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Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Best disco music Of All Time. Disco Music Best of 80s 90s Dance Hit - Nonstop 80s 90s Greatest Hits - Euro Disco Songs remix Pop culture and critical appraisal alike haven’t been entirely fair to “Disco Inferno.” Granted, a song inspired by a kitschy all-star disaster movie that invokes a Watts riots chant as part of a decidedly apolitical hook was likely bound to be subject to punchline status once the rush wore off, and decades later that title might’ve resonated more as the name of a pro wrestling comedy jobber or a decidedly un-disco 50 Cent single. Here’s the thing, though: What if that rush doesn’t wear off? In its full 11-minute glory, “Disco Inferno” is the apotheosis of everything UNGH about the Philly sound, with lead singer Jimmy Ellis vamping wildly between smooth soul singing and raw funk exclamations as the backup singers (including drummer Earl Young pulling double-duty) offer a don’t-step-to-us undercurrent. And Ron “Have Mercy” Kersey’s giddily quasi-suspenseful arrangement makes Irwin Allen’s filmography seem like My Dinner With Andre in comparison. In short: burnin’.Translated from its original French, “Problemes d’Amour” is like what Blade Runner’s Roy Batty would cut loose to in a Rimini discotheque: “Oh! This is the cry of a robot in love, oh / Oh! Even without tears, he cries always, oh.” Alexander Robotnick was the alias of Maurizio Dami, a cabaret singer from Florence who programmed his way into dance music’s history books with this quixotic ode to robotic romance. The third release on the short-lived Fuzz Dance label, the track paired sing-songy chants and fluttery funk synthesizers with a crisp machine groove halfway between Kraftwerk and Cybotron. In both its instrumentation and its cadence, it has as much to do with electro-funk as disco, and its wriggly 303 line anticipates Chicago acid, then just around the corner. But arriving just as Italo disco was becoming a recognized thing, it also represents a crucial moment in the way disco mutated as it traveled, reaching Europe as its stateside popularity waned, and then boomeranging back to our shores in a newly streamlined, mechanized format. Fun fact: That’s “Problemes d’Amour” playing in the topless-bar scene in National Lampoon’s European Vacation. PHILLIP SHERBURNEA cacophony of beeping cars, twanging bass and limousine innuendos, Grace Jones’ ‘Pull Up to the Bumper’ is disco, condensed: perfectly capturing the pure joy and silliness of losing yourself in a club ‘til dawn. And Grace Jones would know; throughout the 70s the icon was a regular at New York’s Studio 54, tearing up the dance floor in elaborate costumes and shimmering capes. Appearing – appropriately enough – on her album ‘Nightclubbing’, it’s an instant floor-filler, sneering and strutting til the end. Drive safely!

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Beutiful & rythmic song and many more from the same artist.European artist have almost been ignored in the list. 2. Gloria Gaynor ‘I Will Survive’ Gloria Gaynor's 1979 smash is one of pop's most enduring tunes. The sound may be very much rooted in peak-era disco, but its sentiment about self-belief and triumph over adversity is evergreen. Seriously, just try to imagine how many times this song gets sung at a karaoke bar in any given week. The mind boggles!

Disco Dancer. Swan Song. Bee Gees. 02:57 Anyone who dismisses disco as a singles-plus-filler genre could, like the rest of the world, benefit from hearing George McCrae’s 1974 debut album Rock Your Baby. As one of the finest interpreters of the Harry Casey/Richard Finch songbook (the same one that gave us all those KC & The Sunshine Band joints), McCrae’s first album is nothing but gold, from its slinky stoner-disco gem “I Get Lifted” to the cloud-walking ease of Yo La Tengo cover-subject “You Can Have It All.” But its title track, McCrae’s debut single and a #1 smash on both sides of the Atlantic, is so effusively joyous that it’s easy to get caught up in its hold over the rest of his discography. George’s right-place/right-time proximity to a studio session working on this instrumental demo gave it a soul that felt as much Memphis as it did Miami. But even the moments where his lovestruck falsetto hangs back while the backing track rolls on out feels like a bask in the sunshine. The Best Disco In Town — The Ritchie Family 219. Ain't That Enough For You — John Davis 220. Love Disco Style — Erotic Drum Band 294. La La Peace Song — O. C. Smith 295 The best disco songs ever were largely produced by Giorgio Moroder, so it's only fitting for the Here are my 35 favorite disco songs, of all time (put on shuffle and enjoy a night of dancing) 80s Disco Legend - Golden Disco Greatest Hits 80s - Best Disco Songs Of 80s - Super Disco Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Best disco music Of All Time Best Disco Dance Songs..

Category:Disco songs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search Best Disco Dance Songs Of 70 80 90 Legends Golden Eurodisco Megamix Best Disco Music 70s 80s 90s Disco’s more often an escape from the bad times than a reminder of it, but message songs aren’t foreign to the genre. And on a brief stop in his career from Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band to Kid Creole & The Coconuts, August Darnell pulled out a funky rocker of a disco cut that tells the kind of “this is why your kids are fucked up” story you rarely got in any type of pop music. “There But For the Grace of God” tells the story of the assimilation efforts of two Latinx parents who escape the Bronx for greener pastures (read: “no blacks, no Jews, and no gays”), only to doom their daughter to a stifling suburban boredom (papi doesn’t even allow rock’n’roll records!) that ends in her juvenile delinquency and leaving home at 16 “with a man she met on the street.” Clare Bathé sings like she’s the heartbroken mother and the frustrated daughter all at once, concluding with the too-bleak-for-afterschool-specials line “too much love is worse than none at all.” Tragedy rarely hits this hard at such a high BPM, a song so to-the-gut raw that the best possible reinterpretation of it came from Detroit garage-noise toughs the Gories. Save For LaterSave The Best Disco Songs Ever For Later. Create a List. Download to App It’s been nearly 40 years since Carl Douglas kung-fu fought his way to the top of the Billboard charts, and the world is once again in the throes of disco fever — and it doesn’t exactly sound like doing the “Y.M.C.A.” at the prom. Huge pop artists like Robin Thicke (“Give It My Way”), Bruno Mars (“Treasure”), and Justin Timberlake (“Take Back the Night”) ride the velvet rope where disco met soul, while revisionists like Escort and Midnight Magic dive headfirst into luxurious pools of retro glitter.

For her mammoth banger ‘Love Come Down’, King paired up with Kashif, who also produced the whole album. A production pioneer and early adopter of synths with a talent for bringing a sharp electronic edge to an elaborate soul band sound, the duo complimented each other perfectly. King later repaid the favour by singing on Kashif’s solo track ‘I Just Gotta Have You’ – incidentally another certified banger. Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Best disco music Of All Time Best Disco Dance Disco Music Best of 80s 90s Dance Hit - Nonstop 80s 90s Greatest Hits - Euro Disco Songs remix.. Best Disco Dance Songs of '70 '80 '90 Legends (Golden Eurodisco Megamix) Built on a synthesised piano hook and sharp, snappy handclaps (keyboardist Michael de Benedictus claimed that his group was the first to use a drum machine for this purpose). NYC Peech Boys’ disco was cut from a different cloth to the saturated, orchestral arrangements coming from labels like Salsoul, and listening to the dub remixes pumping four on the floor kick drum, it’s impossible to overstate ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’s influence on modern house music.

Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Golden Eurodisco Megamix -Best disco music 70s Disco Legends - 80's HOT DISCO HITS - Best Disco Songs Of All Time - Super Disco Hits best.. Though Larry Levan later nicked the track from West End Records’ offices in order to create his own equally iconic female vocal remix featuring Melvina Woods, there’s a certain left-field quality to Loose Joint’s male vocal original. You don’t exactly need a degree in Reading Between the Lines to spot the homoerotic undertones of the lyric “is it all over my face? You caught me love dancing” and there’s a weirdly meditative quality to those unshowy vocals set against cacophonous brass.Released on Dinosaur L’s 1981 album 24→24 Music and dubbed the fuck out by Francois K. for 12-inch the following year, “Go Bang!” is a snapshot of Downtown avant-disco polymath Arthur Russell at his most elegantly unhinged. The album version kicks off with a few minutes of stringy country-disco overlaid with warbly non sequiturs (“I wanna see all my friends at once / I need an armchair to put myself in your shoes”) before swarming organs and fat, dissonant daubs of Rhodes turn it into free jazz with a stonkin’ oonce-oonce beat. Francois K.’s edit is part surgeon, part madman, making cat’s cradles out of the connective tissue between the song’s wildly divergent parts. Chants that might have scanned as nostalgic, in another context, come off as urgent, almost angry. “I’d do anything to get the chance to go back / I wanna go back!” And later, again, “I wanna see all my friends at once!” It’s hard, now, not to read that as a premonition of the way disease would lay waste to a huge swath of the community that made all this possible, including Russell himself. But whatever nostalgia may have driven the song’s lyrical content — obviously, in the process, paving the way for LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” — there was no looking backward. P.S.The near-falsetto vocal trill, slippery hi-hats, lean claps, and burbling synthesizers of this roller-funk forerunner to Italo disco made it both a great novelty and an example of solid craftsmanship — not to mention a hit, both with DJs (it was a favorite at the Paradise Garage) and on black radio, going to No. 21 R&B in 1981. Not bad for three Italians riding the end of Disco Mk 1’s timeline. But it’s the garbled voice box on the chorus that puts this in the DJ canon. It wasn’t the first or the best vocoder record in dance music — certainly not the last. But it was one of the most humane — a seed for both techno elegance and Daft Punk’s pinging warmth. M.M. Disco was born in New York in 1970 - according to folklore, anyway - when a disc jockey named It's not even their best song. Released around the same time as Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of..

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Thanks to the runaway success of ‘Disco Inferno’ – which made it onto the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack – The Trammps sometimes get pinned as one-hit-wonders. It’s not even their best song. Released around the same time as Stevie Wonder’s ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ – sharing the same lush orchestration, and drenched in soul – ‘Stop and Think’ takes that particular prize. Recorded at Sigma Studios with Joe Tarsia, MFSB’s drummer Earl Young deployed the trick of placing open hi-hat hisses between each beat. In years to come, this proved very very handy for DJs trying to beat-match in noisy night clubs so thanks very much to The Trammps for that one. The first stereotypical disco songs (as we know it) weren't out until 1972, but included below are songs with some Emotions - Best Of My Love (HQ with lyrics). Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23

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The “oohp-oooohp” shouts, the train metaphor, the call to “leave your worries behind” — it had all been done before 1978, maybe halfway done-to-death. But never underestimate Rod Temperton, the Lincolnshire-born Brit-disco wizard who rode a grip of Heatwave jams into Quincy Jones’ office. (Once he got there, he cobbled together a few odds and ends like, f’rinstance, the title track to Thriller.) “The Groove Line” is funkier than the sum of its parts, thanks to the tight group harmonies in the chorus and a litany of different backbeats and riffs all converging with the same irresistible locomotion. 100 Greatest Disco Songs. Criteria: Songs were chosen for this list based on their initial popularity, as well as their lasting popularity down through the years, and on their overall impact on the genre Everyone knows the joyous parps that kick off ‘Young Hearts Run Free’: an easy pick for guess-that-intro. And despite Candi Staton’s track being an instant dancefloor filler, there’s darkness beneath the euphoric exterior.Amanda LEAR should be on the list. She was a disco-queen and she is still even if she has recorded a song whose tittle is "I DON'T LIKE DISCO Disco / Nu-Disco. Format: All Vinyl CD DJ Equipment Studio Equipment. Review: Disco is the name of the game for Shan's fifth EP, Tanzstuecke, on Running Back

Disco fever reached its peak in the late '70s, and a majority of the top disco songs on this list are from that time frame. And yes, you’ll find repeat artists listed – especially the unforgettable Donna Summer. Ask any disco fan to try and choose just one favorite Donna Summer song. It’s impossible. Her most popular and iconic disco tracks are all here, including “Last Dance,” “I Feel Love” and “Love to Love You Baby.” What deserves the highest rank? That's up to you to decide.Another Philly act taken under the wing of NYC’s Salsoul, MFSB started out as studio hands at Gamble + Huff’s Philadelphia International Records, where they shaped Philly’s signature smooth sound, but got very little recognition. They would later decamp to New York, where they became The Salsoul Orchestra for the now-iconic label, but before relocating, MFSB released an album under their own name in 1973. музыка » Italo disco. Только активные 5. The Rolling Stones ‘Miss You’ The Rolling Stones embraced disco on Some Girls in 1978. "Miss You," the album's biggest hit, ranks among the band's greatest works, seamlessly blending the elegant groove of the disco movement with elements of raw blues and rock that have always been the group's stock in trade."Burn baby burn" Ohh... This is so great to dance to, even if you have more left feet than a Lost Property cupboard. - Britgirl

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Testament to the increasing taste-making powers of DJs in the 70s, the masterpiece of ‘Love’s Theme’ might’ve ended up in the bin if it wasn’t for Nicky Siano and David Rodriguez. When the pair went rummaging around in the basement of 20th Century, they rescued the record from otherwise certain doom. “Billy [Smith, the label’s promotion assistant] said these are dead albums waiting to be trashed,” Siano tells Tim Lawrence in Love Saves the Day. “David replied, ‘They’ve got black people on the cover – give them to us!’ David and I started playing ‘Love’s Theme’ and it took off from there. He distributed copies among New York DJs, and by Feb ‘74 it had been released as a single due to huge demand, and reached number one. The power we had was phenomenal!” This song is a classic and a staple at discos everywhere. 8. Do The Hustle. No one really knew The songs on this list make up the ten best disco songs of all time. Each song can stand on its own and.. Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Best disco music Of All Time Best Disco Dance 80s Disco Legend - Golden Disco Greatest Hits 80s - Best Disco Songs Of 80s - Super Disco Hits..

