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Old School RuneScape (OSRS) werd uitgebracht op 22 februari 2013. Dit was toen een build van RuneScape uit augustus 2007, maar is nadien Op sommige plaatsen in de gebruikerswereld worden ook andere munteenheden gebruikt: Tokkul in het TzHaar-gebied, Ecto-tokens in Port Phasmatys en.. Brewed for Us. Grand Rapids. Brewery. 235 Grandville Ave Hutchison ports. The world's leading port network. Hutchison Ports Pakistan wins 'Port/Container Terminal of the Year 2020' Award. March 30 , 2020 If you are visiting for the first time and have not completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you will need to pay two Ecto-tokens each time you get into the city. If you are buying a charter ship ride, you will not need to pay in Ecto-tokens. More on Ecto-tokens and how to get them will be explained later in the guide. Network ports aren't physical ports on a computer or any device. Instead, they're virtual. Network ports are numbered addresses, like port 80, port 443, port 22, and port 465, that computers can use to direct the right kind of network traffic to the right place

Port Charlotte Wedding Venues Port Phasmatys's national animal is the Phoenix, which can occasionally be seen dodging aircraft in the nation's cities, and its national religion is a major religion. 172 days ago: Port Phasmatys was ravaged by a Zombie Thing Horde from The Kingdom of Aetherel, infecting 1 million survivors Blast Furnace Calculator for OSRS! Calculate XP/h, GP/h and GP/xp at the Blast Furnace. Make the best xp/gp gains and maximise profits

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Velorina's house is located just northeast of the northern part of the docks. She is the start of the Ghosts Ahoy quest that you've already heard so much about in this guide. This is also where you go to get back your Ectophial upon loss. You will always lose your Ectophial when you die with it in your inventory. RuneChat. Buy OSRS Gold. Search. Support Section. Scripting Help. Is the Port Phasmatys Bank not a part of the API West of Port Phasmatys. Ectophial / Fairy Ring (ALQ). North of Catherby. There are 5 main allotments (South of Falador, West of Port Phasmatys, Southeast corner of Great Kourend, North of Catherby, and North of Ardougne) and an additional one on Harmony Island for which you can only.. Certain ships at ports throughout RuneScape now have the ability to charter you to a number of locations. The sailers also stock certain items that they've picked up along their travels throughout RuneScape that you are able to buy. The Port Phasmatys charter ship departs to Brimhaven (3,650gp), Catherby (3,250gp), Karamja (1,850gp), Port Sarim (2,050gp), Shipyard (1,850gp), and the Tyras Camp (3,200gp). To halve the cost of these charter ships, wear a ring of charos (a).

After you have worshiped the Ectofuntus, you may talk to them to collect your Ecto-tokens. They will also give a history on the Ectofuntus and help you out with worshiping it if you are a beginner. Compare supermarkets and save money with mySupermarket. Shop for groceries, household, health & beauty and more. Online, or in-store. Its FREE Talk to Velorina in her house just northwest of the north entrance to the docks to start the very helpful and rewarding Ghosts Ahoy quest.The furnace in Port Phasmatys is directly across from the bank. This is one of the best furnaces to smelt at in RuneScape for distance from a bank. Come here if you have a lot of smelting to do. The only downside is that the doors close a lot.

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  1. Directly west of the bank and southwest of the furnace, this serves as the same purpose as any other range in the game.
  2. On the stretch of the dock leading north from the location east of the bank, you will find a ghost captain to the east on a small dock connecting to the main dock. He will take you to Dragontooth Island for a fee of 25 Ecto-tokens. This particular island plays a part in the Ghosts ahoy! and Rocking Out quests.
  3. g shop - Fishing spot - Furnace - General store - Mini The furnace in Port Phasmatys is directly across from the bank. This is one of the best furnaces to smelt..
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  6. They only offer togo to 3 different places and they are Brimhaven, Port Khazard, and Catherby. From one of those locations can I charter to Phasmatys
  7. This man is a trader from the eastern lands. Not much is known of him, however he takes part in the Ghosts Ahoy quest. He will sell you Bolt Racks used for Karil's Crossbow from the Barrows Activity.

Even though you cannot buy drinks, there is a Brewery located in the basement. It is one of the only two in the game. If you have a pot and 5 Ecto-tokens, you can buy Ale Yeast from Metarialus. You can read more about this place in the Brewing guide.A bit of history. Remember at the beginning of the guide when you were told that the Vampyres were after the citizens? Well, the Ectofuntus pretty much kept them away. Necrovarus had his followers dig a hole until they found some ectoplasm. He then had a temple built over the slime pool, and then a fountain shrine which we know as the Ectofuntus. The power of the Ectofuntus kept away the Vampyres, but it also killed the citizens and turned them all to ghosts, instead of letting them pass to the next world. This turned the town into the unfortunate settlement we know of today.Located inside the Green Ghost Inn, this man does not sell beer due to the pumps drying up. Instead, during the Ghosts Ahoy quest, he will give you a bedsheet. That bedsheet is part of the quest, and is also what I am wearing in some of the pictures in this guide. Jayce McCormick. Port Phasmatys. 7 years ago 7 years ago. Another tune inspired by the gameRuneScape, I felt an odd sense of inspiration by a location in the game called Port Phasmatys (Fass-mat-iss)

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  1. Just north of the city and out of it's gates, there is a Summoning Obelisk for you to recharge your points. This is useful because players who use the Ectophial will appear just south of the obelisk. They can simply recharge their points and walk to the bank to continue their trip.
  2. Note: Brewing yeast is used in a later task, so hold onto it. M4. Head to the basement of the pub in Port Phasmatys. There you will find the brewery. Simply use your ingredients on the brewer along with the ale yeast and task complete
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  4. Take the ship to port phasmatys, then go southwest where you'll find a hole and bunch of rocks. You do not have to go Port Phasmatys to smelt steel bars. You can do it anywhere as long as the furnace is near a bank, however, the furnace is right next to the bank at the port
  5. Walk to port Khazard Buy 1 swamp paste in the general store It's possible that the store is bought out and you can't Phasmatys/Canifis Start ghosts ahoy Grind 9 d bones and offer them, get ecto tokens Finish OSRS How do I change my appearance? Oldschool Runescape Ironman guide By OzirisRS
  6. By Bonbloc Animal Magnetism - OSRS 2007 - Easy Old School Runescape Quest Guide Deadman Mode Live Commentary PKing 6 Easy Ways To Earn a Bond in F2P Top 10: Items You Should Get

Bill Teach is the start of the Cabin Fever quest. He has two locations: Walking around the Green Ghost Inn, and on the deck of the ship that takes you to Mos Le'Harmless. He will also take you to and back from Mos Le'Harmless after the Cabin Fever quest.This guy is the start point of the Rum Deal quest located on the dock north of the city with the Braindeath Island boat. He is also the brother of Party Pete and Postie Pete. Interesting fact, on one of Pirate Pete's birthdays, the Party Room balloons were swapped with cannonballs. Whenever he takes you to Braindeath Island, you get a pounding headache for some reason... Follow us on Facebook for the most current tap list, brewery information.. Upon completion of the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you will receive an Ectophial. If you right click your Ectophial and choose the option 'Empty', you will be teleported to Necrovarus' temple. Use your now empty vial with the Ectofuntus to refill it. The Ectophial will break if dropped. If you lose or break it, go back to Velorina to get a new one.

Link: Features: - Multi Location for smelting (Falador, Al Kharid, Port Phasmatys) - