditional jeep wrangler with great gas mileage and interior comforts. The seats are spacious and comfortable with a lot of..

Jeep Compass - Wikipedi

Scopri tutto sul nuovo SUV compatto Jeep® Compass: offerte, versioni, interni e motori. Il meglio in carattere e prestazioni 4X4. Con la nuova Jeep Compass, dotata di tecnologia, motori e dispositivi di sicurezza ai vertici della categoria, oggi tutte le strade sono percorribili Cathleen asked a 2017 Jeep Compass Sport General question 3 weeks ago

Exterior & Styling

According to Jeep, the Compass was engineered within the United States; its “small-wide” architecture was based on Fiat’s prior small-car setup, but was heavily modified. The Compass will be made on four continents and sold in over a hundred countries. The architecture has modular, interchangeable components with the ability to change the wheelbase, track, overhang, length, and width; thus, the Compass is 2.6 inches longer than the Renegade. Find Jeep Compass used cars for sale on Auto Trader, today. With the largest range of second hand Jeep Compass cars across the UK, find the right car for you. Jeep Compass SUV (2017 - ) review. Auto Trader rating Only the Trailhawk has skid plates; those cover the fuel tank, transfer case, transmission, and front suspension. We don’t recommend off-roading with other Jeep Compass models, even with AWD. The problem, of course, is how many compact SUV owners are really going to take their trucks off-road? Sure, the Jeep Compass can do things similar body types like the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 can only dream of, but unless you live on a dirt road, or drive one every day, the trade-offs with the rest of the Compass’ performance aren’t worth it. 2017 Jeep Compass. small SUV / 4-door SUV. Award applies only to vehicles with optional front crash prevention built after December 2016. The Jeep Compass was redesigned during the 2017 model year. (A short run of old-design 2017 models was produced through December 2016.

Jeep Compass (2017) Información general - km77

Every Compass with all-wheel drive (AWD) features a Selec-Terrain knob just in front of the shifter. Drivers can select from one of four modes for the AWD system: Auto, Snow, Sport, and Sand/Mud. Set it to Auto, and Jeep’s Active Drive 4x4 system will automatically send power to all four wheels if you need the traction or just the front wheels if you don’t. Set it to one of the other options and the system will respond accordingly.If you want cheap AWD, the Subaru Crosstrek starts at just $21,695. And even after Jeep’s substantial interior upgrades, I think the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Tucson are more comfortable for road trips. Shop lowest-priced OEM 2017 Jeep Compass Parts from genuine parts catalog at MoparPartsGiant.com. 2017 Jeep Compass Parts. Parts and Categories If you like to drive on the beach, frequently take unpaved roads that turn treacherous in winter, or want to take your car directly to remote campsites, the Compass will get the job done. But it will also get you to work and keep the kids comfortable on a road trip.

Myydään Jeep Compass Länsi-Suomi - Toukokuu 202

  1. Read the definitive Jeep Compass 2020 review from the expert What Car? team. Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. The Compass is a further step into the mainstream for Jeep. Once known as a pioneering maker of off-road heavyweights, it has adapted its modern line-up..
  2. g this video, I found the trunk release. The owner's manual said it was to the left of the steering wheel, but the actual button is by the map/reading light.
  3. The 2017 Jeep Compass hasn't aged well, and its space, performance, and especially safety are all now well below par. In its first generation, it went down in history as one of the most unloved crossovers on the road from day one. But that's the past and, aside from its badge, the Jeep Compass is all-new..
  4. g that the laws of physics still apply to 3416-pound Jeeps with 180 horsepower aboard. Don’t expect this engine to pull well in sixth gear—and it’s also not thrilled about fifth. Those two gears are overdrives, and they’re somewhat useful when cruising in them on an interstate, freeway, or down the eastern slope of the Rockies. But up the slightest grade, it feels as if a drag chute has just deployed. For many situations, fourth is the best cruising gear, and sometimes passing will mean dropping down to third.
  5. We make no guarantees regarding validity or accuracy of information, predictions, or advice — . Copyright © VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram, and Mopar are trademarks of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Ergonomics & Electronics

La segunda generación de este todoterreno está en venta desde mediados de 2017 y ocupa el lugar del anterior Compass, un vehículo que estuvo disponible entre 2007 y 2014 (más información del Compass 2007 y del Compass 2011) Jeep Compass İkinci El ve Sıfır SUV, MPV, Crossover, 4x4. The Compass’s 103.8-inch wheelbase is 2.6 inches longer than the Renegade’s, and at 173.0 inches, the Compass is 6.4 inches longer overall but no wider. The longer wheelbase helps the Compass ride better than the Renegade but not by a wide margin. Video - Jeep Compass 2017 | Videoprueba. Hemos probado a fondo el nuevo Jeep Compass, un coche que llega para batirse el cobre en el segmento con más proyección y popularidad del momento -y de los años venideros-, el de los SUV del segmento C. De esta manera, el Ford Kuga o el SEAT..