05:42. Francesco E Luigi Watch Me Dance Tonight (ZYX Remix) (Disco 2020). 06:03. Knights Hijack My Heart (Also Playable Mono Remix) (Современное диско 2020). 05:31. Cerrone DNA (Disco 2020) Hear It In: Avicii’s “Last Dance,” Italians Do It Better, Petar Dundov, Etienne Jaumet, I:CubeSo slow and strange that it initially cleared the floor at the otherwise notoriously progressive, permissive Paradise Garage, this testimonial of desire and devotion was such a favorite of Larry Levan that he mixed it himself until it became the most aesthetically underground R&B jam of the ’80s to achieve overground success. It’s seriously, delectably off-kilter: Newark-born singer Taana Gardner’s heart, represented by a lurching bass drum, seems as though it could have an attack at any moment from the sheer acuteness of her love, as well as from the groove’s queasy dub-shaded funk. “Now you know this makes no kinda sense / Walkin’ ’round here so intense,” she admits midway, knowing full well that what’s irrational — represented by every brooding note of this nine-and-a-half-minute epic — is often what’s right. B.W.Chic had a habit of echoing Depression-era big band music in their hits — think the “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” nod in “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah),” or the “Happy Days Are Here Again” namecheck in “Good Times,” among others — but damn, did they have a tough act to follow when it came to that particular tweak of nostalgia. The Bronx-based Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band had a remarkable gift for invoking old-school Dixieland, swing, and rhumba in a musical itinerary that still foregrounded ’70s disco rhythms, an everything-old-is-new-again approach masterminded by siblings Thomas Browder (aka August Darnell) and Stony Browder Jr. and co-fronted by the archly glamorous vocals of Cory Daye. Panache, sophistication, and style in the face of crushing economic misery drove the ’70s New York club scene as sure as it did the Depression-era Jazz Age that Dr. Buzzard’s drew from, and the parallels made for remarkable listening. (And yeah, the Ghostface nod was choice, too.)

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Occupying a niche and slightly nerdy place in dance music history, Walter Gibbon’s remix of Ten Percent’s ‘Double Exposure’ was the first ever commercial 12” single. Those few inches of vinyl cleared room for extended club mixes, and higher sound quality; huge news for the dance world. Call it queer gospel if you want — Sylvester’s falsetto could always make you feel some spirit or another — but the gender binary-shattering icon wasn’t all that far from the roots of the Pentecostal church where he learned to sing, whether they wanted him or not. From there to jazz-age Billie Holiday drag performances with San Francisco’s Cockettes, then to a rock-and-soul group that brilliantly reworked Neil Young and Allen Toussaint alike, he was already a finely tuned everygenre singer by the time “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” hit like lightning. And that track’s Moroder-dosed, Hi-NRG-anticipating Patrick Cowley production proved that even synthesizers could sound holy.

The Best Of Italo Disco vol.1 - Greatest Hits 80's (Various Artists). Llego la hora de la musica Italo Disco, recopilamos una gran selecion de temas espero que este mix sea de tu agrado comenta.. Absolutely THE BEST DISCO SONG EVER! I danced my ass off to this one...couldn't sit still whenever I heard this one! Listen to it!Quebec is the closest thing to a European outpost you’ll find on North American soil, so it’s not too surprising that Gino Soccio, an Italian-Canadian musician from Montreal, so skillfully fused the soulful qualities of American R&B with the sleekness of Eurodisco. He stumbled upon disco by chance: A fan of Kraftwerk and Stockhausen known as the go-to guy for anything synth-related, he caught disco fever when local producer Pat Deserio hired him to record a disco version of Ravel’s “Bolero” under the name Kebekelektrik. Seeing dancers’ response to “War Dance,” an original that he had tucked on the B-side, emboldened him to try his hand at an album-length statement, Dancer. But it was the title track and lead single that made Soccio’s name, thanks to its fusion of gritty funk riffs, dance floor-stoking vocals, and shimmering electronic touches. At the Paradise Garage, Soccio told Wax Poetics, Larry Levan “would play that song three times in a row sometimes, and it was already an eight-minute disco song. It was 24 minutes of ‘Dancer,’ and people just would not get enough of it.” The song’s extended breakdown, straining liquid keys through a bare-bones beat, is a direct antecedent of the deep house that would arrive with Larry Heard and Kevin Saunderson, a style that has returned with a (gentle) vengeance in both underground (DJ Koze) and overground (Disclosure) alike. P.S.I know, “We Are Family” is the goods — the White Sox blew up disco records, but the Pirates won it all with one — yet there’s something deeper in the soul of “Lost In Music” that makes it something special in the Chic-produced corners of the Sister Sledge discography. It’s like Rodgers and Edwards were facing a moment of nagging confrontation with the specter of backlash in that chorus, as though they had this existential fear of what they’d even be doing if they didn’t have their work in music to give them purpose, and gave that idea to a group at the height of their greatness to explore. Disco often celebrated itself, but this is where it gives itself the sense of integral vitality in the oncoming face of burnout — “it’s no vanity/ To me, it’s my sanity” — as just one sound as part of a bigger world.

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Stayin' Alive. Silver Disco Explosion. 4:45. Simply A Love Song. Chilly. 3:14 A favourite track of Nicky Siano’ ‘You Can’t Hide From Yourself’ showcases Teddy Pendergrass at his strutting best. Formerly the lead singer of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes – the group responsible for ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way” and “If You Don’t Know Me by Now’- the Philly musician left the band, launched a solo career, and became one of disco’s best-known hunks. With a raw and powerful voice – bursting with passion and soul – Teddy soon became a sex symbol. Dodging flung underwear at the women-only shows he hosted was a regular occurrence; fans would frequently pose as hotel maids in an attempt to get closer to the star. As much as people like to call Disco Demolition Night the night that disco “died,” it was all of about two weeks later — July 27, 1979 — that one of the biggest superstars in music history released a smash hit that announced him as a new force in pop. Michael Jackson’s first great solo moment of creative control and grown-up megastardom had him literally transforming from a stammering kid to a confident powerhouse in the intro, one of the most intense “oh shit this music’s making me feel something” run-ups to ever hit #1. And everything people have come to appreciate about Jackson as a singer — his ability to show off a wide vocal range while giving it a serious rhythmic punch, his unbridled ad-lib shouts, his knack for making the virtuosic sound spontaneous — came into its own here, all over a twitchy-yet-sleek Quincy Jones co-arrangement that made six horns sound like a hundred. The best disco songs imply infinity in both their length and groove, and always feel as if they're attached to a The Only Official DJ Certified List of the 700 Best Disco Songs of the '70s & '80s The ballroom sub-culture served as a place of refuge for young LGBT+ people – many of them from black or Latino communities – to seek out a new family after being kicked out of their homes. Serving “realness” on the floor became a way to parody and imitate the straight, white world of New York’s money-slinging Wall Street. “If you can pass the untrained eye and not give away the fact that you’re gay, that’s when it’s realness,” is how the drag queen Dorian Corey puts it in the 1990 ballroom documentary Paris Is Burning.

1. Bee Gees ‘Stayin’ Alive’ Saturday Night Fever is the high-water mark of the disco movement, and the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" is the high-water mark of Saturday Night Fever. The band's most iconic hit is forever associated with disco's biggest cultural moment, and it's probably one of the first songs that comes to mind when anyone thinks of disco in general.Think of disco, and divas come to mind; with glam stage presences and powerhouse vocals to match. There’s Cheryl Lynn and Evelyn King, Loleatta Holloway and Diana Ross…. and then flamboyant drag queen Sylvester, who stands out as the ruling Queen of Disco.

