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Dr. Sharma, Our regular homeopathic veterinarian is no longer available to us, so I have a question for and hope that you can help us with this problem. We have a cat 2 years old that had a hysterectomy leaving in the ovaries, therefore she is having a regular heat every month. She goes around for days crying out until it is finally over. It must be very uncomfortable for her and it is driving all of us around her mad.My 4 year old little daughter has been suffering from sinusitis (I guess) for more than 6 months now. She constantly has blocked nose specially during night. Early in the morning it is runny and in the day time, yellow discharge keeps constantly coming out. She constantly breaths from her mouth, which leaves her with dry mouth and thirst. Her ear has become so very blocked that she is struggling to hear. (She does not have any fever though). When she sneezes, (which is often in the mornings), tears run down her eyes. I have been giving her Pulsatilla 30C (2 pills in the morning and 2 in the evening for about a month), where the problem with the ear did seem to ease, but it immediately returned once I stopped Pulsatilla. I have also been giving her Lycopodium 30c during bed time for about a month. But if I miss out on Lycopodium for one night, she struggles to breath even more and is not able to sleep well. It will be great if you could please guide me with some solution. My questions – Should I continue with Pulsatilla and Lycopodium? If yes for how long?hello sir, i am dr. any … i am 26 years . since ive been skipping my periods for a month usually for which i have to take noethisterone.. my normal cycle is 35 days i get symptoms but i usually skip a period.. my local doctors adviced for pulsetilla and sepia i have not taken ye t. what should i take and how… my hormaone profile is normal even the thyroid is normal

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sir I have sinusitis problem.I have been suffering from almost all types of sinusitis.my both the nose becomes blocked always but mostly my left noses blocked.I always feel dryness in eyes. noses .back side of the head. both side of the head. pls suggest some remedy for permanent relief. nasal congestion cold never comes out.thanks I have pcod problem. I got period last month on 25 th. Up to now I didn’t get period. Doctor suggested me to use pulsatilla 200 for three days to get period. Does it works really. Pls help me I am getting over weight. Thank you. Homeopathic Pulsatilla indications, uses & symptoms from 12 materia medicas, linked and cross referenced. Available 6X-30X, 3C-30C, 200C, 1M-100M

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Hi, I’m 42yrs old mother and was diagnosed with pcos and thyroid imbalance i wanna try homeopathic medicines, i also suffers from sleeplessness, mood swings, fatigue, depression n stress. Pliz give me some advice.Hi, I suffer from PCOS. Would the medicine Pulsatilla be helpful for me and does it any have side-effects?Severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS) may also respond to pulsatilla, especially if the sufferer is weepy and has indigestion and mood swings.My Mother’s present symptoms are: Feeling hot suddenly even when weather is normal. She is diabetic for almost 30 yrs and BP for last 7 yrs. She is 66, fair complexioned, a shade below 5′ n weighing 74 kg. Her period stopped at 34 yrs of her age. She very much matches with Puls. general symptoms. Apart from her diabetic medicines, she is taking Eltroxin 75 daily. Her latest Thyro diagnosis is: TSH = 2.50, T3=62.35, T4=9.40, Anti Tyroglobulin Antibodies = 369. With daily dose of Pioz MF 15 – 1 Tab, Gluco red 2.5 mg – 1 tab, Vobit MD 0.3 – 1Tab. FBS is between 100-110 mg. BP is normal with Depin Retard 2 a day n Metapure 12.5 2 a day. Her sleep is disturbed n normally she takes Trika .25 almost daily.”

Can pulsatilla 30 best suits for pregnancy control if a girl is two days ahead of periods starting dateIt is also used for individuals that feel watery discharges from the eyes with an inability to breathe properly. Stuffy environments will worsen symptoms, while fresh air and gentle exercise will improve symptoms. Great price on Pulsatilla pratensis 6c homeopathic pillules. FREE delivery options available. Trusted service, convenient and safe shopping online

I have taken three test my urin all pragivnency result are negative but my preiod is not being open since last two months

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Watch this video to know Pulsatilla homeopathic, Pulsatilla 30, 200 for periods and Pulsatilla nigricans uses & benefits Various sleep issues can be taken care of with this medicine. It offers help in cases of sleeplessness where a person has trouble falling asleep. The person may have many ideas and thoughts going through the head at bedtime that prevent sleep. It helps calm the mind and promotes sleep. It can also help with daytime drowsiness as a result of restless sleep.Pulsatilla suele corresponder a una persona de tez y ojos claros y cuerpo algo fofo o regordete.I have undergone 6 times surgery for nasal polyps.heard about pulsatilla.how much and how many times should I take pulsatilla.

Hello sir, I m suffering from continuous menses. I m 47 yrs old. May it is menopause problem.kindly suggest medicine to stop this. It is urgent . Thanking u Geeta bablaniIt is indicated for ailments like morning sickness and varicose veins that some women experience during pregnancy. It may also be used in cases of abortion from fright, puerperal mania (a rare mood disorder), and uterine infection causing fever post childbirth.I am Homeopath Karachi, Pakistan I want to get in touch regarding homeopathy would u plz help me in any case if I discuss u. Thanks and regards Dr. Riaz Siddiqui D.H.M.S. R.H.M.PIt is a top grade remedy for menstrual irregularities and is indicated in cases where the periods do not arrive in a proper cycle. They may appear late or early with no fixed pattern, and there may be inter-menstrual bleeding. As a remedy, it helps regulate menses and is considered to be a prime remedy for treating menstrual irregularities in girls during puberty. It also helps women who are anemic and suffering from menstrual problems.

