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Узнайте, где приобрести Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré (Ямаха XT660Z Ténéré): Москва, Архангельск, Астрахань, Улан-Удэ, Владимир, Вологда, Иваново, Кострома, Ярославль, Петрозаводск, Киров, Сыктывкар, Курган, Абакан, Анадырь, Волгоград, Новосибирск, Омск, Рязань, Тверь, Томск.. Setting off for a road ride a few things are noticeable, the engine is very torquey in the low to mid-range, with gearing that feels short, but with plenty of rev range available. It’s very meaty down low and pulls strongly even knocking up through the gears early.

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Selam arkadaşlar Yamaha Tenere XT660Z 'yi inceleyen,araştıran , bilgi sahibi olmak isteyen arkadaşlara giriş seviyesinde bir blog hazırladım . tenere 660. bu motoru test etmiştim, alet gerçekten çok güzel, tam bir gezi motoru, torku da çok güzel. anlamadığım etrafımda bolca bundan görmeme.. It was during the long, hot summer of ’76 that my lifelong passion for motorcycles was sealed. As the world bopped along to Candi Staton (Young Hearts Run Free), The Real Thing (You To Me Are Everything) and the Bee Gees (You Should Be Dancing), love, or more to the point, lust, took command of the thing between my ears.

If you are concerned with how much you may need to spend to get your XTZ660 Tenere up to par, remember it cost $15,565 ride away when it was released and now costs only $13,999. XT660Z Tenere; XV1700 Road Star Midnight Silverado Warrior; XV1900 Roadliner S Midnight deluxe Raider; XVS1300 Midnight Star V-Star Classic Stryker; YP250. Majesty X-max; YP400 Grand Majesty; для снегоходов Yamaha Phazer Mountain Lite MTX; Venture Multi Purpose; Phazer RTX GT..

Sometimes maligned as a bit of a “softie”, Yamaha Motor Australia has “Australianised” the XTZ660 Tenere.Hi ! I had an xt 660 for a few months nice bike to ride . BUT … its all electronic example if you need a new key its got a chip in it . You are up for a few hundred $ . Going bush or to a 3 rd world country & somthing bombs out put a match to the bike & walk a way . I sold my xt & got a DR650 suzuki ( kiss )) keep it simple stupid . Spent some extra money on the bike did some mods & it gose like a dream . Easy to work on , the DR manny …… ater market parts So before you get involved doing mods to your XT & finding a good mechanic & wondering if he is good or not . Think about the DR 650 bike . 2018 DR650 7000$ Australian . . New

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  1. I could, without uttering a single word of deception, strip and re-build that gearbox wearing a blindfold. How my passion for bikes survived that Norton, Lord only knows.
  2. d I’m going to treat myself and the XT to a 10th birthday present with an upgrade.
  3. HYENA makes customized graphics and decals for YAMAHA XT 660 Z TENERE in crystal. Products Graphic Yamaha Graphic kit 2014 Graphic Yamaha XT 660 Z Tenere 2014
  4. Fiche yamaha xt 660 X. Etat : Disponible Date de sortie France : janvier 2004 Constructeur : Yamaha Distributeur : Yamaha Motor-France. La XT 660 X n'est autre que l'interprétation supermotard de la XT 660 R. La conversion est simple, et assurée par l'adoption de jantes de 17..

It certainly exceeded my expectations as riding around on knobby tyres in the wet was not an experience I was looking toward to, especially with 10kg of extra weight in a backpack, plus some more luggage strapped to the bike. Yamaha's Super Tenere XT1200ZE - a bike to cross Australia on. Here's our full review. Test by Ben O'Brien Photography by Keith Muir. Yamaha's Super Tenere is a big bike, no doubt about it, tipping the scales at 260kg with a full 23L load of fuel. At first this is a little daunting, not so much on the tar.. The Tenere also made this a fun experience, it’s no super-light off-road machine, but it’s a credible dual-purpose machine that has plenty of off-street cred.