The resulting 2017 Jeep Compass aims to entice everyone from value-oriented Hyundai Tucson buyers to people hunting for more premium crossovers like the Volkswagen Tiguan. But what it offers over either of those cars is real off-road capability, which Jeep hopes will draw in young buyers who.. The steering is electrically powered, with the assist within the column; power assistance is changed based on conditions. The steering torque system autaomtically corrects for surfaces with low grip, and is integrated with the stability control setup to help in split-traction, torque steer, and crowned-road situations. Abbiamo guidato la nuova Jeep Compass, Sport Utility compatta del brand americano. Motori diesel e benzina, trazione integrale e (anche) cambio automatico a..

2017 Jeep Compass 4x4 Manual. Car and Driver 2/12/2018 JOHN PEARLEY HUFFMAN. Let us praise the virtues of simplicity. There's nothing tricky, complex, or leading edge about the Jeep Compass in its bargain-priced Sport trim. It is straightforward engineering in a bare box.. Visualize prices for 2017 Jeep Compass in Minneapolis, MN on a graph. 82 cars listed for sale, 25 listed in the past 7 days.This report also includes data on 2017 Jeep Compass in Minnesota, United States for comparison See warranty FAQs or visit the manufacturer's website At the Sport’s $22,090 base price—AWD adds $1500—the Compass’s interior is a throwback. The fabric on the seats is rugged, the carpet isn’t plush, and the plastic pieces are very plasticky. The equipment level is modest, but many 21st century essentials are accounted for: Power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, a backup camera, and push-button start are standard. After all, we are a civilized people. New car and certified pre-owned programs by Jeep

Puente trasero JEEP COMPASS (MK49) 2Mangueta delantera derecha JEEP COMPASS (MP) 2

The 2017 Jeep Compass hasn't aged well, and its space, performance, and especially safety are all now well below par. In its first generation, it went down in history as one of the most unloved crossovers on the road from day one. But that's the past and, aside from its badge, the Jeep Compass is all-new.. The steering wheel has integrated audio, voice, and speed controls; and all models get a media hub with USB and auxiliary inputs, with an extra USB port on the back of the center console, facing the rear seats. The optional Beats audio system has nine speakers (four 6x9s in the doors, two one-inchers in the rear doors, two 3.5s in the dash, and an eight-inch woofer), with a 12-channel amp. The parking system works for both parallel and perpendicular parking, on either side of the car. Other feaures include rain sensing wipers, hill start assistance (briefly holds the car on steep hills after the driver lets off the brake and before moving forward), trailer sway control, and tilt/telescoping steering wheels.

Jeep® Compass Trailhawk® saavutab Trail Rated® maastikuvõimekuse tänu oma klassi parimatele pealesõidu- harja ületuse, ja mahasõidunurkadele ning klirensile. Läbivust tagavad ka eridisainiga stanged, põhjakaitsed, mäelt laskumise abisüsteem ning 17tollised maastikurehvid GuruKPM1G asked a 2017 Jeep Compass Maintenance & Repair question 5 months ago Get in-depth unbiased information on the Jeep Compass from Consumer Reports including major redesigns, pricing and performance, and search local inventory. Overall, other than the allure of the Jeep brand, the Compass trails the competition in several important metrics Pricing for the new Compass had not been released as of publication, but it is expected to be competitive with other vehicles in its class. And a crowded class that is: The compact SUV segment has seen massive growth in recent years.There are LEDs in front, with daytime running lights, fog lights, and projector headlamps on all models; Trailhawk and Limited have optional HIDs. Only the Limited gets LED tail-lamps, and those are part of the Advance Technology Group.

Handling isn’t the Compass’ strong suit, either. I drove it on twisting, forested roads, and while the steering felt light for the first 30 degrees of travel, it firmed up considerably past that, resulting in overall feel that was both too light and too heavy. The Compass is also softly sprung, so while ride quality is good, the Compass tips and tilts in corners, with pronounced body roll. Handling isn’t much better, with prominent understeer through corners that has the little SUV pushing and scrubbing through tight sweepers.At least Jeep continued its tradition of hiding Easter eggs in this vehicle, like a plastic iguana sculpted under the windshield wipers and some sort of serpent on the rear window. Subtle Jeep grille insignias are emblazoned on almost every plastic surface to remind buyers of the brand’s off-road heritage.

Jeep Compass listings include photos, videos, mileage and features for the Jeep Compass Latitude and Compass Sport Utility. Enterprise Certified Jeep Compass have passed a rigorous inspection by an ASE-certified technician. Our used Jeep Compass inventory includes vehicles for sale that are.. 2017 Jeep Compass. Configurations. #16 out of 18 in 2017 Affordable Compact SUVs. Select up to 3 trims below to compare some key specs and options for the 2017 Jeep Compass. For full details such as dimensions, cargo capacity, suspension, colors, and brakes, click on a specific Compass trim Jeep ® Compass Limited, to je spojení vytříbenosti a stylu. Kožená sedadla, nebo sedadla v kombinaci kůže a textilu, přístrojový panel nabízející řidiči Jeep ® Compass Trailhawk ™ má certifikaci Trail Rated ™ , za což vděčí skvělým hodnotám předního a zadního nájezdového úhlu a přejezdového.. The all-new Jeep Compass certainly looks the business. Its exterior styling may be its best attribute, with a baby-Grand-Cherokee look that keeps with one of the two known Jeep styles (the other being the round-eyed, chunky Wrangler look that’s also worn by the Renegade). The seven-slot grille up front is traditional but not functional (the holes aren’t open), and the headlights look like Grand Cherokee units. The wheel openings are the squarish Jeep style, as well.Buyers who spring for the 7-inch touchscreen now get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and the 8.4-inch touchscreen adds factory navigation, too.

CARS.COM Vehicles Affected: Approximately 62,000 model-year 2014-16 Chrysler Town & Country and 2018 Pacifica minivans; model-year 2004 Dodge Durango SUVs, 2007 Caliber ... Read more The roofline is the biggest departure, with the “floating roof” look that’s starting to be much too common among new automotiv... Show full review

jeep-compass-2017-primo-contatto_01.jpg. Adatta a una guida rilassata, la Jeep Compass 1.6 Multijet Limited non è affaticante: lo sterzo è leggero (migliorabile, però, la precisione) e il pedale della frizione è piuttosto morbido (ok la manovrabilità del cambio). Sincera nelle reazioni e con un rollio non troppo.. CARS.COM — These days, Jeep loves its Easter eggs — that is, clever styling cues in unexpected places. The redesigned Compass, which is just hitting dealerships now, has its share,... Read more Some automakers include roadside assistance with their bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranties, while others have separate policies. These programs cover anything from flat-tire changes and locksmith services to jump-starts and towing. Few reimburse incidental costs like motel rooms (if you have to wait for repairs).

Jeep® Compass Limited Deri ve Kumaş Ön ve Arka koltuklar, 7 Tam Renkli Ayarlanabilir Gösterge Paneli ve Uconnect™'li Radyo Ekran, LED İmza Yeni Jeep® Compass Longitude'da maksimum konfor ve yüksek kaliteli tasarım sizin için bir araya geliyor. Parlak krom cam çerçeveleri ile tavan.. Euro NCAP safety rating of the Jeep Compass: detailed results, crash test pictures, videos and comments from experts. Tested Model Jeep Compass 4 x 4 Limited, 2.0, LHD. Body Type - 5 door SUV. Year Of Publication 2017. Kerb Weight 1575kg No matter which size you choose, you’ll find Uconnect faster and more responsive than the previous version. But you won’t find a split-screen setup, so you’ll have to choose between viewing, say, a playlist and a map.All US models have a 160 amp alternator and 500 amp battery (with a secondary 150 amp battery on stop-start-equipped cars). Pagina dedicata alla JEEP Compass nata nel 2017. Una vettura straordinaria che incarna l... Mai più JEEP o FCA... la mia Compass seppur con difetto grave provato (vibra in autostrada oltre i 9...0km/h) e dopo svariati tentativi di sistemazione mi è stata restituita dicendo che per casa madre va bene così..

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