I am trying to concieve rom last 2 years, I have PCOD with lest tube block and my insulin high..diabetes 2 types. Came to know about clomid and glucophage for my problem but unable to find the medicine in homeopthy as not aware of thier popular names. Pulsatilla Homeopathic Clikpak, 30c - 84 Pellets. Homeopathic Nelsons Pulsatilla in the new clikpak is easy to carry and dispense for PMS, menstrual pain and menopause.. Dry cough in evening and at night; must sit up in bed to get relief; and loose cough in the morning;, with copious mucous expectoration

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hellow dr, actual my daughter 21 years old,2 ya 3 saal pehly periods irregular horahe thy alopathic 3 months k treatment se normal hogai but moty hogai thee bety.she had also hole in heart by birth but b4 4 months iska open heart sergery krwalia oss k baad aur ziada moty hogai ha ye and periods lite howa last month but this month 18 days hogai abtak periods nahe howay.please test k alawa koi medicine jo best ho homeo ki jo ye matter solve krde pemanently arer koi hamons kai wja ha tau aise medicine dain k harmons bhe normal hojain koi bad effect na ho jis se. abhe koi medicine use nahe kr rahe.hope u ans me soon height 5.1 and weight 63.thanks dr PULSATILLA 9CH GL. 7,80€. Количество Hii iam 23 years old iam suffering from vomitings and full stomach pain during my first day of periods an I am by able to stand on that day with pain is pulsatilla 200 is use ful l for this problemHi doctor .I am 25 years old .and in 2013 I got miscarriage .and after my periods stop then dco suggest me birth control pills .and my periods come regural.BT when I stops the pills my periods stop.now I still waiting 6 month .my periods never come .and I am still not pregnant. Plz you help me .can I use pullastian

Dear sir, I am suffering from severe knee and hip pain for the last 10 years. Even i could not fold my knees. kindly suggest suitable homeopathy medicine for me. Thanking you. Pulsatilla CH is a homoepathic dilution prepared from wind flower. The use of genuine Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug.. hello, I am 37 yrs, having two myometrial fibroids with heavy bleeding , clots & severe pain .also having prolonged periods.can I use pulsatilla 1M 5drops weekly to cure it.plz guide me.

M trying to conceive for the past. 2and half yrs though my menstrl cycle ws normal usually except for d heavy pains and also recently I experienced irregular periods but now I m back to normal from the past three mnths….evry thing was nrml in blood test and in scanning .excpt mild pcod.I m just little bit overweight. Plz help..I m26..I got Rheumatoid arthritis . I want to take pulsatilla which is good to take . My hand is bad . I just want to know how much doses take . Thanks

Hii Usually my periods starts before 5-10 days from usual date but this time it is been delayed 6 days . Is it because of stress or food which I took. No chance of pregnancy as we had safe intercourse. Am worried what might be the reason. Kindly suggest some medicine so that my problem gets solvedDr….my age is 52 now periods suddenly irregular….and too much… Yesterday I did sonography….Dr says bulky utras.some sist are there… I am suffering from too much bleeding…….I took trancesa Mf. Twice a day…but I want homeopathy treat ment pl..guide. Thanks……

Hi I’m 41 yrs of age and for the past two years I’ve been missing my periods for 2-3 months. They have been irregular and scanty. Now it has been 8 months since I got my last period. I get hot flushes very often. My friend says it’s too early for menopause. Can Pulsatilla work in my condition. ThanksMy daughter, Aoishi Chakrabarti, 14, has been diagnosed with higher than normal prolactin ( 49.62 before PEG treatment and 34.42 after PEG treatment) . USG of abdomen is normal. She is not very moody as described above but has whiteheads all over her forehead.Sir, homeopathy me koi medicine h kya, jo birth control ke kaam aati h Yaa koi contraceptive pill ke samman ho because ALOPATHY medicine ke side effects hote h please tell me sir, thank🙏💕hlw dr ihave greted you my wife is sick she hase ableeding more than 18days and she is nor bregnent that bleeding startes when she get her period so dr help me and what medication is she supost to take thanks drGood morning doctor .this is Janaki. i really need a suggestion from you doctor.i am really fed up with my periods.it is very irregular and i am suffering from pain.acne problem .gastric trouble thyroid what not doctor.i really want to get rid of all these which are disturbing my life alot.making me very tensed depressed.please help me out doctor and i heard about pulsatilla doctor.can i really use it.i spent lot of money fpr all these doctor but of no use.