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The long tail of arousal was caused by my first setting eyes on the Yamaha XT500, and it’s still in play to this day. That big, four-stroke single, credited with being the original springboard of the Ténéré, kicked off a love affair with motorcycles that has lasted over 40 years and no doubt was the primer for the very magazine you hold in your mitts right now.It’s only ever let me down on one occasion and that was when the chain snapped on a remote trail in the Alps which led to a bit of drama but I’ve written it off as just one of those things that happens if you don’t adjust the chain when it gets loose.My Ten has always started with the first press of the button and it’s still on the original battery. Over the years it has taken more than its fair share of abuse, been dropped many a time and still scrubs up like something resembling a nearly new bikeMy Ténéré was bought with the view of using it as a dual purpose machine. Day trips and long weekends on the green lanes of Wales. I also thought it the perfect balance for long distance comfort when riding down to Morocco or the Alps, and then possessing enough off-road ability to take me to the top of the dunes or blast around the old dirt track Military Roads up high on the French/Italian border. Tenere 660 инжекторный Yamaha XT660Z Tenere (2008+ г.в.) Tenere 600/660 карбюраторный Yamaha XT600/XT600Z/XTZ660 Tenere

Yamaha XT660 Z Teneré 2009, precio: 7749 €; ficha, fotos, opiniones. La Ténéré es una motocicleta trail robusta y elegante que pese a su media cilindrada.. The Yamaha Tenere is given a fair dinkum test. Five blokes take on the Victorian High Country on big bore bikes. The Yamaha Tenere is given a fair dinkum test

¡Encuentra YAMAHA xt 660 z tenere al mejor precio por marca y modelo As long as you’re smooth on the throttle the bike’s fueling performs admirably, especially considering how meaty that power delivery is, and that single-cylinder donk will rev out downshifting aggressively, without unsettling the bike unless you take it to extremes. Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere

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2016 Yamaha Tenere XTZ660 – Spokes wheels, knobby tyres (Dunlops fitted for testing) and Brembo rear brake caliperThere’s a bit of dive on use of the front brakes, but both front and rear perform well for regular road riding. They aren’t noticeably soft, except on the brakes and at both high and low speeds are very capable over potholes, speedbumps and the like. The ride is both comfortable and controlled, with good feedback from both ends.2016 Yamaha Tenere XTZ660 – Brembo front brake calipers offers reasonable stopping power, with the rear offering stronger bite.

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If there’s one thing that really bugged me with the Ténéré it was the factory set fuelling. Basically, the XT660 struggles to perform at a level above a stuttering judder when asked to move below 3,000rpm. I’d sort of put up with the pain for a few years convincing myself it wasn’t as bad as it really was until one day when I decided to bite the bullet and have the Ténéré tuned on a dyno and fitted with a Dynojet Power Commander.The result was a truly transformed machine. Where there is power and smoothness there was once a juddering bike at the point of stalling. It picks up speed far quicker (off the throttle wheelies in first and second are available) mid-range is stronger, and I’m achieving an extra 10% more miles per gallon. Sorted.I’m no off-road guru, in fact, while I’m happy to ride pretty much anything on unsealed roads at a reasonable pace, I haven’t ridden an off-road machine in over 15 years. Jumping on the Tenere for some unsealed sections, fire trails and a short single trail section turned out to be both interesting and fun. The most accurate Yamaha XT660Z Tenere MPG estimates based on real world results of 585 thousand miles driven in 80 Yamaha XT660Z Teneres

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Nick also uses the standard Yamaha rear shock after testing many other models. “I think the Yamaha performs quite well. We just revalve it and I reckon the modified standard shock is just as good as the bottom of the range Euro aftermarket shocks.”Wheels & Tyres: Wire-spoke 21in front wheel, 17in rear wheel, 90/90-21 M/C (f), 130/80-17 M/C (r) Yamaha XV 535 Virago, XV 400 Virago Топливная система и выхлоп. Мануал на русском. (RU, 10.2 MB). Yamaha XV 535 Virago. Руководство по ремонту. Трансмисия The Adventure segment is full of fantastic bikes for fully licensed riders and experienced off road adventurers, but there are options for Learner riders and the XTZ660 is one of them. Is it an ideal first ever machine for a new rider? Well probably not, to be brutally honest, this is definitely a machine aimed at those with more adventurous and experienced needs. A background in off-road riding would be a definite boon and most likely the catalyst for choosing a machine like the Tenere.

