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Mystic Messenger - Jaehee Route - Day 10

Selection 9 Exploiting an abandoned person’s wound to control him is like stabbing where he’s already been stabbed. (Ray) He was brought up in a blessed environment. He’ll never understand.Selection 17 I’ll be rooting for you! Always! Saeran will also be famous, won’t he? (Nothing)Note: IF YOU ARE BAD ENDING AT THIS BRANCH AFTER FOLLOWING THE WALKTHROUGH AFTER THE LAST BRANCH, I feel 100% confident that the reason you are bad ending is because you don’t have enough hearts for Ray and/or enough participation from your chats before the last branch on Day 7. Since there is no visual way to see how many hearts you have and how many hearts you need to pass branches, it is possible that you had just enough hearts to pass the last branch, but not enough to pass this one. In other words, you need to start over and follow my walkthrough from the beginning. I would never recommend starting to follow my walkthrough on Day 7 because of how secretive Cheritz is about how many hearts you need to pass a check.6: – Zen! Start eating preservatives (Zen+) – Zen works out really hard… so won’t his beauty continue on? (Zen+) – You can’t be so arrogant. You don’t know what’s going to happen (Zen+) **1: – Hi, Jumin. I’m good (Jumin+) – Can you please send me a bodyguard…? (nothing) – Everyone is so irresponsible when my safety is under threat (Zen+) **

Selection 19 If this is all because you made a wrong choice, V, I see no reason why we should pity you. Zen, you’re so understanding. I’m sure the rest of the RFA will trust V. (Ray)Selection 12 He’s just taking a break…. He needs some time to recharge himself. That’s right… He’s in bed right now. He’s sick. (Nothing) He’s unconscious right now. But maybe it’s better without him. Even if he wakes up, he’ll find himself back on […]Selection 8 Not possible. The hacker is already happy here. I can help you with that… But I think we need to be careful. We shouldn’t talk too much on the messenger. (Ray) Great idea! Mostly Mystic Messenger with sporadic bursts of Haikyuu!!, Yuri on Ice, and Killing Stalking. So with my gameplay, I didn't participate in any of the first day chats. I started the DLC around 11:00 p.m. (23:00) and just read through all the missed chats

Selection 8 I don’t think you’re the type of person to get distracted… (Nothing) Back then you were busy looking after Luciel who became an informant, weren’t you? Mystic Messenger's V route has been out for quite some time now, and MC's around the world are likely still in the middle of the game. If you have successfully gotten through Day 4, this guide is for you. Here are some tips to get you through Day 5 to 10

Walkthrough - Mystic Messenger - Zen Route - Tenth Day


  1. Selection 20 That’s not true. It’s not like you can see the future. (Ray) You should now take full responsibilty for what happened and lead the rest of the RFA to the right path.
  2. Selection 27 The second hacker is the real one. The first one is a fake. There’s only one hacker… And he was met with trauma strong enough to split his persona into two. (Ray)
  3. Selection 9 Seven…has a good reason why. (Ray) I thought you’re the one who introduced the life as an informant to Seven. Is that really all you know?
  4. Selection 10 I won’t let you use me so easily. (Ray) I’m ready to do whatever you want me to. So you’re thinking of me highly.
  5. ister has committed… (Ray) We must stop the RFA and bring the prime
  6. g tomorrow, right? (nothing) ** – That’s good. I can’t believe that the party’s already tomorrow (Yoosung+)

10: – I’m just going to stay still here. Don’t come (Zen+) ** – Me…? But the address is secret… (Zen+) Beginning of Prologue: MC Prologue Pg 01 Mystic Messenger Fan Comic Beginning of Day 01: maristoryart.deviantart.com/ar ~ Mari Please Support me on PATREON!: www.patreon.com/MariStoryArt Website: maristoryart.weebly.com/ Tumblr..