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  1. please help me to solve this issue. she is 6-week pregnancy, i wanna use homeopathy treatment for her health. for future effects on the body. one of the doctors suggests me Pulsatilla 1 CM 4 drop at ni8 before sleeping. please help me as soon as possible
  2. Hi Dr.I am dibetic and my sugar level is not bad.I am 38 and trying for conception from many years still not conceived.I want to know how this medicine works to conceive soon and what’s about its dose.Thanks
  3. Conium, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Phytolacca, Phosphorus. Aurum mureaticum natronatum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Lilium tigrinum
  4. Today, German experts in homeopathy have evaluated various studies of herbal pulsatilla, and suggest it should be avoided except in its homeopathic form. In 1805, homeopathy founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, had proven homeopathic pulsatilla and was extensively used to treat many patients, including himself. Since that time, there is a lot of scientific literature that supports the use of this homeopathic herb.
  5. ated by hand.May be after 2-3hrs it happend.but my period of this month was late 45days from the normal date.what do i do?

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Homeopathy or homeopathic medicine is a CAM therapy by which FDCA regulated homeopathic Pulsatilla: for intermittent pains that feel like they are radiating downward Suffering from pcod one Dr. Suggested Pulsatilla 30 lot of treatment having no result. Should I try this .

i am a female i have a problems, period is not as natural as the original and i have no filling sex , i am 35 years old. pls help me for this circumstances. Pulsatilla známa ako poniklec patrí do čeľade Ranunculaceae. Názov je odvodený z latinského Deti Pulsatilla majú veľkú potrebu pozornosti a visia na matke, od ktorej žiadajú neustály fyzický kontakt my daughter she is 40yrs old ,irragularity in periods when it comes first 4days very very little blood drops Then bleeding starts heavy & last for one week She feels tired What medicine we can giveMy periods stopped past two months and before that became irregular .. Doctor said I have entered menopause as I am having hot flushes too … I am diabetic with high bp …My age is 75 and I was suffering from scitica pain(right side} but some homeopathic medicine cured it a great extend.Now I still feel occasional not always, pain in my right ankle,knee,feet,shoulder sometime especially during cold season and when I stand for a long time. My husband is lot of knowledge of homeopathic medicines,but I would like your advice for the right medicine.Should i take Pulsatilla 30.Thanks.

The complementary medicines are Silicea, Lycopodium and Kali Sulph. Asafoetida, Chamomilla, Ignatia and Nux Vomica are antidotes.I have not had my periods for about three months now . I have my homeopathy treatment going on and doing yoga also but do not understand what is happening ? Can you sugget what to do? Pulsatilla has been compared with The power point presentation discusses here the drug picture of Pulsatilla Nigricans with emphasis on its mental generals Hi Doctor, I am 24 years age. I got my first period at the age of 13. For about 4-5 yrs I got my period regularly. After that it just stopped. I went to a doc and she said since am young it wil get alright on its own. But no improvement. After lots of tests and consultation with many docs, finally with the help of an gynecologist I took hormone tablets for about 21 days after which I wil get my period. She suggested that I have to continue this for abt 3 yrs atleast. I was shocked and I stopped. I am worried that I am not gettng period naturally. I was suggested to take pulsatilla 30c? Wil this work for amenorrhoea? If yes what is the dosage and what are the food habits I have to follow? Kindly guide me

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  1. My wife has PCOS and we are trying to conceive for our first child for the last one year. The doctor has advice us for hormone test & results are as follows:
  2. Pulsatilla Single homeopathic remedy indicated for symptom of Weeping, Indecision Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy often employed for mild, gentle, yielding patients..
  3. Use of this medicine is recommended in potencies varying from 30 C to 1M depending upon the case. Low potencies can be repeated frequently while in case of high potencies frequent repetition is avoided.
  4. Buy homeopathic pellets for single homeopathic remedies. Pharmaca offers homeopathic medicine pellets that target specific health concerns
  5. Pulsatilla: This is another commonly prescribed remedy. Unlike the typical Sepia patient who is Sulphur: This is one of the most commonly prescribed homeopathic remedies
  6. My eldest daughter, 33 years old is pregnant, a Primipara, and due on 11th November. I have great confidence in Homeopathy.

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My wife is very much depressed during mensural period. Her age is 41 yrs. She more and less ok after period. Please suggest the medicine. The homeopathic fertility program offers a comprehensive and natural approach to male and female infertility. Homeopathic remedies help to support the body in creating the.. I have PCOD Problem where I ll get my periods 2 months once and sometime 2.5 months. i am putting on weight abruptly. Hence I was adviced to take “Pulsatilla 1m” medicine from gyno. Please suggest about dosages and its useful. I don’t have thyroid problem at all.Dr, please tell me the right dose of pulsatilla 200 to be taken daily , as I m a pcod, Patient nd my mensis cycle is disturbed,not come naturally .