Through the twisties and suburban areas I was being a bit more careful thanks to heavy rain, but the Tenere remained relatively docile for careful riding in the wet conditions. 12 mei 2018 - Bekijk het bord Yamaha XT 660 Tenere van pierrevanswaeme op Pinterest. Bekijk meer ideeën over Motor, Zijtassen en Motorcamping

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I’m hoping to pick up one of these bikes over here in New Zealand pretty soon. Can you recommend anywhere over here that would be able to do similar modifications? Our Yamaha XT660Z Tenere suspension upgrade packages have seen riders from novice to A grade motocrossers have ridden our modified Tenere suspension with great results. Tyre Selection. We like the Dunlop 952F front as the 660 does not give a lot of feel from the front, regardless of the fork setting


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The Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré is a dual-sport motorcycle manufactured from 2008 to 2016 by Yamaha. It featured a 660 cc (40 cu in) single-cylinder engine, which was also used in the XT660R, XT660X, MT-03 ( 2006-2014), Jawa 660 Sportard, Jawa 660 Vintage and Aprilia Pegaso 650 Trail (post 2007).. Yamaha Tenere. 10,003 likes · 11 talking about this. The Ténéré´s are built for adventure. Yamaha Tenere 700 Forum. Entertainment website. Honda Africa Twin. Amateur sports team. Yamaha Xt-660-Z Ténéré CHILE

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  1. ium rear rack from B&B Offroad Engineers. It’s a solid and flat surface with plenty of slots for tie-downs. The thick rear steel subframe means it will be strong enough to support heavy luggage without sagging or fracturing.
  2. Yamaha Teneré 660 però, ha una filosofia del tutto diversa, basata sull'essenzialità: una moto da turismo con cui si può viaggiare anche in fuoristrada, e per fuoristrada non intendiamo piste da cross tecniche, ma intendiamo tutte quelle strade che non sono asfaltate, il tutto-turismo, che oggi viene..
  3. Hubris, of course, is swiftly followed by nemesis. On the ride back home I just knew I’d bought the wrong bike, or more to the point, the right bike at the wrong time. In the late ’80s I was totally seduced by speed, slick handling and smooth multi-cyclinder machines, and yet here I was chugging down the motorway on a stodgy single cylinder pogo stick. The only upside was the kudos of looking like I’d just ridden back from the Sahara.

The Yamaha XT660Z Ténéré is a dual-sport motorcycle manufactured from 2008 to 2016 by Yamaha. It featured a 660 cc (40 cu in) single-cylinder engine, which was also used in the XT660R, XT660X, MT-03 ( 2006-2014), Jawa 660 Sportard, Jawa 660 Vintage and Aprilia Pegaso 650 Trail (post 2007).. The Ten cruises comfortably at 80mph and runs out of steam at around 100mph so where the claimed 120mph top speed comes from goodness knows. But then you don’t buy a 660cc single for high speed blasting, it’s more of a stroller than a sprinter. Ямаха XTZ660 Тенере. Москва, м. Менделеевская. 375 000. Ямаха xtz660 тенере 2011г. Москва, м. Ростокино eBay Kleinanzeigen: Yamaha Tenere 660, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! eBay Kleinanzeigen - Kostenlos. Einfach

Yamaha TDM. 850cc, Эндуро / adventure Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere review. Posted on 11th July, 2014 by Mark Hinchliffe. Sometimes maligned as a bit of a softie, Yamaha Motor Australia has Australianised the XTZ660 Tenere. What they mean is they have toughened it up for Australia's harsh conditions with some accessories that are made in.. Keeping in mind I ran straight over some rather large stones and relatively small logs I think that’s impressive!So, with that in mind I had a bit of a farkling fest down at Touratec and picked up: Handguards, crash bars, pannier racks, panniers, engine guard, headlight grill, brake extender, camel toe and a protective cover for the rectifier. Next up came fitting a set of dual purpose Continental TKC 80 tyres.Since fitting a set of Touratech 20mm bar risers, I’ve found the hand, arse, feet triangle to be spot on for both sitting and standing up when off-road. Whilst I’ve always found the seat comfy, even on 500 mile days, I’m also aware that one of the main complaints of owners has been the high step-up to the pillion creating long term discomfort where it digs in. The fix is a re-shaped seat to flatten out the hump or maybe an after-market sheein or Airhawk.

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Xt 660 Tenere, Duas Rodas, Vespa, Moto Dual Sport, Passeios De Aventura, Ducati, Autos, Carros E Motos. Xt 660 Tenere Motociclismo Design De Motocicletas Design De Bicicleta Motocicletas Yamaha Motocicletas Personalizadas Motocicletas Legais Motos.. Yamaha XTZ660 tenere silindir üst conta ATHEN Yamaha xt660z Tenere for sale. Bike is a gem. Very tidy, Super reliable, absuletly no problems, great on fuel, can handle trails nicely as well as long journeys on the road. 791 days ago. Make. Yamaha. Model. Xt 660 z tenere. Year