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  1. g, Joyce Jones, and Annette Guest), as evidenced on this hypnotic 1979 number, backed by members of the Salsoul Orchestra and MFSB. The chorus is as ecstatic as you’d expect from a group with gospel roots, but they get it out of the way almost immediately, blowing through twice before the tune is anywhere near the two-
  2. utes (and, on the 12-inch, more than 13
  3. Looking for a the best disco playlist? Here's a list of the best disco music of all time from the 1970s, including the Bee Gees, K.C. and the Sunshine Band, the Village People, Gloria Gaynor and more
  4. g naturally, of the ideas of what constituted “disco” and “funk” and “soul” all merging into a whole that plays to each genre’s celebratory, praise-rooted physicality. Glorious down to the last ba-dee-ya.
  5. Right: So I already wrote at length about Chic and how the bassline to “Good Times” “might just be the single greatest live-played bassline in postwar 20th century pop” a couple weeks ago. The qualifier “might just be” is there for a reason, though, and that reason is the same one I put in the superlatives: Bernard Edwards. Everything about Chic’s early smash “Everybody Dance” is great for the same reason everything about Chic’s best songs is great — the big band side-nods, the way the piano and strings and vocals all harmonize in subtly different rhythmic cadences, Tony Thompson playing supple fills like he knows a straightforward four-on-the-floor won’t be enough by a long shot, Nile Rodgers turning chicken-scratch guitar into a form as nimble and flexible as anything Grant Green or George Benson ever laid down. But damn, Bernard. Damn, Bernard.
  6. Disco Demolition Night, which happened 40 years ago today, is the day two genres were marked for death. Disco itself was one of them, of course: Chicago radio DJ Steve Dahl, infuriated that his still-young shock-jock career was derailed when WDAI changed format from rock to disco and shitcanned him in the process, waged war on the genre. And his new station WLUP’s publicity stunt to blow up a bunch of disco records in the middle of Comiskey Park during a baseball doubleheader was all the excuse an already anxious, recession-choked record industry needed to downsize their tulip-fever investment in a genre they didn’t realize was just slightly more divisive, niche, and under-lucrative than they’d anticipated.
  7. ently danceable pop song about finding yourself on the floor — the “young and sweet, only 17″ subject being the one the listener identifies with instead of objectifies, an aspirational figure whose aspirations are simply to find happiness in rhythm, whether or not it involves the untapped potential of finding “a king” (“anybody could be that guy”). But even their happiest hit has the sense of melancholy beneath it, melodies that stare into the distance even as the lyrics are blinded by the lights.

The best disco song in the history of music.. and this song makes me smile a lot, I don't know why! 😁The stories around this song are so often told that it’s tempting to just bring them up in shorthand: Eno’s “I’ve heard the sound of the future” prophecy, Donna’s initial skepticism towards recording a synth-dominated “popcorn track,” the nuts-and-bolts technological aspects (like the accidental delay effect the engineer added that doubled up the bassline). And there’s a real charge to internalizing the fact that even without Summer’s angelic cloud-surfing voice, Giorgio Moroder created something that was both wholly inorganic and emotionally stirring. But think of this: How many people do you think drove to opening-day screenings of the original Star Wars with brand-new copies of I Remember Yesterday in their car’s tape deck? After all, they came out the same month, they both seemed like drastic revolutions in special-effects mediums that had previously seemed like niche Popular Mechanics novelty, and it’d be well over a decade before either of them felt more like the present than the future.The music, the harmony, and the strong "funk" rhythm, all came together to create an unforgettable sound!The best in culture from a cultural icon. Subscribe now for more from the authority on music, entertainment, politics and pop culture.

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  1. Thanks to its lyrical emphasis on being the genuine product, Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Got To Be Real’ is best remembered as a staple anthem from New York City’s iconic ballroom scene. An underground institution where rival houses ‘walk’ against each other in various categories to win trophies and prizes, this track quickly became an emblem for “realness”.
  2. Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Golden Eurodisco Megamix -Best disco music 70s 80s 90s
  3. g to eat us,” Clinton told The Guardian.
  4. So what was really targeted here? Where did the attendees even get the disco records that would earn them discount admission to the Sox doubleheader? Whose records got blown up? Were they even all disco records? I used to wonder whether the ushers ever turned anybody away for trying to get in with a copy of a pre-disco Bee Gees record (“Nice try, kid, but this is Odessa“), but it turns out one of those ushers — a black teenager named Vince Lawrence, a future house-music producer himself — noticed that a lot of records that came in simply featured pictures of well-dressed black people on the cover. “Tyrone Davis records, friggin’ Curtis Mayfield records, and Otis Clay records,” he told NPR. “Records that were clearly not disco.”

ESG were hardly a conventional “disco” act in any sense of the word. The South Bronx’s Scroggins sisters came on the scene in 1981 with a skeletal, sui generis take on funk that didn’t so much trim it down as scorch away every last ounce of excess. That they played both the opening night of Manchester’s Hacienda and the closing night of New York’s Paradise Garage seems almost too perfect, given the way tha tthey bridged two vastly different undergrounds. They were signed 99 Records, then home to  feedback monumentalist Glenn Branca and scrappy punk-funk minimalists Bush Tetras, and their debut EP was produced by Factory Records’ Martin Hannett, who discovered them when they opened for A Certain Ratio. They’ve been re-discovered many times since then — by Public Enemy, N.W.A., Tricky, Franz Ferdinand, and scores of other artists who found their spooky, sinewy, meat-freezer funk to be the perfect source for a juicy sample. “Moody” treated disco less as a genre than a state of mind, like the scent of autumn hanging in the air as no wave’s chill descended — you can hear it in the barely-there grooves of Factory Floor, the Soft Moon, and S.C.U.M. P.S. 6. The Trammps ‘Disco Inferno’ The Bee Gees weren't the only act to get a huge boost from Saturday Night Fever. The Trammps released "Disco Inferno" to only modest success in 1976, but it became a smash after appearing on the film's soundtrack a year later.Merging classic Rn’B with smoothly synthesised funk, the snappily creeping basslines and handclaps of ‘Love Come Down’ paved the way for everything from the strutting moments of Madonna’s eponymous first album (‘Lucky Star ‘ in particular) to Kashif’s work with Whitney Houston the following year:  ‘You Give Good Love’ and ‘Thinking About You’ were two of the stand-out moments from Houston’s hit packed debut. ITALO DISCO SUPER HITS 80s NON STOP №4 ХИТЫ 80х Без Перерыва! 80s Disco Legend - Golden Disco Greatest Hits 80s - Best Disco Songs Of 80s - Super Disco Hits Disco Tracks that were Sampled. Disco Cover Songs. Save the Night by Les Loups (2012). Good Times (1979) by Chic. was sampled in

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  1. See more ideas about Disco songs, Songs and Bollywood songs. Bollywood Music Videos, Disco Songs, Randeep Hooda, Indian Music, Hit Songs, Priyanka Chopra, Singer, Youtube, Ss
  2. Song lyrics. [Pre-Chorus 1:] They say don't mix friends with feelings So we try our best to hide it Why should we sit back and pretend
  3. Alibaba.com offers 143 disco songs products. About 12% of these are Speaker. A wide variety of disco songs options are available to you, such as use, material
  4. 4. Donna Summer ‘Last Dance’ Donna Summer's most famous songs with producer Giorgio Moroder veered off course from typical disco sounds and textures, but their 1978 hit "Last Dance" is pure disco bliss, with glorious high-hats and orchestration that took the sound of the day and pushed it further toward perfection.
  5. Curator's Note Love the map & song choice. It's not too long and does not feel too repetitive due to Mapper: kikaeaeon A special request from Prima1URGE Review: A great track that stands up well..