Homeopathic single remedies, 3.5 mm medium size sucrose pills, 5, 7, 16, 25 and 32 Gram, 7 Gram bottle consists approx. 100 pills, Prepared with original Hahnemann.. i got surgical abortion after taking abortion medicine 10days passed away still.bleedind went on then i got surgical abortion bt still bleedind went on then i again got cleaning of womb more than one month pas away still bleedind some time stops and some time starts for a week it has been going on so yesterday i take arnica i m ,pyroginium1m .today i m gonna take agnus cast 1m and from yesterday i m feeling well so next remedy should i take?i m so weak very thin and due to bleedind i m unable to work properly so plz suggest me i m 21years umarried girl and it was third chance i got pregnent 2tymes medicine worked but next it didn`t work so i had to got surgical abortion I don’t want to let my parents know about thisIn left side of jaw on face a small warts occurs since last six months. One Doctor has prescribed Antim Crude 200 which I have taken for 2-months but no result and then i went another doctor who prescribed Causticum 200 for 3 dose which i have taken (for Small warts & burning sensesation on right leg below knee portion after sitting on chair long time i.e. after 30 minutes at a stretch) and after one month gap again repeat same dose and then applied sulpher 2c 3 dose but no result. Now another one doctor has prescribed Pulsetilla 1M in powder for wart / burning sensation on right leg below knee portion after sitting on chair long time i.e. after 30 minutes at a stretch. Whether i take said dose or not ? kindly advise or advise right medicine for my problems.

Vitamins, Herbs & Supplements >. Homeopathic Medicine >. Pulsatilla Dr. I have pcod can i take pulsatilla and sepia together for pcod, and for how many days do i need to take these medicines. Thanks

सर मेरी पत्नी को हार्मोनल असन्तुलन के कारण पीरियड नहीं आता है जिसकी उम्र अभी 35 साल है cipla company की Cristina 30mg 21 दिन लगातार लेने के बाद एक सप्ताह के अन्दर पीरियड आ जाता है।कृपया होम्योपैथी में स्थायी उपचार देने का कष्ट करें। धन्यवाद। Homeopathy and Menopause - Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies. Your homeopath will not only consider your menopause symptoms but will take a holistic view of you as a.. I AM 36 YEAR OLD , SUFFERING FROM IRREGULAR PERIODS, LAB REPORTS SHOWS FSH ~ 63 NOW, IT WAS 56 LAST YEAR, DOCTOR SUGGEST THE PILL OVARAL-L, I NEED YOUR SUGGESTION HOMEOPATHY IS BETTER, OR ALOPATHY (ENGLISH) BETTER FOR MY PROBLEM.Si quieres más información sobre pulsatilla homeopatia búscalo en Homeopatía por un tubo, el BUSCADOR HOMEOPÁTICO de ABC Homeopatía.I am male. 44 years. Am from Hyderabad, India. My doctor prescribed me Pulsatilla 10 M daily at bed time for post nasal drip / sticky sputum in throat. The medicine is working. Am using this 10M from the last 10 days. My mentality is same as written above.

Hi , am 50 with regular healthy periods throughout since 13 years of age, two pregnancy and two abortions. Never had any health issues or gynaecology problems. . Missed one month’s period last year detected a hormonal disbalance a steroid painkiller. After pulsatilla it restarted again. This year againi missed in August and in September till today there’s no sign. Having wetness and no other feeling. Slight heaviness like periods in the lower abdomen. Family history shows no menopause before 54/55.. PL help should I try pulsatilla again Shop online for Pulsatilla and Homeopathy at discount prices at Lucky Vitamin. Save on brand name Pulsatilla products. Secure online shopping. Satisfaction guaranteed

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Hola! Quisiera consultar algo. Mi médico homeópata me receto pulsatilla,y la verdad considero que tengo varias características similares al arquetipo pulsatilla. Comencé a tomarlo y mejore un poco. Luego fui a una terapeuta que me preparo gotas de flores de bach de complemento. Mi pregunta es la siguiente: ¿ hay algún tipo de inconveniente o problema si estoy combinado pulsatilla con flores de bach? No tengo los nombres de las flores que me dio, pero lo que no quiero es que el remedio de pulsatilla deje de hacer efecto por estar tomando otra cosa más. Disculpen las molestias. AntonellaWhen it comes to homeopathic remedies, the remedy profile is significant to help determine whether pulsatilla is right for you. The person that responds best to pulsatilla is often sweet-natured and compliant while they avoid confrontation, and their moods change frequently and rapidly. One minute the person is easily moved from laughter to tears, and the next, they are highly prone to weepiness when ill. The person also dislikes fatty foods or a stuffy room, lacks thirst, and prefers fresh air.Dr. Sharma, I am 26 yrs old. sometimes my period delayed for 5-10 days. my highest delayed is 17 days. my friend suggested me to take pulsattila 200 in the empty stomach at morning. I have taken sometimes also after getting delayed my period. my last period date was 11th January 2015. this Month period is delayed till date. can I take the above medicine… plz reply….