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  1. The Yamaha XT660Z Tenere is one of the most recognisable adventure bikes around, but is it worthy of a place in your garage? During the '90s the XT moniker progressed via a new 600E and 750 Super Ténéré, before arriving at the 660R in 2004. The 660R came with a new fuel injected engine and..
  2. Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere ,registro FMI, 15000 km. Vendo bellissima XTZ660, d'epoca, perfettamente conservata, gommata, tagliandata, catena, corona e pignone sostituite pronta per essere utilizzata. Tre proprietari compreso me (io sono il 3°),quasi 15000km originale, il motore è originale e non è stato..
  3. View and Download YAMAHA TENERE XT660Z owner's manual online. TENERE XT660Z Motorcycle pdf manual download
  4. Everything you need to know about the 1996 Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere Including Pictures, specifications, videos and reviews - Front brakes: Single disc. 1996. Model: Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere. Engine and Transmission Specifications. Transmission type,final driv
  5. Yamaha XT660Z Tenere. le 9.04.20082. Yamaha. » Lire aussi - Anecdote de journaliste motard #2 : quand Rémi a posé le genou avec tout et n'importe quoi
  6. In fact my first ride was on a boiling summers day, through suburbia, a few national parks and through some large gravel and dirt areas. All easy as can be, with the tyres providing good grip and feel but offering a very different experience than regular road rubber.
  7. “If we change the oil weight and the owner takes the bike to their local dealer sometime down the track when their oil seals start to leak, the mechanic won’t know what oil weight we put in so they use the standard recommended rate and then it won’t work properly,” he says.

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Off road, the 660 is a gem. Obviously this one was set up for some hard charging. It is amazing what can be done on the bike on the trails and fire trails I rode on, it really was a blast, while on the faster dirt roads the bike felt fantastic at speed. However, hard bumps would send a spine rattling shock through the back of the bike, which was unsettling.I would like to receive competitions, exclusive offers and other promotional emails from Adventure Bike Rider, I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. I agreeI do not agree The Yamaha XT660Z Tenere is aimed at those who put versatility and reliability on top of their priorities list. Thanks to its ergonomic design, long travel suspension and capable engine, the motorcycle is able to conquer the savages terrains of Africa, but is also able..


Gearbox: Constant mesh, five-speed Clutch: Wet, multi-disc coil spring Chassis: Rake: 27°, Trail: 107mm 139.55 €. Kit chaîne Yamaha Xtz 660 Tenere. Référence fournisseur : 95Y06600-SDR. Nombre de dents pignons sortie boite : 15. Nombre de dents couronnes : 45. Pas : 520. Type : Oring I had a quick ride on the Tenere 660, just a 30-minute ride on some local twisty roads and through the local State Forest area, where I spent some time exploring the Adventure capabilities of the 660. I was impressed. Firstly, on the road, the 660 is comfortable and has a commanding riding position. It’s relatively smooth and has plenty of torque on hand. The modified suspension is compliant and gearing tall enough for long haul comfort at around 100-110km/h. I also found the brakes ample for the bike and the tyres were good too. The bike is top heavy though, feeling like all the weight is carried up around the fuel load area, and that makes the bike fall onto it’s side onto a turn once the COG is passed. This makes the bike a bit tricky in wet or slippery conditions.The Ténéré is tall, chunky (206kg fully-fuelled) and top heavy which all makes for a daunting off-road experience for many riders on anything other than a gravel track. However, give the big old boy a bit of gas and it never ceases to amaze me what this bike is capable of doing with a confident rider on board.


Being a five-speed gearbox it does feel as though there should be an additional gear, but for anything up to 130km/h it’s really unnecessary.The secret to riding the Ten off-road is to take things a little faster than you’d probably feel comfortable with. By keeping the momentum up you’ll reduce the need to take a foot dab, which, in my experience, is the number one cause of off-road falls – the bike being so tall that to attempt a slow speed foot dab on uneven or slippery ground will probably see you toppling over.

The handling is on a par with how the bike looks. The tall suspension squats and dives but once you settle down into touring mode and ride within its limitations all is well and comfy.Naturally the real aim of the Tenere is a machine with far more off-road capability, and as mentioned earlier I definitely think that plentiful off-road experience would be a huge plus if you’re looking at the Tenere.It doesn’t seem to make much difference to the fuel economy which was just under 5L/100km on my 1800km test ride through Central Queensland’s back roads and trails.