Unknown emoji??? | Mystic Messenger Amino

Good Ending - V Route Day 10 Walkthrough (Mystic

  1. 5: – So I’m trapped here…? I want to leave the organization right now (Zen+) ** – I’ll stay here just as you said, Seven (Seven+)
  2. As with different Mystic Messenger characters, 707’s route provides a number of endings. Here’s the breakdown:
  3. Selection 18 I hope we can find Seven soon…! Let’s stay focused! (707) Saeran will never again feel insecure. Don’t worry.
  4. Selection 22 You are aware…that this messenger is being monitored, right? How much more are you planning to spill? …He’s been brainwashed to hate the RFA… And he’s been manipulated. (Ray)
  5. Selection 20 Saeran, you’ve done so well through the night. Saeran, I hope we can reach the end soon and everyone would be happy. (Ray)
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  7. Selection 32 I’m glad V mustered the courage to tell us the truth. This is all so confusing. I need a summary. I think you’re already having a hard time…trying to wrap your head abound Seven’s past. (Nothing)

Mystic Messenger - Zen Day 10 + 11 I wish this day would

Selection 15 I can’t image what you’ve been going through… No more being guilty! Let’s focus on our problem. (Ray)Selection 14 Saeran will soon wake up. And he’ll be make you happy. Only if you nurtured Saeran well. Can’t I see him…? (Ray)Selection 13 But the cosplays were just pranks, right? Taht’s when his choices started to take the wrong turn. It’s bcause of you, V…. Is that job even legal? (Nothing)

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I’m not sure if the answers for this Visual Novel Mode matter (I don’t think they do), but here are the answers I chose. Posts about First day written by mmtranscripts If you’re still with us, below you’ll find a full list of 707 route endings and details on how to obtain them. Scroll down past the image below for the full Day 5 through 11 707 route walkthrough.Selection 1 This isn’t the most perfect time to do that! Give us more time! We’re running away right nowwwwww (Nothing)

3: – Are you helping Seven out right now? (Yoosung+) ** – Seven’s not working too hard, is he? (Seven+) 10:24 - Don't Want to be Hated. Ray, are you still attacking the RFA? Note: I'm sorry if some answers were leading towards Ray more than V, I just can't make him sad. Mystic Messenger: Another Story - Ray/Saeran Route DAY 5 - 11 Chatroom and Participants

7: – You two seem to be getting along so well, haha (Zen+) – You both are good looking. Don’t worry about it now;; (Jumin+) **Selection 30 This is all heartbreaking, but now you must face the truth… (Ray) That’s what you thought? That was stupid of you.4: – He seemed to know you Seven… but not in a good way (nothing) – Do you know who it might be? (nothing)Character(s): Jumin, Jaehee Note: Saeran calls after the Story Mode Outgoing Call(s): Yoosung, Jaehee

Walkthrough - Mystic Messenger - Ray Route - Tenth & Eleventh Day

Selection 23 I have a feeling we’ll soon hear a good news. Of course. I’ll stay positive! Now run along. (Nothing) I’m feeling depressed… But I gotta try to stay positive, right? This Mystic Messenger guide web page offers the whole lot you'll want to full Jumin's route. Jumin Dangerous Story Finish three: choose right solutions via the Day eight department, then change to incorrect solutions (insist on going residence) via the Day 10..

Vehura Reviews – Mystic Messenger – Ray Route

5: – I’m a bit worried about Seven… You don’t think he’s feeling really bad about himself, do you? (Seven+) – Yoosung, weren’t you working until now too? (Yoosung+)Selection 36 …Probably. …. (Nothing) Who knows if she’s still alive. That could be part of the secrets.2: – I know you didn’t do it on purpose… but things like this can’t happen in the future (nothing) – Not only me, Zen was in danger too…! (Zen+)

Walkthrough – Mystic Messenger – Ray Route –...

Selection 4 You should take a break in between…! Are you feeling okay? (Ray) Then maybe Seven’s in there!Selection 21 Yeah. He’ll be on TV, so he needs to make sure his face is ready for that. Thanks for your help – ! (Nothing)2: – I can’t trust the RFA anymore (Zen+) ** – I think it might be safest to listen to Seven for now (Zen+)It begins at Day 5, so you’ll need to have got yourself onto 707’s route by playing days 1-4 of Deep Story mode. It is totally chock-a-block with spoilers, so it’s possible you’ll choose to click on away and take a look at the full 707 route Mystic Messenger chat times schedule as a substitute.Selection 5 This isn’t time to show off. (Nothing) Where are you going to hang it? Congrats. You finished it.

Selection 2 You couldn’t escort him back, Jaehee… Don’t you feel a little tug at your heart for saying that? I’m glad you’re safe, Jumin. Bow we could use your judgement. (Nothing)Note: There is more than one way to pass branches and get the good ends. This is just how I did it. The walkthrough will have, eventually, a marked good run and bad run. And choices you wish to follow provided by people in the comments is done so at your own risk.Selection 16 ….He already knows everything discussed on the messenger. (Nothing) Saeran…?