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  1. Mam.. . i am 20 years old and sexually active from last 3-4 months i have very short duration of periods instead of getting over in 5 days my periods are getting over in maximum two days I took emergency birth contraceptive pill maybe in month of may.doctor is there anything serious or its just harmonal imbalance.it can create any problem in future?? Help me out..
  2. Pulsatilla is also considered an appropriate remedy for other mood disorders such as depression and low self-esteem. The person that would require pulsatilla often needs to receive and give love, and they are also gentle, mild, and sweet by nature; however, the person’s depression may result from disappointment, anticipation, jealousy, grief, and loss. They are also very moody and emotional, and they desire a person’s consolation and company quite often, and they are an attention seeker.
  3. hi i did sex on 06-02-16 during the MC period and i gave medicine unwanted kit72 to my wife and after 5 days my wife got blooding but on the right time MC should start as the contineously time on 06-03-16 but MC has stoped ………plz tell me that my wife is pragnent or not but i don’t want child now so what have to do ????????????/ please tell me
  4. I had this Medicine for one day and after that I have done my pregnancy test and it’s negative But still I am not getting my period
  5. I am 28 years old female. I suffered from nodulocystic acne since the periods started i.e. the age of 12. I took homeopathic treatment for this and took Pulsatilla for 2.5 months along with blood purifier (Berberis aquifolium) in the morning. I find great respite from acne, moreover I did not get periods this month. However I have not got complete relief from acne. I stopped the medicine one week back only. What should I do to get complete relief?

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Hello Dr Sharma. I have a homeopathy doctor as a client that i service her as her hair stylist and talking with her she mentioned to me pulsatilla that i may have symptoms and reading about it i have lots of symptoms and i may have rheumatoid arthritis as my family doctor did some blood work and mentioned something about white blood cellsIam aged 43 years .Last 4 months i didn’t get periods.Kindly advise me which medicine should i take?Hello i have just recieved my pulsatilla in the post after a consultation with a homeopathic doctor i am suffereing with depression and anxiety and really at my wits end how long should it take to be effective i am to take 3 tablets 12hrs apart 200c then one daiky of 30c

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  1. ently a female remedy, especially for mild, gentle, yielding disposition. Sad, crying readily; weeps when talking; Changeable, contradictory. The patient seeks the open air; always feels better there, even though he is chilly. Mucous membranes are all affected. Discharges thick, bland, and yellowish-green. Often indicated after abuse of Ferrum Met Iron tonics, and after badly-managed measles. Symptoms ever changing. thirstless, peevish, and chilly. When first serious impairment of health is referred to age of puberty. Great sensitiveness. Wants the head high. Feels uncomfortable with only one pillow. Lies with hands above head.
  2. Dr. Sharma I have ringing in my left ear, no hearing loss, no ear ache, just ringing all the time. I have been given Pulsatilla do you think it may help. Thank You.
  3. Dear Dr. Sharma, I am suffering from severe knee and hip pain for the last 10 years. Even i could not fold my knees. kindly suggest suitable homeopathy medicine for me. Thanking you.
  4. It is also documented that some Native Indians would jam their noses with sepals of the plant to stop bleeding. They would also mash the leaves of the plant and apply it topically to ease rheumatic pain.
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  1. Dear sir, It’s been about 8 months till now and I haven’t gotten my periods I feel depressed most of the time, angry, irritated, crave for sweets, also experiencing frequent urination ,my skin is dry wrinkled with hot flushes and tan very quickly , hair loss, dandruff, bloating, could you please recommend a medicine for my ailments .. thank you
  2. ▲   RELATIONSHIPSCompareCompare: Cyclamen Europaeum Cyclamen; Kali Bich Kali-bich.; Kali Sulphuricum Kali-sulph.; Sulphur. Pimenta - Allspice - (one-sided neuralgias, parts of body hot and cold). Anagyris (headache, amenorrhoea).
  3. Kind attn Dr. Vikas Sharma Please let me know how i can get rid of my ear discharge problem with immediate effect. I have a mild hearing loss too due to this ear discharge. I underwent an operation at the age of 19 for a perforated eardrum, but the problem still continues. Certain times my ear gets blocked and i am unable to hear anything which puts me in an awkward situation. I went to an allopathic and he said surgery is the only option available please guide me in this matter. I am a home maker aged 44 years weighing around 60 kgs and do not have any illness history like diabetes, bp etc
  4. we ve married since 14yr ago but my wife concive not yet during period she feel much pain,backache. sadness and dryness in vigaina.plz help me .with homeo remedy and suggation.
  5. Pls could you suggest some remedy for clogged ear. I feel irritated all the time as I repeatedly feel ears fullness. And blow out by nose to equal use pressure.
  7. Hi sir. I am Swapna from Visakhapatnam. I am having problems regarding periods. On the month of November I took medicine (primolut n) to stop periods . The actual dt on Nov was 7 and I started from 2nd till 7th then I had my periods on 11th, again on Dec also I took med for 2days ie on Nov 28th and 29th then I had my periods on Dec 7th. But this month Jan I didn’t had my periods almost 37 days r over still I didn’t my periods. Pl suggest medicine.