I love a good 808 as much as the next beathead, but sometimes it’s refreshing — even bracing — to hear a disco jam that just out-and-out says “fuck your drum machines, pal.” Few soul-jazz vets dived as far headlong into disco as Idris Muhammad — listen to 1979’s Foxhuntin’ and try to figure out how he got there ten years after drumming for Pharoah Sanders — and none of them cut a disco track that had anything as staggering as the first 20-or-so seconds of “Could Heaven Ever Be Like This.” Or the remaining eight minutes and change, either: the whole song’s an Altman-caliber ensemble cast of jazz session wizards (bassist Wilbur “Bad” Bascomb, the Brecker Brothers on brass, Hiram Bullock coming correct with the guitar solo, Madlib’s uncle Jon Faddis on trumpet, a whole bunch of other geniuses) who come together and make the most natural-high-assed glory-of-music piece of disco-jazz ever jammed out, composed/produced/arranged by the only Dave Matthews I roll with.‘I was with a pimp and a con man,” Staton told The Guardian, speaking about the personal circumstances which inspired the song. “This guy was telling me that if I ever left him he’d kill me. The hurt in my voice is real. I was singing my life’” Producer David Crawford wrote ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ after Staton told him about her life over lunch, and the vocals were recorded in one take. The song became a sort-of letter written by Candi Staton, giving advice to young listeners, and telling them to run from manipulators and abusers. “It‘s easier said than done” she acknowledges” but “You count up the years/And they will be filled with tears”.This skeletal synth jam, slightly fleshed out by nervous punk-funk guitar scratches, was one of very few Italo-disco imports played upon release in 1982 by the same New York DJs who mostly spun the R&B shades of latter-day disco. Roland synths hum and 808 beats percolate so hypnotically that many jocks still opt for the instrumental mixes, but the 11-minute “USA Connection” version is where the hardcore action happens. “Cast your fate up to the sky / ‘Cause now it’s time to say goodbye,” helium-voiced jazz singer Rosanna Casale warbles with nearly violent intent until much later collapsing in a fit of goofy baby giggles. The dirty talk is all implied, but nevertheless tangible: There’s a weirdness here that feels forbidden, like photos you know you shouldn’t be looking at but nevertheless hold you in their spell. B.W. Best Disco Songs ( Archived) (40). All Cats. Music, Books, Art. minnieme2 Polls. Best Disco Songs

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  1. Greatest disco song of all time.Y.M.C.A. dance still being done more than 35 years later. What other disco song can claim that?
  2. 10. Chic ‘Le Freak’ Chic, one of disco's greatest bands, peaked with "Le Freak" in 1978. Like all of their best tunes, it's sleek, lush and funky, anchored by a rich, deep bass groove by Bernard Edwards.
  3. Thanks, SoulTrackers for casting thousands of votes for the Best Disco Songs. And what great choices you made! The fantastic Evelyn Champagne King topped the voting with her debut hit..
  4. g performance, no small accolade.) Not that Stevie’s ever moved far from the voices of male R&B stars who have aped his tics for decades. (Wonder’s Jungle Fever soundtrack was mere payback for all that New Jack Swing took from him.) And the widescreen, analog ambition of his ’70s work informs everything from neo-soul to the current breed of post-Internet R&B shapeshifters. M.M.

The best disco songs ever were largely produced by Giorgio Moroder, so it's only fitting for the Italian legend to be the one to pick them. #35 Best Disco Song: Rick James - Super Freak Songwriters turned stars in their own right, and deservedly — they wrote “Back Stabbers,” ferchrissakes — Gene McFadden and John Whitehead should’ve just kept on going once “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” proved they didn’t give all their best stuff to everyone else. (Granted, they gave a lot of their best stuff to them — including “Where Are All My Friends,” Wake Up Everybody,” and “Bad Luck,” which Pendergrass totally took to the hilt with Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes.) There is a certain irony in their big breakout signature song having this title while also being the closest they ever got again to having a hit of their own. And it feels a bit more bitterly mordant since they wrote it as a subliminal dig at Gamble and Huff for keeping them from graduating from songwriters to singers. But damn if it doesn’t sound like the most infectious way for a couple of vets to go “shit, finally.”

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It was at The Gallery that Arthur Russell met the influential DJ Steve D’Acquisto, who became convinced of his new friend’s genius when he heard  the original recording of Russell’s song ‘Kiss Me Again’ (produced by Nicky Siano, and released under Russell’s Dinosaur L moniker). D’Acquisto immediately marched down to West End Records, and demanded funding to record with Arthur Russell. Together, they made ‘Is It All Over My Face’. The disco smash is the first Hot 100 chart-topper for each artist. Patrick Hosken. 05/11/2020. Listen. MTV JAMSThe Best Hip Hop and R&B in One Place It's a Disco song because it has a Disco beat to it but it's also a Progressive Rock song - christangrantRussell and D’Acquisto – aka. Loose Joints – approached the project with spiritual focus. Holding their studio stints exclusively during full moons, and hoisting Mancuso’s flawless Klipschorn loudspeakers down from The Loft into their studio, the duo also invited Loft regulars along to party at the all-night recording sessions. According to Tim Lawrence – who wrote Love Saves The Day – Arthur Russell “attacked the strings of his cello with a coconut shell” during the strange, stream-of-consciousness recording sessions.

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Led by George Clinton, Funkadelic first formed as a backing band for his other band Parliament, but quickly became a heavier funk project sharing multiple band members. Soon, Clinton’s two acts blurred together into a musical portmanteau – which Clinton dubbed A Parliafunkadelicment Thang.  Along with other closely associated groups like Bootsy [Collins’] Rubber Band and The Brides of Funkenstein, A Parliafunkadelicment Thang was shortened, and new scene was born. “We just took a combination of James Brown, Horn Players, Bootsy [Collins], Catfish, Sly Stone, took the funky psychedelic and rock ‘n’ roll elements together and called it P-Funk,” Clinton told Crack. This song performed a little better as a crossover, reaching #46 in 1983. As I was too young to go to This song should have been a much bigger hit, and it's failure to perform better just shows that disco..