9: – Your sight isn’t good. Can you come to the party tomorrow? (nothing) – Don’t tell me you’re not coming to tomorrow’s party… Are you? (nothing)Selection 35 I’ll be staying here. I’ll do that. V…please take care of Seven. (707)

Mystic Messenger Ray Route Day 10

  1. 1: – Yeah? I’m fine (nothing) ** – My heart is beating too fast because of Zen +_+ (Zen+)
  2. 3: – Whatever the reason is… I feel used (nothing) ** – I don’t really know… but I don’t want to think that he had bad intentions (nothing)
  3. Selection 13 And I’ll make sure there will be peace at the RFA – ! (Nothing) So please be good to Saeran lolol
  4. This Mystic Messenger guide page has everything you need to unlock Ray's endings. It assumes you've already gotten onto Ray's Route in Mystic Messenger's Another Story mode, so the walkthrough below kicks off on Day 5. It gets really hand.

Mystic Messenger 707 route walkthrough and - VG24

Selection 23 It was something you couldn’t handle entirely. (Ray) You gotta do better than that to ask for his forgiveness. You’re the one who made Seven and informant. It’s all your fault.Selection 26 Why do I suddenly feel bad for you…? Lol Is he really the first guest for you? (Nothing)Selection 10 I’m new to the RFA, but I might as well know more about Seven… V, you’re the only one who can explain to us about Seven’s secrets. And you’re the only one who can move everyone to save Seven. (Ray)

Selection 3 Of course the hacker is angry and upset. He’s been abandoned and hurt… They should’ve grown under the same parent. I think things ended up like this because that wasn’t the case. The hacker’s been deeply hurt by manipulation. From now on, I’ll do my best to help them reconcile. (Ray)Hello there~! If you mind- I’m gonna ask you about something.. So.. Yesterday i just re-installed the game. I was in the 10th day and thankfully i have the saved game. But but but.. When the new chatroom showed up.. It can’t be loaded :< The screen will always switched back to the day-timeline.. Do you know what i can do? Thanks beforeA 707 Mystic Messenger walkthrough to make sure you get the Good End – and unlock the additional mysteries and secrets and techniques of this many-layered story.2: – Jumin, what do you think is best to do right now? (Jumin+) – How long do I have to live in fear? (nothing) **

Mystic Messenger là một tựa Otome game được phát triển bởi Cheritz, là một game điện thoại của Hàn Quốc. Mystic Messenger sử dụng múi thời gian thực, cho bạn cảm giác rất thật, giống như các sự kiện trong game thực sự đang diễn ra trong cuộc đời bạn vậy 4: – It would be a big waste to just quit… (Seven+) – Is the party important right now? (Zen+) **2: – Moreover, V’s completely MIA… (Jumin+) – Well, I’m safe so let’s just focus on the party (nothing)

Mystic Messenger 707 route walkthrough and endings

  1. Selection 10 Everyone at this place can stay secure because you’re here. I’m so sick and tired with your philosophy. (Nothing) That’s what you think. Those who can’t stand on their own might live with insecurities, not peace.
  2. 7: – I know… I feel like I’m being controlled by secrets (nothing) ** – No, it’s not your fault, Jaehee (Jaehee+)
  3. Posts about Day 10 written by Deer Nina
  4. Mystic Messenger became a very popular phone app for a reason; this dating sim is highly interactive and utilizes The company Voltage makes a ton of interesting dating simulation games for you to choose from, but definitely check out 10 Days With My Devil first

9: – Do you have a bomb there, too? (nothing) ** – I guess you have a nice house (nothing)6: – Let’s not talk about the party right now… (nothing) – Okay… I think it’ll be helpful to have an investigator. Let’s invite him (email from @detective)Selection 3 lolololololoolol I think he wanted to tell you to never go back there… (Nothing) Did it taste good?This Mystic Messenger guide web page offers particulars on find out how to efficiently full 707’s route.