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Respected doctor, My 13 yr old daughter is diagnosed hypothyroid. Now after 8 months of her puberty, her periods for last one month had not stopped. Also she has abdomen pain. Pl suggest a remedy. She takes thyroxine 65mg every day. Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy often employed for mild, gentle, yielding patients who are sad and desponding and weep easily. Other indications for its use include great.. Pulsatilla 3X to 30X - 3C to 30C HPUS. The letters HPUS indicate that this ingredient is officially included in the Homeopathic Pharmacopœia of the United States

Dr. Willmar Schwabe Homeopathy - Pulsatilla Nigricans 30CH Drops 30 ml. One of the most useful homeopathic remedies and is very helpful for female disorders like.. Assalam o alaikum, I was diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy.It was treated by methotrxate injection.The shot is given at 28- jan-2017. My Hcg level getting down from day 7th of injection after day 7th almost on day 10 I bleed and it is considered as abortion bleeding.After 15th day of injection the hcg level 3 means non pregnant and ultrasound reports also indicate the removal of pregnancy since now 7 week passed I still dont get my Peroid should I wait for more weeks to get periods??? Or I should go for checkup???Can I take homeopathic medicine Sepia to get my period???

My wife 23 years old married women. my wife last periods on 2nd Feb 2017.. I had unprotected sex. I missed my periods n the result of pregnancy is positive. I don’t want this child… Please help me as soon as possible.My mother is a diabetic and she has water retention in her legs and feet.can she take pulsatilla30 and how many times

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Call Dr. Sharma's Clinic - From United States and Canada call 703-659-0873.Patients From rest of the world and India call+91-7696069965Pulsatilla for WomenBy Dr. Vikas Sharma MD 394 Comments0Pulsatilla is a delicate, perennial plant that has been used since the 18th century for ulcers, cataracts, and depression. In homeopathic use, it is an important plant remedy used to treat a wide variety of conditions. More commonly used as a female remedy, it suits people with an adaptable, indecisive, peaceful temperament.my wife in suffringing in rehmoduoid arthrites 5 year in painful life pleses sir suggested homeopatimedicenscan we tako off fear from baby of 6 yr where her mother has scolded n beated her n left her many times to her grandparents beore in small ages of 1-2,3 and 4 currrently she is 7 can she grow to child without that fear, kindly seek thr it. desperatly want to help the child regards dr.varsha

I do not like to conceive now. For me conceive now is dangerous for me. 10days over for menstrution. Now afraid. How can abortion from which medicine .please inform details. Homeopathic Remedy: Pulsatilla, Used For: Menstruation abnormal, Amenorrhea, Breast feeding disorders. Brand: Rxhomeo®, US FDA Listed Remedies, Shipping..

In general, it is best to take one pill or five drops of homeopathic pulsatilla every hour for intense symptoms or every four hours for milder symptoms. Once there is an improvement, stop the dosage, and repeat the remedy once the symptom has returned. If there is no improvement after three doses, contact your homeopath for further instruction, as you may need a different remedy or dosage for chronic or persistent symptoms.i am 30 years old and i have 2 baby . i am under weight my weight is 38 kg .please pls suggested what medicine i take for weight gain

Commonly called the windflower, I was ignored for millions of years in the pastures of Europe before my master Samuel Hahnemann brought out the best in me. I call him my master because it was only he who first realized my immense medicinal power.Dear sir please tel me about the pulsatilla 10 m or any medicine in homeo pathi for help normal delivery actuly doctor tell my wife after 28 -09-2017 wr are not wait .now she complete the 36 weeks sir please suggest any medecine and tell me how should drop or time take for medecine. Homeopathic medicines can provide significant results in treating delayed menses. Pulsatilla, Naturm Muriaticum and Senecio Aureus are some top-rated Homeopathic..

Amazon.com: Boiron Pulsatilla 30C 80 Pellets Homeopathic..

Dear doctor I’m taking puls 30 at night , I would like to know if can I also take melatonin 5mg.Thank for your help kind regardsI had my last period on 2nd August and today is 11th September. Im taking high bp medicine & had a sex once. Please tell me some medicine to regular my period

Pulsatilla Homeopathic Remedy: Chronic & Acute Use

Hello Dr. Sharma. I wanted to know that what shall be the mg for the medicines pulsatilla amd sepia to be taken when my periods has been delayed and I want it to occur fast as I have a trip to go fpr and dont want my periods to come in between. I also wanted to know if I were pregnant and it has heen only been 15 days after my intercourse what medicines can i take to not being pregnanthi dr my age is 32 and l had miss my periods from 5 years and if i use any Harmonal medicine then i got my periods after checkups dr said that i have problem of ovaries dysfunction i also inform you that in my family there is nothing any problem of infertility and i have not undergone any surgery kindly refer me any medicine to regulate my periods if possibleHello Dr Sharma, I am a female of 37 Yrs old. I am married and blessed with a boy whose going to complete 10 Yrs in sept 2016. Since feb2015 my cycle is not normal. It was reducing. It became 2-3 days sometimes even 1-2 days. This January 2016 only real problem started when it became more now. I menstruated for more than 3 weeks. Feb again was skipped. By then I consulted a homeo consultant, and started taking homeo medicines, natmur 30, thuja 1 m.so in March it lasted for 17days. In April it lasted for 12 days. Now inbetween spotting also started so took pulsatilla 200, rhus tox 30. Yah in between got two Scans done . One in Jan that time ovaries were showing small cysts and uterus one fibroid. Now in April month , ovaries are normal with a follicle in uterus. Kindly suggest if I am on the right tract?? Pls advise if I can continue homeopathy??