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Yamaha,Tenere,xtz,xtz660, Yamaha XTZ 660 motosikletimi 0 km aldım. Bu motoru tercih etmemdeki sebepler şunlar. -Motosikletin çoğu motosikletten yüksek oluşu sele yüksekliği( 89 cm) ve motosikletin alt kısmı. -Daha çok araziye yönelik bir motosiklet ama yolda da çoğu motosikletten konforlu -Tek.. www.rustsports.com. Yamaha Tenere 660 reviewed. 1275 x 1912 jpeg 465kB. bikereview.com.au. Yamaha 660 tenere Motorcycles for sale in Western Cape | R 800 x 533 jpeg 64kB. www.youtube.com It is worth mentioning that the Yamaha Tenere is $13,999 plus on-road coast, so it’s a premium offering in the LAMS section, but that is supported by the bike’s specs and performance, not to mentioned Yamaha’s renowned reliability.


  1. Sick of your job? Boss giving you grief? Wife just won't shut up? Why not sod it all and explore the world on a Tenere. Or just use it to commute - Visordo..
  2. During the ’90s the XT moniker progressed via a new 600E and 750 Super Ténéré, before arriving at the 660R in 2004. The 660R came with a new fuel injected engine and provided the base for the 2008 launch of the XT660Z Ténéré.
  3. Yamaha Motorcycle Dynojet Kit. Qty: Usually in stock - UK Next Day Delivery
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  5. The result is a bike that handles the rough stuff, keeps the power down over corrugations and doesn’t translate the big hits through the seat or the handlebars to the rider.
  6. g out in all but the biggest hits. 
  7. Overall the Tenere 660 is for the Learner that has off road experience and wants an all-rounder, not for the new rider starting from scratch. A fantastic bike in my opinion, very capable tourer and a great price too – JEFF WARE.

The stock Ténéré screen looks, and is, short, however I’ve always found it to be efficient at deflecting wind and never suffered from any eye popping turbulence. In that respect changing to the higher touring screen, which does appear to be popular, has never crossed my mind though the amount I see on the road does suggest that riders of a shorter or taller stature would not share that opinion.In 2016, the 660Z was discontinued from Yamaha’s line up. In fairness it was probably due for a shake-up, but what sealed the fate of the Ténéré has been the new Euro 4 laws which come into force in 2017 and place a limit on the pollutants discharged by new vehicles.

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The 2008 Yamaha XT660Z Tenere and all other motorcycles made 1894-2020. Specifications. Pictures. The Tenere 660 is built for adventure, manufactured to the same exacting build quality that has made the XT brand a legendary performer all over the world At 180cm and 70kg I’m basically a lightweight but on board the Tenere on and off the road everything was manageable and easy. I had confidence in the power delivery, the (worked) suspension, the Brembo brakes and the overall feel of the machine after a short amount of time.I’ve read reports of couples travelling around the world snuggled up on a 660 Ténéré and whilst that proves something, I’d not be inclined to follow in their tyre tracks. The word from the back perch is that, whilst my other half would be happy to travel the world with me sat on a Ténéré, she’d be doing so in a support vehicle. There are far better and more suitable bikes for two up touring. Yamaha Ténéré 700 Adventure Touring 2019. Được trang bị động cơ song song CP2 DOHC xi lanh đôi 689cc cho công suất 72 mã lực và mô-men Chiếc xe được trang bị bình xăng 16 lit dư dùng khi di chuyển liên tục, Yamaha 700 Ténéré Touring có gù bảo vệ tay lái được thiết kế lại đẹp hơn chắn bụi..

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However, is it worth looking at a used XT660Z? In my opinion, if the bike suits your needs the answer is yes. It’s a tried, tested and, in my experience, a very durable and capable machine. In all my time of ownership the only problem I’ve experienced has been a snapped chain. Here’s my updated take on the bike.As for the transmission, the five-speed gearbox has a couple of short gears which are great in the technical stuff and stretch out to a long fifth gear that allows you to comfortable ride at highway speeds at 3500 revs from where you can roll on the throttle for overtaking or drop a cog for swifter progress. If you were doing more highway duties, you might want to drop a tooth on the rear. Around £4,500 will get you a two to three year old bike with circa 10k on the clock, and for £3,000 you should be able to pick up an older model in good condition with a mileage of around 20,000.