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  1. Here’s something that can get overlooked about disco by the casual listener: It really is an audiophile genre. Forget the wedding-dance and karaoke contexts you might’ve experienced its biggest hits through early on, and just picture the sort of top-of-the-line sound systems that a club might have boasted by the peak of the disco bubble — it really was the first truly physical music experience, not just as a means to dance, but a way to feel the reverberations of the rhythm work their way into your body. I mention this now because “Can’t Live Without Your Love” feels like getting the electric chair, only instead of executing you for your crimes it’s rewarding you for finding a club with a really good subwoofer. Skyy’s Randy Muller gets the nod for writing the song and arranging the rhythm (with other members of the band playing the instruments), but Jones’ production skills push this up to another level of immersive power. Enjoy being rocked by the clavinet-shivering bassline, and listen for one of the era’s slicker nods to Close Encounters Of The Third Kind at the same time.
  2. orities,” she told The Advocate that year. “You hear of great designers or famous hairdressers, and that’s about as far as society will let gays go.” So she co-wrote this proud protest song, releasing the Valentino-sung original on her own Gaiee Records, and scored distribution from Motown founder Berry Gordy. Two years later, Gordy released a far more emphatic version on his own label that was played and produced by Philly’s MFSB posse. “I’m happy, I’m carefree, and I’m gay / I was born this way,” belts (future founding prelate of the Unity Fellowship Church Movement) Carl Bean with a gospel fervor that takes the song subversively and quite lovingly to church. B.W.
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And ‘Love Sensation’ – a number one hit on the US Hot Dance Club Play Chart – is Loleatta Holloway at her euphoric best. It’s been widely sampled since, too: by everyone from the Pet Shop Boys to, er, Flo Rida and Alexandra Burke.The Beatles went from Love Me Do to A Day In The Life in just three years, and Pink Floyd went from Astronomy Domine to this in roughly ten. 50 Top Disco Songs. show list info. According to the website Dave's Music Database, these are the top 50 disco songs We've rounded up the best songs released in 2020 so far. Add them to your own playlist, or follow The title of this English indie band's second album Disco Volador translates to Disco Flying, I guess..

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Moroder’s promise of synthesized Eurodisco didn’t take long to go feral. Four months after “I Feel Love” debuted, French producer/drummer Cerrone made something far creepier, kitschier, and bizarre, the idea of a sequencers-and-synths track in his hands put to infamous use for a song about… GMOs and chemical agriculture creating mutated monsters out for revenge. Granted, the song never found the sci-fi/horror B-movie it was destined to soundtrack (though never let it be said that it never crossed paths with horror of some kind or another). But if you’re not sufficiently creeped out by session singer Kay Garner’s quavering delivery of its pulp-paperback lyrics — written by an uncredited, not-yet-famous Lene Lovich — then you might not be listening close enough.“I Will Survive” is such a cultural juggernaut that it’s considered the definitive moment of Gloria Gaynor’s career, but the fact that she notched the first #1 dance hit in Billboard’s history deserves just as much attention. Already an R&B standard just a few years after Clifton Davis wrote it and the Jackson Five had a massive hit with it, Gaynor took what was otherwise a down/mid-tempo ballad in their hands (and the hands of Isaac Hayes, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, and James Brown) and made it an energetic but nuanced expression of longing as cathartic desire. Every cover of this version is typically only as good as its rendition of the line “don’t wanna let you go” — and in this case, Gaynor claims the crown. That’s just as a single, by the way; as the title track to her ’75 debut, it’s the spectacular high point in a three-song, 18 ½-minute sidelong medley that Moulton once again made history with as the first time an artist’s string of singles was presented as a continuous disco mix on LP. This article was originally published in SPIN in 2013. It's been nearly 40 years since Carl Douglas kung-fu fought his way to the top of the Billboard charts.. Kerrier District has been an outlet for Vibert's bizarro disco excursions since 2004, when he released his stellar debut album under the name through Rephlex Records, as well as an unfuckwithable remix.. Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Golden Eurodisco Megamix -Best disco music 70s Disco Dance Hits 70s 80s 90s Best Of 90's 80's Club Greatest Disco Songs of All Time Thanks for..

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It's probably their most memorable song! Yes, they were a pop group and this song isn't really disco but still, it's amazing to dance and listen anyway! - ivyleeIt’s still a contentious thing, even if the White Sox attempted to commemorate it a month early back in June. (Like the ’79 promotion, it was an attempt to boost attendance for a mediocre, moribund team; unlike the ’79 promotion, not a lot of people seemed to give a shit.) But it also feels like another generation’s war: As the residual Boomers and Gen Xers who spent their teens thinking disco sucked eventually tuned out of the musical mainstream altogether, kids who hadn’t yet been born during Peak Disco generally find dance music to be just another enjoyable choice in a wide-spanning, post-genre slate of musical options. The DJ and the dancefloor won out anyways; one of my favorite details about Disco Demolition Night is that the two baseball teams involved — the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers — played in the two American cities most responsible for reinventing post-disco dance music in the ’80s.

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The Bee Gees also take multiple spots on this list of good disco songs. “Stayin’ Alive,” “Night Fever” and “You Should Be Dancing” are just some of their biggest disco hits. The “Stayin’ Alive” soundtrack is basically a snapshot of all that was so great about this time in music history. Add a colorful dance floor (think Studio 54), a huge, diverse crowd filled with joy and total abandon, a disco ball and Tony Manero in that sweet white suit and boom – you’ve got an image that captures an entire era. The song is supposed to be a mockery of braided new-school mumble rappers who flaunt Gucci clothes In short, it's the best song by Russia's artist of the year: there really was no other option

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Hear It In: Chromeo, the Prodigy’s “Girls,” Boys Noize’s “What You Want,” Metro AreaThere are few records more pivotal in the history of dance music than Double Exposure’s “Ten Percent.” To help push the Philadelphia group’s debut single, the Salsoul label decided to press it on both 7-inch vinyl and the nascent 12-inch format, which thus far had been used only in the case of a few select DJ-only promos. To make the commercial debut of the format, Salsoul turned to New York DJ Walter Gibbons, a scarily talented mixer who had begun juggling percussive breaks around the same time that DJ Kool Herc was inventing hip-hop with doubles of “Apache.” Radically reshaping the cut (much to the consternation of songwriter Allan Felder), Gibbons turned four minutes of ballooning, string-laden soul into nearly 10 minutes of careening percussion and climax after climax — a perfect template for producers like Timbaland who have mixed their generation’s contemporary beats with mirror-ball moods. Salsoul released the record to the public in a die-cut sleeve and pressed at 45 RPM, avoiding the gaping empty space that would have resulted from just one cut pressed at 33 on a single side of vinyl. Consumers clearly didn’t mind: Priced at $2.98, the “giant single” sold 110,000 copies in a single week. The 12-inch — and the remix — were here to stay. P.S. The best disco songs ever were largely produced by Giorgio Moroder, so it's only fitting for the Italian legend to be the one to pick them. #35 Best Disco Song: Rick James - Super Freak

While it's true that the best disco songs might conjure up these images, they also incorporate elements of soul Below you'll find 16 of our favorite all time disco songs to get your groove on to Originally penned by the Motown legends Ashford & Simpson – who also wrote ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ and ‘I’m Every Woman’ – Sylvester’s cover of ‘Over and Over’ appeared on his eponymous second record, and became a nightclub hit thanks to its saturated big band instrumental, and euphoric party spirit; an elated crowd claps and whoops throughout. An early-morning staple at Paradise Garage, and a favourite of The Loft’s David Mancuso, the popularity of ‘Over and Over’ bagged Sylvester regular gigs at The Elephant Walk, in San Francisco’s gay district the Castro. It was there that the singer met producer Patrick Cowley – who later crafted a series of future disco classics with Sylvester – and befriended Harvey Milk (the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California).  After clashing with his traditionalist professors at the Manhattan School of Music, and leaving the formal conservatory to pursue avant-garde music at New York’s performance space The Kitchen (where he also showed love for exploratory pop by putting on Talking Heads early in their career) Arthur Russell was an experimental king who paid little mind to genre. In 1976, Russell began going to New York’s The Gallery; a balloon-filled party destination opened by Nicky Siano.When you think "disco," what comes to mind? Mirror balls, big hair, and bigger dance moves. The best disco songs might inspire these images, sure, but they also incorporate elements of funk, soul, and pop music, inspiring listeners to hit the dance floor and boogie oogie oogie until they drop.