Pulsatilla Nigricans - A comprehensive study Homeopathy

My one relative lady, 35 yrs old, is badly suffering from ovarian fibroidal case as reported in ultra sound test. presently she is taking pulsatilla I M at 10 days gap, thuja IM at 10 days gap. is this gap in days sufficient for this treatment or requires modification towards upper or lower side, pl. suggest. She get relieved from severe pain in abdomen, Back and leg but premens is remaining and that last for 10 to 13 days with over blooding. Your guidance will be very valuable as she has not conceived a child yet.Meri umar 21 saal hai. Mujy periods ka boht problem rehta hai. Ye masla shuru se he chala ara hai jiski waja se pichle 6 years mein mera weight boht barh gya hai. Mera pait bhi bahar agya hai. Blood test karaya tha toh uss mei bhi blood sugar border pe anay wali hai. Yani blood mei sugar boht ziada thi. Shayad mujy pichle three months tak periods nhi huye thy is liye. Pta nhi kia waja thi. Meine ultrasound bhi karwaya tha, aur mujy alhamdolillah koi PCOs nhi hai. Iska matlab mujy hormonal imbalance hai. Bs mera weight barh gya hai iski waja se aur mei chirchiri aur depressed bhi hogai hon ku k mood pe boht effect ata hai agr periods na ayen three four months tak toh. Haan agar mei exercise karon toh normal hojatay hen lekn ab har baar insaan exercise toh nhi krsakta na periods k liye. Dosri larkiyon ko toh time pe khud he atay hen bina exercise k. Mujy iska permanent solution chahiye. Kia apky pas mere marz ka elaaj hai?Im 23yrs old, married, and have been taking the Yaz contraceptive pill for 2 yrs. Exactly 47 days ago I made the choice to stop taking the pill in order to detox and prepare my body with hopes of becoming pregnant. After having a withdrawal bleed 9 days after stopping the pill, I haven’t had any menstruation since, it has been 38 days. I have heard that my body will take it’s time to get back into cycle but I recently heard of a homeopathic method of solving my problem and possibly inducing my menstrual cycle.

Pulsatilla Nigricans-Homeopathy-Homeopathic Remedie

My wife’s menstrsl cycle disorder within 5-7 days. But now already spend 11 days. Now we are not interested due to have a children 20 months. Pls,give advice to removal pregnancy.hye i m farhan from pakistan, my father had Osteoarthritis in his both hip joint. he is in very serious condition. he had very high pain in his legs. he cant walk ant cant sitt. his legs become streched day by day. we use every medecine of medical. if you can tell me the good treatment of him i should be very thankfull to you.meri wife ko pichhle MC 27 nov ko aaya tha par 31 dec tak MC nhi aaya to pregnency kit se check kiya to positive aaya par main abhi bachhe nhi chahta hun kya homeopathic me koi medicine hai jo hamari problem solve kar de pleaseMy friend had a period date on 15th last month and was expecting to start on 12th this month. On 11th Oct, she had bled which stopped suddenly as suddenly it started. She got anxious as she heard about the implant bleeding. She had intercourse between 19th Sept till 8th Oct w/o protection. She had i-pill on 29th Sept. Now as she got anxious she had Pulsitila 30 6 drops in order to bring her menstrual flow back. Now she is suffering from vomiting tendency, cramp in lower abdomen and unable to eat anything. What to do now? The genus Pulsatilla contains about 40 species of herbaceous perennials native to meadows and prairies of North America, Europe, and Asia

res sir my father 85 yrs suffering from parkinson disease since last 5 yrs on regular dose of syndopa six times a day .. and pain killers gabapin and paracetamol ..at present mobile with support v… with difficult bowl movement chronic constipation … decrease of sight and hearing.. frequent loss of balance … spasms in both leg painful inward bending of leg fingers frequent cough .. constant rotation of tongue … likes chilly.. sour …dislike milk intelligent brain active please suggest if any supportive medicines can be givenShe can weep very easily. Laughter and tears are both very near the surface with my patient and are apt to succeed each other. She is very tenderhearted, and her feelings are very easily hurt, she is inclined to be fretful and too full of care. If she has no trouble of her own, she is ready to condole and weep with any of her friends who may be afflicted. But she craves and needs sympathy in her troubles from someone, even when she knows that the recital of her real or fancied wrongs and the receipt of the sympathy that she longs for, will make her cry. When she is blue, she will tell you that she feels as if a good cry would make her feel better. It will. She longs for fresh air. Closed and tight places suffocate her.I am 27 years old. I was diagnosed wit PCOS an year ago. After using 3 months of contraceptive pills and metamorphine, I found they are leading me to nothing positive in-fact worsening my condition further. Someone suggested me for Homeopathy treatment. I am taking homeopathy since 9 months and still nothing has changed. I mean my periods are not regular. When I am on my period, they are prolonged for at least 20 days. I bleed to death. When I say this to my Doctor, she is like no particular medicine to this and I have to wait. I am unable to decide. I am trying to conceive since 1.5years. Please help me. Is there really any treatment? I am unable to take this hell.Pulsatilla is also very useful when the person’s lips are cracked, and the ears and nose feel stopped up. The homeopathic remedy is considered a great replacement to antibiotics for ear infections.I am 20 yrs ..i hve my last periods on 23oct 2014 ,and after that i hve to suffer from typhoid nd medication for 15days…. now its 19 dec i hve no periods from oct month… m very tencd….. even used protection during physical bt for surety i had pregancy test which is also negative ……nd now i want medicine nd ur advice????