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Yamaha XT660Z Tenere Nejvíce redakčních testů jak nových tak ojetých motorek. Yamaha Tenere, mezi motorkáři snad nenajdete nikoho, kdo by tento stroj neznal. Ténerka vstoupila na trh v roce 1983 inspirována motocykly pro populární Rallye.. The Yamaha XT660Z Tenere is a great value, superbly capable adventure bke with real off road capability. Global treks aren't really on the cards as the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere's vibey single cylinder engine makes hard work of pulling its 185kg dry weight. Useful touches such as the durable crash.. Son aldığım motosiklet Yamaha 2015 Tenere XTZ 660 ZA ile henüz 2.850 km yol yaptım. Bunun 1.000 km, motosikletin motorunu alıştırmak ve motosiklete alışmak ile geçti. Bu kullanım süresince onunla ilgili düşüncelerimi aktarmak istiyorum. Beni yakından tanıyanlar, markamın olmadığını.. Engine: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder, 4-valve, SOHC, 660cc, 100 x 84mm bore x stroke, 10:1 compression ratio,

Yamaha Ténéré Xt660z - Nishikaizuka, Iwata, Préfecture de Shizuoka, Japon, Iwata, Shizuoka 4380026 - rated 4.8 based on 28 reviews Great and authentic.. Choose Vehicle's Typology. Yamaha Xtz 660 Tenere' - 660 cc. Motorcycles-mopeds Likewise the lockwired foot brake pedal is really high for off road riding, which makes it difficult to use in normal conditions. Standing up on the ‘pegs it would probably be fine, but in a regular seating position I would have my toe on the brake pedal and my foot off the normal ‘peg which makes it hard to use fine control. Again, the bike had been set up for some hard riding! Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. For Hire. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. Enterprise. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need..

Something tall, wide, relatively heavy due to a high center of gravity and with knobby tyres would be far from the easiest starting option for the truly inexperienced, but if you’re looking for an ideal mix of road and off-road capability, well, you’re in for a treat. Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere. Discussion in 'Australia' started by Joff, May 1, 2006. Page 1 of 3. The tenere (ten-er-ray on the Dakar vids, its named after the Tenere desert) is not a bad beastie, back when they were new they used to get good reviews in Sidetrack I find I feel far more confident on the dirt on an inexpensive bike than I do with an expensive one simply because you don’t have as much at stake in a crash. It’s one of the key attractions of a smaller adventure bike like this. But even so, Yamaha has added a very sturdy bash plate and engine bars. I overbalanced when trying to mount bicycle-style and the bike fell over, but didn’t cop any damage at all. Yamaha XT660Z Tenere lowering kits Ride height lowering kit lowering the suspension reduces the seat height for shorter riders. Our lowering kits will fit bikes with and without ABS Sveiki. Siam sezonui noreciau isigyt toki motocikla. Gal yra vazinejanciu ir norinciu pasidalinti ispudziais ir patarimais? Ziurineju 2009 metulaidos. Kokios alternatyvos sio tipo motociklu segmente? Na ir visa kita. Buciau labai dekingas.Cia toki nebloga straipsni rusu kalba radau. YAMAHA XT660Z TENERE

For someone with off-road experience, more road experience, or looking for an adventure-type dual purpose bike that can handle the rough stuff – it’s an ideal option. Yamaha XT 660 Z Ténéré ab 2008. So richtig Leben kommt erst vier Jahre später in die Sache, als die Dritte im Bunde erscheint. Die Yamaha XT 660 Z Ténéré trägt wieder den klangvollen Namen von einst, sieht nicht nur aus wie ein echtes Rallyebike, sondern überzeugt trotz ihres behäbigen Motors..

Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere8. 660 куб. см., исправен, птс, без пробега. Под заказ One of my next rides was a 150km commute in the pouring rain, up the freeway, through a section of twisties in a national park and then through suburbia over plenty of slippery conditions, with a similar return trip. Grip and feel remained great throughout, traveling at normal speeds, and the more I rode this Tenere the greater the confidence I had. Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere with Giant Loop motorcycle soft luggage in Sardinia The Hare & The Tortoise - Sardinia Yamaha XT660Z Tenere prepared for Morocco with Fandango PRO Tank Bag, Siskiyou.. My history with adventure bikes is literally up and down. I started with a Honda XR650, then a BMW R 1150 GS, then a KTM 640 Adventure, R 1200 GSA, BMW F 800 GS and now an R 1200 GS. Next move for me will be back down again and I think I could easily become a Tenere tragic.

Front and to a lesser extent rear suspension is soft for a road bike, but Jeff declared it pretty stiff compared to what would come stock on the Tenere, I haven’t had my hands on a standard Tenere, but am happy to take his word for it! This bike had been revalved and firmed up by Teknik Suspension.While the low-compression, bullet-proof XTX660 Tenere engine has been around for ages, the fuel-injected model is a little more lively and economical. There is no need for any engine tuning as the EFI adjusts to the new muffler. 