30 Days of Mystic Messenger Challenge - Day 10 - Wattpa

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A 707 Mystic Messenger walkthrough to make sure you get the Good End - and unlock the additional mysteries and secrets and techniques of this many-layered story. Scroll down previous the picture beneath for the complete Day 5 by 11 707 route walkthrough Selection 13 How convenient lol Of course. For now, please make sure you’re in your top shape! (Nothing)

Selection 15 He’s my boyfriend. …I’ll tell you later. Please give me some more time. (Nothing)Selection 20 Are you going to sacrifice yourself for the greater good? (Nothing) You can share your bed.3: – It’s strange that the bomb was installed in the first place (Jumin+) – I can’t understand why we’re not able to reach V in such a situation (nothing) **Selection 14 Could it be…that the prime minister noticed that Luciel is researching about him? (Nothing) You sure know a lot about grievous secrets… Now I’m starting to worry about your safety. Mystic Messenger - Day 1. Posted on August 18, 2016 by welcometowonderland. Похожие запросы для mystic messenger day 10 zen

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But what happens next? 707 and Saeran’s story continues in the Secret Ending, but you’ll need a lot of HG to unlock every episode!Selection 34 Now things call for a change, V. Everything is changing. (Ray) You should give up now. RFA won’t be staying in one piece anymore.Selection 10 You might want to send them to me. (Nothing) What are those files about? I think I should know too.Selection 6 We need to fight. To properly fight him, we need an effective move. With no mistake in the whole process. (Nothing) We need to approach him in secret and offer a deal. He’s smart and won’t be wavered by emotions.Selection 37 Now both V and the RFA will confront the truth, Rika…. (Ray) I only wish to bring the RFA to the Mint Eye, my savior.

Selection 4 Yoosung, you don’t find this world a very beautiful place, do oyu? What if there is a paradise? Does it sound […] I’ve heard almost nothing about Seven… Is he doing okay? (707) I don’t know. I don’t think he really helped me.Selection 23 You’re so mature, Zen. I want someone to love me in the most perfect way. I trust there will be someone if it’s destined. But I think your family would’ve thought that your so selfish. Zen, it looks like you always remember how to make yourself happy. (Zen)

Selection 14 But he’s gone for just one day, isn’t he? Poor you, Jaehee… (Nothing) Grave is Jumin’s absence…Selection 35 His brother is in danger too… (Ray) Yes. At least his brother’s safe, and that’s good.Selection 10 If I let my heart talk to him…his heart will answer ours. (Ray) I can’t help you. Rather…why don’t you two come here in person and talk to him directly? I’ll escort you.

Mystic Messenger ~ Phone Call Guide ~ « 夢見る世

Selection 8 Seven…. You must be busy…. You’re in one hot water. Seven! It’s been so long. How are you? (Nothing)Selection 14 But emotions might be able to save someone. (Nothing) I should tell you that there’s only a slim chance of success.

Mystic Messenger || Ray hacked the chatroom || V route 1ºPin by Kailey Vandervoort on Mystic Messenger | Pinterest

1: – No way my heart can calm down when I’m with you… (nothing) – Yes, I have. The party is tomorrow! (go to 1-2)Selection 18 I would’ve talked to him and made him one of us. So the prime minister is not what he looks like… (Ray)

Mystic Messenger 30-Day Challenge. 418 Reads 34 Votes 30 Part Story. Yes, I'm doing the 30-Day Challenge, Mystic Messenger related UwU. These are all my opinion OwO Browse through and read or take mystic messenger ray stories, quizzes, and other creations. Y/n L/n is a 18 year old girl, still in high school having normal days like she would usually would. She is obsessed with an otome game named, Mystic Messenger with being tired of her life Mystic Messenger is a South Korean female oriented visual novel game developed by Cheritz. It was released on July 8, 2016 for Android and August 18, 2016 for iOS Here is Day 10 of Yoosung's route. Please leave a like and subscribe!! Disclaimer: I do not own anything, besides my character, my phone, and MYSTIC MESSENGER YOOSUNG ROUTE ~ DAY 10 ~ Pt 1 Click the tIme stamp to go to that certain chat or call! Selection 3 It’s a secret, so I can’t tell you. But he worked so hard in between. (V) He helped me not to lose faith.

But what occurs subsequent? 707 and Saeran’s story continues within the Secret Ending, however you’ll want lots of HG to unlock each episode!5: – If you faint, I’ll wake you up with the sweetest voice ^^ (Zen+) – Please stawwp;;; (Zen+) ** – I’m blushing ^^; (Zen+)The walkthrough below suggests the answers leading to 707’s good ending. Let us know if you’d like more guidance as to which answers lead to bad endings.