2.35 €. PULSATILLA 5C 4C 12C 15C 30C 7C 9C homeopathic pellets Boiron. 4g pellets (about 80 pellets) Kind attn Dr. Sharma, please help to get rid of my problem of ear discharge from both my ears and also improve my hearing. I am a home maker aged 44 years without any problem of either diabetes or bloodpressure and have fair health. I am suffering from ear discharge from the age of 19 years and also got a tympanoplasty surgery done for it. even now i am not able to get rid of my hearing problem. i recently went to consult an ENT doctor who said that surgery is the only option, since my nasal bone is not straight and that is the main reason that i am getting ear discharge and that is also the main problem for my partial or mixed hearing loss.Respected Doctor I am 46 married lady with two children having a problem of monthly as it comes in adv by 8 to 10 days and is very painful I am also suffering from full body pain and scitica pain also pl suggest medDear Sir, My wife got pregnant. But due to her study, we cann’t take the baby right now. So we need to abort this. Her menstrual date was on 16/04/2015. But today is 02/05/2015. Her pregnancy has been tested and its positive. Now please can you prescribe us so that we can have the abortion at home by taking homeopathic medicine.

What is homeopathic pulsatilla used for? - Quor

I am a 36 years old mother of 1 child(7yrs old).have PCOS since the age of 18 years.weight is 69kg and height us 5.2″.manage to regularize periods with diet and life style and by watching the weight.Other health benefits of homeopathic pulsatilla include treatment for acne, fibrocystic breast disease, vaginitis, prostate conditions, bronchitis, insomnia, nerve problems, and asthma and lung diseases. It also helps with hyperactivity, hay fever, headaches, hives, mumps, measles, varicose veins, drug detoxification, and incontinence like bedwetting and urinary problems.

Homeopathy acknowledges certain groupings of body-mind symptom patterns that a person has and which correspond with the sensitivity of a particular medicine. It takes into account information about the person’s body type, temperament, disposition, and behavioral tendencies to determine the appropriate medicine. Remedies, as homeopaths realize, step forth as personalities. These become creatures of temperaments, have likes and dislikes, cravings and aversions and sensitiveness to human interaction. The medicines speak out their terror, real or imaginary – their strange obsessions, etc. Here is an account of the medicine (an important homeopathic medicine) describing its medicinal virtues and the characteristics of the patient. Of course, the words are of this writer.i am 42 years old my Menstrual Bleeding is stoped for two years i visit doctor and he had given me medicen named OVRAL-G it start my Menstrual Bleeding but it stoped again so i need medicen which will re start my Menstrual Bleeding regurly.I hot aborted 4months back,Im getting periods regularly,bt this month 2days after periods I got heavy bleeding like clots,as when I hot during abortion,that to only once 2days after periods,what might be that?I dint do scanning after pregnancy due to family issues.Your donations allowed us to reach over 3 MILLION people last year. Donate today so we can help even more!

I am 23 yr old and i get closed with my husband and now i dont want get pregnant so we didn’t use precaution…does pulsatila of 7 dose works in this conditionI have symptoms of piles n anal fissure… What to do? pain while defecation.. N constipated stool… Bleeding slightly…Hello sir I m 33 yrs old….my periods have almost gone in last four years…I bleed only when given medicine…I m not able to concieve….my FSH levels are high…can u help NitashaIt is highly effective for treating a number of eye complaints. It works well in cases of conjunctivitis where there is thick, yellow, profuse discharge from the eyes. Itching and burning in the eyes and sticking together of eyelids while sleeping are some associated symptoms. It also works well to treat styes on the upper eyelid, and keratoconus.The pulsatilla flower has been used medicinally since the age of classical Greece, and the name comes from the term for Easter and Pasch since the plant blooms around the Easter festival. Other names include small pasque flower, hartshorn plant, anemone, windflower, wild crocus, prairie smoke, and twinflower.

Sir, it would because great if u mail me the solution. ASAP, because I m already 2 weeks ahead, without periods. Thank youAmenorrhea, leucorrhoea, menses irregularities, ovarian inflammation, ovarian cyst, PCOS, Acne, catarrh, colds, conjunctivitis, cough, diarrhoea, painful periods, earache, otitis media, ear disorders, eye disorders, fears, feet painful, heel pain, freckles, heartburn, hydrocele, moles, mumps, pregnancy complaints, prostatitis, sinusitis, smell loss, styes, urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, vaginitis, varicose veins.Sir,my mother(60 years old) is suffering tendon of long head or short head of biceps brachii muscle pain for three or more months in her right arm. She feels pains like pepper affects inside tendons. Sometimes pains moving through arms ie hole arms. Pain goes intolerable when she tries to put something heavy things. Please suggest which medicine is effective.

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