Where on the road the knobby tyres are a compromise they are in their element anywhere off tarmac, offering good grip. Particularly over sandstone sections with loose rocks of varying sizes, sandy areas and plenty of debris the tyre and suspension combo meant I felt in complete control.Performance doesn’t seem to be greatly enhanced, although it revs a little freer and from about 4500rpm it gets quite lively. The Barrett muffler has a wet-fart MX thumper sound that doesn’t become an annoying drone on the highway and has some entertaining burps and pops on the overrun. In 2008 the Ténéré had a launch price of £4,999 and when last checked in early 2016, the new retail price was £6,999. As stated previously the bike is now discontinued, though a quick search on-line has thrown up a couple of showroom condition models with under 500 miles on the clock and asking prices of £6,495. That’s pretty good value for a nearly new, versatile middleweight adventure bike with genuine dual purpose ability.

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Fast forward to 1988 and I’d just won the biggest ever sales order for my employer and, as a result, picked up a commission cheque for what could only be described as a colossal amount. A week later, after the cheque had cleared, I found myself experiencing an equally massive dose of hubris sitting aboard a brand spanking new blue and yellow XT600Z Ténéré outside a dealer in the Black Country. I’d well and truly arrived.Firing up the Tenere the fact it’s fitted with aftermarket Barrett Products cans becomes very obvious, it’s a real thumper and a little throttle action rewards plenty of exhaust note. There’s a pop and crackle on downshifts and decel, which could be tuned out.To have a Power Commander fitted costs around £300 but I’m going to highly recommend you do so. There is a cheaper alternative to improve fuelling that most Ténéré owners would have heard of, and it goes under the name of the ‘Kev Mod’. Just Google Ténéré and Kev Mod and all will be revealed, but don’t expect the performance increase of a properly tuned and fitted Power Commander.The soft bite and gentler stopping power of the front brakes also make a lot more sense off the tarmac, but I wasn’t locking up the rear for any cornering maneuvers so I probably wasn’t taking full advantage of what’s on offer. Yamaha. Model. XT660Z, XT660Z ABS. Malzeme. Stainless steel

Yamaha's upcoming Tenere 700 has got some big boots to fill when it's introduced to the range later this year. The MT-07-derived twin will be the replacement for the old XT660 Tenere, which itself was a descendant of the original XT600 of 1984 and the 1975-on XT500. That heritage matters because.. In a normal seating position the gear pedal is too high as set on this machine, which would be perfect for off-road boots, but for regular motorcycle boots with my size 11 feet needs a very firm and exaggerated shift to ensure it engages the next gear, particularly between the long first to second transition.

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A highlight feature of this bike’s performance is the standard brakes with Brembo calipers. No need for modifications here. The twin disc front has brute force with soft initial bite and great progression while the back brake also has good feel, even when wearing chunky off-road boots. Yamaha turned the bike over to Teknik Motorsport in western Sydney who have been doing a lot of work on the modern Tenere since the model returned in 2008. Teknik owner Nick Dole says they did a significant revision of the suspension in 2010 and now have a package that he believes will suit the most aggressive and heavy rider.

The dashboard is very neat and there is plenty of space for a steering stabiliser which I would recommend. The steering flicks into corners with a light and deft touch but it can feel a little flighty on the highway and over lateral ruts. A damper would be a must, especially if you are going to be riding through mud and sand.At low speeds the knobby tyres are also a very obvious presence, at walking pace you can feel the knobs, and transitioning from the centre of the tyre onto the sides, there’s a noticeable point where the bike falls willingly onto its side. It’s a bit disconcerting coming from road tyres, but becomes more natural as you spend longer on the Tenere.

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Another solid feature of the Tenere is the steel sidestand. It is very straight and upright, but it’s robust and if you find the bike too tall to throw a leg over, you can use it to mount without fear of bending it. Motosiklet. Adventure. XTZ-660 Tenere. Revıt mosca eldiven siyah. Yamaha tenere 700 motosiklet. MT-07 2020 model

Na ruszt bierzemy Yamahę XT660Z Tenere - jak się sprawuje w terenie i na asfalcie? 29 lat temu w Maroku odbył się pierwszy światowy test Yamahy XT600Z. Był to motocykl niemalże ściśle off-roadowy, ale jego kolejne wcielenia, pomimo uczestnictwa Yamahy w rajdach pustynnych.. Yamaha XTZ660 TENERE 1996 - buy all your parts now in just a few clicks from Europe's number 1 genuine spare parts online retailer. Below you will find technical drawings of all parts for a Yamaha XTZ660 TENERE 1996, simply select the drawing containing the..