The conclusion to Mystic Messenger's Ray route, Saeran see the true light, while MC helps the RFA, and V deal with something Day 10, Chat 9 - Ray's Route 20.22 Contact VNM after this chat Incoming call: Saeran Outgoing call: V, Saeran (short) Written. Selection 24 I became part of this without knowing anything, but it turned out that I’ve been used… (Ray) Please consider me an angel from Rika. At first I thought this was nothing but a game, but now I’m trying to deliver the truth to the RFA. The conclusion to Mystic Messenger's Ray route, Saeran see the true light, while MC helps the RFA, and V deal with something Day 10, Chat 5 - Ray's Route 11.49 Best Present VNM after this chat Incoming call: none Outgoing calls: Zen, Yoosung Written. Selection 28 Both brothers were hurt because of you, V. So that’s why you asked Jumin for the intelligence unit. You wanted to prevent the brothers from fighting […] Seven’s heart would’ve been torn to million pieces if he knew the truth… (Ray) Последние твиты от mystic_messenger.zen (@MysticMforLIFE). heyyy~ don't mind me. Until Tuesday, 2020/05/12 17:00(PST) We will send the presents to you on the day we release the Nightmare event with cards from past events

You stumbled upon an app called Mystic Messenger and downloaded it. Once you opened it up the app is connected to a mystic group chat with attractive guys. Bạn stumbled khi một ứng dụng được gọi là Mystic Messenger và tải về nó Selection 8 Seven will eventually join us. I can tell him better than anyone else that this place is the safest ground on Earth. Look at how you make Saeran tremble in fear! If you continue, he’ll be destroyed! (Ray)Selection 10 We can save everyone! Although we’ll need extreme luck – !! So you admitted perfection is not an option… That’s good. (Ray) V, I think you have a really bad leadership. First impressions of Ray route / Saeran route from Mystic Messenger. After the purchase of Ray's Another Story, you will have to start with the prologue and the first 4 days of common Another Story (same common route we have learnt to know by reading V's route) in order to try to get enough.. Selection 32 It was a nice try but… I think this was an opportunity to view love in a more realistic light. If you’re looking for an art, you should find it in your workplace. True. As it’s love that makes us grow by experiencing differences and argumenteds. (Ray)

8: – Where in the world were you guys? (nothing) ** – Not the first time? What do you mean? (nothing) Mystic Messenger Ray线 ed Four seasons. Mystic Messenger-电话-V线day10,来自Ray/Saeran的诀别电话 Character(s): Jaehee, Yoosung, Jumin, Zen, Saeran Note: Saeran calls after this chat (The game might show you missed this call, you didn’t as long as you don’t miss the chat) Outgoing Call(s): Jumin, Jaehee

It begins at Day 5, so you will need to have got yourself onto 707’s route by playing days 1-4 of Deep Story mode. It is absolutely chock-a-block with spoilers, so you may prefer to click away and check out the full 707 route Mystic Messenger chat times schedule instead.Selection 3 I wanted to tell you. But I didn’t get a chance, my savior. You realized that now? (Nothing) I see you can still log in…Selection 34 But I’m sure there was nothing he could get from them… (Nothing) Seven’s greatest enemy was none other than his own family. I must admit Seven’s family is really smart. 10. Male MC Mystic Messenger Second Day Casual Rout... 19. Male MC Mystic Messenger Third Day Causal Route.. Selection 21 But now you get that Saeran is on RFA’s side, don’t you? (Ray) That was brief, but what’s important is that we had a conversation!