Heart of Glass is the best song I've ever heard. Debbie Harry's voice is that of a siren in this song. This song, and Blondie have had a profound effect on my life. Blondie fans know the true feeling of obsession!Before becoming a solo sensation Sylvester was in several groups, with varying levels of success. Rock outfit the Hot Band boasted David Bowie as a fan, but achieved next to no commercial success; Sylvester also distanced himself from his drag troupe The Cockettes. Panic! at the Disco 25,349. AKA: The Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus. While crafting pop-influenced songs with theatrical themes, quirky techno beats, and perceptive lyrics, they received..

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Top 100 Disco Songs for Android display the top 100 Disco songs. With this application you can 100 best dance songs free download - iTunes Top 100 Songs, 100 Top Songs, Top 100 Reggae.. A list of all time songs lyrics from the Disco style. Find the perfect Disco tracks from the world's best artists. Music, Songs & Lyrics. A Member Of The STANDS4 Network. Search for song lyrics by Better yet, it was a two-way street. A deeply NYC-rooted musician, Scott-Heron was often attuned to salsa and other Latin music alongside the soul-jazz that he and Brian Jackson built a fantastic discography with, and Bataan’s version honored a man who regarded Joe as “the Mayor of my neighborhood long before he covered ‘The Bottle.'” It was a rising tide that lifted them both; the following year Scott-Heron and Jackson ramped up the tempo and, as though liberated by the possibility of the dancefloor, turned the already danceable “The Bottle” into a monster 13 ½-minute jam with one of the most thrilling percussive breaks to come out of New York’s Afro-Latin exchange — apropos in a revolutionary way for a performance recorded during the Bicentennial. Disco Hits_Legends_Best Classic Disco Songs_Disco Party Eurodisco Megamix

Hailing from Philadelphia, and scoring a clutch of minor dance hits courtesy of their 1977 album ‘Delusions’, soul trio First Choice split up a whole three years before they scored their biggest smash. When the New York label Salsoul re-released their song ‘Let No Man Put Asunder’ in 1983 – subtly reworked by producer Tom Moulton – it soared straight to the upper-reaches of the Billboard charts.Naturally it became a dancefloor jam that would move everyone who heard it for the rest of the decade (and then some). And four years after it dropped, it got even better. Tom Moulton’s knack for finding every possible mutation from every available scrap of music to keep a song going means that his remixes feel somehow more definitive than the originals, keeping their spirit but giving it that extra turbocharged kick that makes the possibilities of the dancefloor feel infinite.Released in 1977, ‘I Feel Love’ was the pivotal disco record that bridged the Atlantic ocean-sized gap between compressed, synthy Eurodisco, and the spiralling orchestral heart of the US variety. Produced by Italodisco giant Giorgio Moroder, the track appeared as the closer of Donna Summer’s ‘I Remember Yesterday’ album, a release that journeyed through the history of dance music.

Funk Machine - Dance On The Groove — The Best Of Italo Disco Vol.1 1983 Then came Sylvester’s second solo record ‘Step II’, which contains one of his greatest smash hits, ‘You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)’. It may not have happened without the joyous  ‘Over and Over’. Italo Disco. In memory of Bernhard Mikulski. Weiter geht's in der Sendung »ID #1« mit P. Lion, Good News und Joe Yellow (bis 6:00) Great song. But ABBA were never a disco band as some annoyingly describe them. They experimented with their sound to mirror the trends of the time but always did it with their distinctive Nordic twist. Upbeat melodies with underlying melancholy.

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Born in Chicago,  Loleatta Holloway was first introduced to disco label Salsoul by her husband, the producer and jazz guitarist Floyd Smith. She’d later perform for the first time at Nicky Siano’s Gallery, rocking up for the club’s Valentines Day Party Massacre party. “Of course my brothers dressed up like hoodlums with machine guns,” recounted Siano in Tim Lawrence’s Love Saves the Day, looking back on what sounds like a properly weird fancy dress party to be honest. “I was too stoned to worry”. Luckily Holloway wasn’t phased, hopping on stage and improvising on the spot to Cerrone ‘Love in C Minor’. She ended up performing every single track off her album, for an adoring room. Yes, it’s another Philly soul group-harmony cut, and a glorious one. At this point, many of the original MFSB musicians had followed arranger Vincent Montana Jr. in jumping ship to Salsoul, and Montana’s elaborate arrangements set the Salsoul Orchestra apart as, well, an orchestra instead of just a big band with strings. So that post-PIR version of symphonic soul went right for the jugular, and Double Exposure themselves — formed during the last days of doo-wop in the early ’60s and long-running pros who’d had a brief stint on Stax as United Image — were the ideal kind of group to really justify that amount of flourish and flash. From the chorus alone you can tell they’re letting it all fly out there. Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Best disco music Of All Time Patrik Shvorob Acum 10 luni 8. Thelma Houston ‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’ Thelma Houston's rendition of "Don't Leave Me This Way" was a massive international hit. It broke big as a single in its own right, but became even bigger when it was included on the soundtrack of Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Disco wasn't just a genre of music. It became an entire subculture in the 1970's as clubs began hiring Disc Jockeys (DJs) instead of live acts to get people on the dance floor and sell a lot of drinks

If Patrick Adams was capable of something as ethereally immersive as “Atmosphere Strut” in P&P’s studios, what could he be capable of on an Atlantic budget? Not a lot of people found out at first: both Phreek’s “Weekend” single and the 1978 full-length Patrick Adams Presents Phreek were promo-only releases that rarely found their way out of DJ record pools. But since one of those people was legendary DJ Larry Levan — who’d later recruit the group Class Action to remake it with the same vocalist in 1983 — the original “Weekend” has taken on a mythic quality that it easily lives up to. Singer Christine Wiltshire’s breaking-point thirst was heightened by an oddly-angled but searing string section and one of the biggest-bottomed basslines to rattle the Paradise Garage. Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Golden Eurodisco Megamix -Best disco music 70s 80s 90s Best Disco Dance Best Disco Songs Of All Time - Greatest Disco 70S 80s and 90s..