The accessory pack on this bike adds almost $3000 to the $13,999 rideaway price but it converts it from a Toyota RAV-4 “softroader” into a rugged Jeep Wrangler offroader. The accessories consist of performance and handling modifications, protection and creature comfort items.At the EICMA 2016 the concept bike T7 was unveiled – a dirt-oriented enduro,[2] and an official press release indicates additionally the coming of a more street oriented supermoto.[3] Yamaha further developed the T7 into the Ténéré 700 World Raid Concept[4] and finally released the successor Ténéré 700 in 2019.[5] Best of all, this bike is learner approved which means novice riders can enjoy this vast land of ours without having to sacrifice a quality ride.

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Was that fuel pump repairable or did you need a replacement; I just got a quote for a little fortune which doesn’t make it worth for just a try. A quick answer would be much appreciated since I’m getting very frustrated with my XTZThis form collects your contact information. See our privacy policy for details on how we manage your data. I consent to allow Adventure Bike Rider to collect my contact information (required)If you have an off road background and have decided to get your L plates, or you are a new rider with an interest in Adventure Riding and getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city, the Yamaha XTZ660 Tenere could be the bike for you…

I rode an XTZ660 around Australia in 2011. The only issue I had with the bike was the frame that holds the headlight rattled/broke off completely whilst crossing the Tanami. A company in Kunnunara did a beautiful repair for me at the drop of a hat. Another small issue was the fuel pump had come apart inside the tank, causing the bike to lose fuel pressure and stall at inconvenient times, it always restarted first time, inconvenient. but it was an easy fix. 25k in 12 months, great bike.The Tenere was surprisingly manageable and very hard to fault, not to mention capable of handling terrain that I normally would have left to the more experienced, and it’s only by giving it a try that you realise what is possible. Yamaha XTZ 660 Ténéré. Make Model. Fifth generation: Streamlined The last generation of the 5-valve XTZ 660 Ténéré appeared in 1994. This last evolution had a completely new streamlined bodywork with a dual front headlamp inspired by the famous Super Ténéré 750cc twin At 180cm I can get both feet down, but not flat, and the bike settles easily once on board. It’s large framed, with a good reach to the ‘bars, comfortable footpegs with plenty of grip, and an easy reach to the levers. Vision through the mirrors is also good.

The instruments are set high and are easily visible in all lighting conditions. Information provided includes an analogue tacho, plus a digital screen with odometer, fuel gauge, clock and two trip meters. A GPS mount was added to the handlebars, but no GPS. You could also attach one on the bar above the instruments. yamaha tenere 660. aramanızda 160 adet ürün bulundu. | Filtrele. yamaha tenere 660. için 160 ürün bulundu Desain Yamaha XTZ 250 Tenere nggak bergaya seperti motor enduro yang khas dengan tangki kecil, jok sempit, hingga lekuk-lekuk body yang meruncing, melainkan mirip seperti kakaknya yang berkapasitas lebih besar, Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

What they mean is they have toughened it up for Australia’s harsh conditions with some accessories that are made in Australia. YMA marketing guru Sean Goldhawk says he wants to offer the kits “down the track” or maybe a voucher to get the suspension set-up.  660. Transmission: Six-speed manual. < Previous Yamaha motorcycle Next Yamaha motorcycle >. £7150 Yamaha YZF R1 Big Bang 2009 2009 UK I also was initially mistaken in thinking that I was lugging the engine at lower rpm, but it’s just that large single piston doing its thing, with power picking up quickly and easily.The next thing adventure riders will change will be the road-biased dual-purpose standard tyres. Yamaha has chosen the popular and quite aggressive Dunlop D606 knobbies which seem to tackle most terrain quite well with en ought of a gap for clinging mud, a good spread for sand and even some road grip, although they do howl a little and lack in braking bite and steering feel on the tar.The gearing also makes a lot of sense in these conditions, offering good drive and torque in first even at low speeds. For a relatively large bike I was actually able to get through a few pretty tight sections with ease, taking advantage of the meaty first gear, including a few sections that would be difficult to walk through.Hi ! I am from perth WA . Got an XT660R 1. Do you know of a good mechanic in WA ? 2. What electronic STUFF can i remove from the bike ?

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