8: – V, why aren’t you trying to meet everyone’s expectations? (nothing) – Zen… Cheer up (Zen+)Selection 26 Bananas… Sound delicious… Yoosung, you’re not going with him? (Nothing)

A walkthough to get you on the 707 route in Mystic Messenger, beginning on the Prologue and working by to the Day four department. We advocate taking part in 707's route final, as a result of it incorporates probably the most background story info of any Mystic Messenger route 9: – I think we need some bodyguards here… (nothing) – Seven, you did your best. Thank you for letting Zen know the address (Seven+)

Selection 16 I think you look as free as you can be when you’re on your own lolol (Nothing) You should give it a thought. I think it’s a golden opportunity.Selection 33 He could’ve tried to reason with the prime minister back then. That’s right… It must have been creepy. (Ray)Selection 12 I’m worreid about the plan backfiring…. Zen, do you think you can do this to reveal the twin’s secret…? (Nothing)Selection 26 Please come back as soon as you can. Seven might get in trouble… (Ray) You’re not going to take long again, are you? I hope you don’t experience problems on that part…. I have a feeling you’ll stay awake most of the time.Selection 16 I’m sorry, but Jumin’s plan will fail. His hatred will be gone…once freedom finds his heart. Beeause he’s naturally a good person. (Ray)

Selection 11 Do you think you can find peace through such a forceful method…? (Ray) I can’t wait to be saves…. Does the elixir taste good? Day 10, Chat 10 - Ray's Route 21.39 Unfolding Clues VNM after this chat. Incoming call: V Outgoing call: Zen, Saeran. One Rainy Day (Touching Mystic Messenger Movie). 1 222 054 просмотров. 03:25 Day 10 of Jumin's Route of the otome game Mystic Messenger by Cheritz. The day before the RFA party. Here is Day 9 of Jumin's Route in the game Mystic Messenger. Once again, sorry for any background noises, I was trying to multitask while making this video Selection 21 If you can’t even heal yourself, just don’t do anything from now on. I want to know just why you would think this is all your fault…. (Nothing) It’s all your fault that your relationship with Rika took an irrevocable turn.Selection 30 Even if you tell him later on, he’ll forgive you. Shouldn’t you go too? (Nothing)

4: – My Zenny is very special ? (nothing) – I’m so grateful you came for me… (nothing)Casual Story: Common route: Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | texts Zen route: Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 + 11 | texts Yoosung route: Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 + 11 | texts Jaehee route: Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 + 11 | textsSelection 24 You have a huge battle coming up. Noodles will be perfect. (Nothing) So are you going to be the one coming over today, Zen?Selection 6 I’d hate to see any more tragedy to those brothers. (Ray) Can’t we save Seven?Selection 7 I actually have a huge secret of my own. Am I glad that Yoosung and Jaehee are ordinary lol eAnd Zen, you’re actually…? (Nothing)

Selection 1 Could you please summarize for me what’s going on right now? (Nothing) Jaehee, this isn’t a dream, is it?Selection 11 If you had such files, why didn’t you release them? (Nothing) What would happen…if those files are unleashed?

14: – Good bye, Jumin (nothing) – Thank you for sending us your bodyguards, Jumin (Jumin+)Hello, I have a question. Because I will be busy at 12:00 on day 11, so can I get to participate in the party at about 5 hours later? Or I will miss the party?Selection 16 Yes, he has a younger brother. (Ray) He abandoned his own brother as he became an agent.

9: – What did you two talk about there? (Jumin+) ** – Oh, but Zen, didn’t you say you were going to call your family? (Zen+)Selection 12 Yes. He looks so tragic, trapped in his own art. I did. V is feeling guilty for you. He feels guilty that he couldn’t give you the love you needed…. (V) Yeah, though I didn’t really understand what he means…Selection 26 Yes. There were a couple troubles, but I survived. Yes… But the point is that I’m fine. (Nothing)Selection 20 The brother can take care of himself. You don’t have to worry about him. No, his brother is doing much better. He’s at a place full of happiness. Yes…though the prime minister didn’t get his hands on the brother yet. (Ray)

Saeran, could you please take a look at the messenger? You hate him, don’t you? I think you’re right. Ray. Game. Mystic Messenger. Section

353 отметок «Нравится», 8 комментариев — Shinzo ASMR (@shinzo_asmr) в Instagram: «Jumin Dub|Mystic Messenger|Day 10 12:44 AM #mysticmessenger».. Selection 1 There was a reason why it was weird… It was… Could you please tell the intelligence unit about it? (Ray) MM YOI and KS Mystic Messenger Masterlist Rules and Guidelines for Requests About the Author MC-Squad. valentine day ♡. print illust for @2019loveforallseasons 11: – Yoosung, you did so well! (Yoosung+) – What did she say on her social media? (nothing)3: – A special security system? Why would I need that? (nothing) ** – What is that? (nothing)If you’re aiming for the Good Ending, be sure to answer all the emails you need before starting the party!

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