Best Disco Songs Ever. 34 items ranked. Disco Inferno. Put your roller skates on for this one! 71 points - added 9 years ago by BradHemphill Disco aficionado and Glitterbox resident Melvo Baptiste dives deep into his record collection - and picks ten '70s and '80s tracks still shaking up dancefloors today Like all classics, ‘Stand on the Word’ comes with its own tall tale. The story goes like this: Phyliss McKoy Joubert and her celestial choir recorded the original vocal hook at First Baptist Church in Crown Heights, New York. As luck would have it, the grandmother of the legendary Larry Levan – resident DJ at NYC’s disco institution and infamous night club Paradise Garage – went to the very same church, and Levan happened to attend the recording session for the choir’s privately released album ‘Somebody Prayed For This’. With all that in mind, here’s the 30 best disco songs that shaped the sound in the YouTube era. Don’t stop ’til you get enough. Best Disco songs. Best Disco albums. New Discoalbums

Siano first bagged himself a copy of MFSB’s ‘TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)’ during a meeting with CBS records, but only noticed the other side of the record when a mate’s boyfriend asked to put on a song during one of Siano’s weekday nights DJing at Le Jardin. “Neil puts on ‘Love Is the Message,’” Siano recalled speaking to RBMA. ” I remember David Mancuso was there that night, and he came up, and asked what it was.” Shortly after hearing ‘Love is the Message’ Siano rewired his entire set-up at The Gallery, so that he could loop two copies of the song with a jet plane effect playing underneath. And when Siano cranked the bass up, “Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, both working for me at the time as decorators, started chanting, for the first time ever, “Turn this mother fucker out!” to the song,” Siano told Discogs, “a chant that started at The Gallery, on this song.”One of the big knocks about disco in the strictly musical sense is that it’s repetitive — which, well, yeah, that’s the fun part. That happens when the prime motivator is groove and the maintaining thereof. And groove rarely sounded more relentlessly monomaniacal than it did in the hands of Motown vet turned piston-beat wizard Hamilton Bohannon, who spent the seventies concocting some of the heaviest uptempo four-on-the-floor riffs known to the human brain and seeing just how long they could rev until they threw a rod or he ran out of space. It was usually the latter: “Dance Your Ass Off” only goes eight minutes because the LP needs space for other songs. The strings are sharp and the guitar is funky, but it’s that Jaki Liebezeit motorik beat refracted through a mirrorball, helmed by drummer Lorenzo “Bag Of Tricks” Brown, that gives “Dance Your Ass Off” the kind of cold-sweat oomph that makes it no surprise it was recorded in Georgia. It’s the disco equivalent of Brock Yates taking a Mercedes sedan for 40 laps around Road Atlanta after driving it all the way down from Manhattan — remarkably smooth and resilient even when you keep the pedal to the floor.

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“Dancing Machine” and “Love Hangover” were jams, but it’s here where Motown finally outdid Philly at their own game. Already devastating in the hands of Teddy Pendergrass when he cut his lead vocal with Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes in 1975, “Don’t Leave Me This Way” was an even bigger smash as Thelma Houston’s big break after nearly a decade putting out underheard singles for Capitol, ABC/Dunhill, and Motown’s early ’70s Left Coast imprint MoWest. Her performance is the epitome of disco’s sorrow-as-energy strengths, a desperately yearning voice pleading for love to stay even as the beat invokes the feeling of that love still being unbreakable...best disco songs,disco songs, disco hits, disco dance songs, high energy, hi- NRG, Hi nrg disco, disco megamix, italo disco, 1980s disco legends, nonstop disco hits, 80s 90s disco hits.. Best Disco Dance Songs of 70 80 90 Legends - Best disco music Of All Time Best Disco Dance Songs of 80s Disco Legend - Golden Disco Greatest Hits 80s - Best Disco Songs Of 80s - Super.. ‘Got To Be Real’ is an anthem that features prominently in that same documentary, and beyond the ballroom, Lynn’s debut single was an instant smash with a whopping great key-change to boot. The American singer penned the track alongside the father son duo Marty and David Paich (David is also a member of Toto) and it also features Ray Parker, Jr. – who wrote the Ghostbusters theme tune – on guitar. The best disco song for me. Has been my number 1 for the past 24 years. I will survive will survive for This is one of the best and happiest disco songs you'll ever listen to. How is this song so low

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The best disco songs might inspire these images, sure, but they also incorporate elements of funk Disco fever reached its peak in the late '70s, and a majority of the top disco songs on this list are.. Best Disco Songs Of All Time - Greatest Disco 70S 80s and 90s - Super Disco Hits Thanks for watching! Don't forget to SUBCRIBE. But then, bam: In comes Walter Gibbons. Gibbons was one of the finest DJs and remixers going, every bit a phenom as Tom Moulton — arguably his better, which is why Salsoul marked him to bring the remix to the masses. Until “Ten Per Cent,” the 12″ single was a DJ-only phenomenon, best left to special-purpose acetates. But Salsoul heard something so remarkable in Gibbons’ break-extending, song-elaborating reworks that they made his remix the first commercially-available 12″, with all the audiophile quality and greater volume range that allowed — and deservedly so.

If there’s a more 1979 idea than Casablanca Records putting out a disco single featuring a porno star turned soap-opera heartthrob under the aegis of Village People svengali Jacques Morali, it’d probably have to involve an interlude featuring Bo Derek reciting lines from Carter’s “crisis of confidence” speech. The story is that this came about because Dennis Parker — previously famous under his nom de petit mort Wade Nichols (Boynapped!; Captain Lust; Teenage Pajama Party) — was Morali’s boyfriend, and it doesn’t sound like Parker got the record deal because he was the next golden-voiced Bobby Caldwell. But “Like An Eagle” is weirdly affecting in a way that’s hard to really get a grasp on. It could be that audacious decision to mix Bernard Herrmann strings with crotch-out guitar, or the whole uncanny atmosphere of simultaneous loneliness, horniness, and vague spirituality. But it could just be Parker himself, who’s a passable singer — until he gets to that “I flyyyyyyy” chorus, at which point he becomes one with the phasing and everything breaks through to soar above the clouds. 26 Apr 2019 - A disco song daily from Victoria Day to Labor Day. See more ideas about Disco songs, Wall of sound and Songs Disco Fever by Various Artists Audio CD £5.20. Only 1 left in stock. Sent from and sold by Really great songs - some that you don't find on other compilations. Very good for stirring the old memories.. This is not disco. It's 2013 dance music. To be put on this list it must come from the disco era. I like the song but it's not disco.

"I find ro-mance when I start to dance in boo-gie won-der-land..."Uh-huh, you know this should be higher. - BritgirlAs a whole, the concept album touched on swing band bombast, the girl groups of ’60s, and Motown – but ‘I Feel Love’ looked towards the future, and influenced electronic music for decades to come, inspiring everyone from Blondie to The Human League.Originally declared a “flop” by executives at Patrice Rushen’s record label this incredible track might not exist without the singer’s unwavering self-belief. “We believed in ‘Forget Me Nots’ so I took most of my life savings – which was not a lot – and [the track’s producer] Charles Mims took some of his and we hired an independent promoter to take it and run with it,” she told SoulMusic. “We had good reason to believe the record company might be wrong. I toured that year also and man, the record took off so fast, faster than ever before and faster than what we expected. ‘Forget Me Nots’ took off like wildfire.” Rushen was right to stand strong – the song eventually earned her a nod at the Grammys. Will Smith later sampled ‘Forget me Nots’ on his 1997 song ‘Men in Black’, Rushen’s infectious original helping him to bag a number one single in ten different countries. Take that, Patrice Rushen’s record label! 7. Bee Gees ‘You Should Be Dancing’ The Bee Gees' first major disco tune, "You Should Be Dancing," marks the first time Barry Gibb showed off his famous falsetto. It was an inspired move, and managed to push a funky, fun tune way over the top into greatness. Good Times-----Chic. Please Dont Go----KC&The Sunshine Band. Love To Love You Baby----Donna Summer. This Site Might Help You. RE: What are some good 70's disco songs

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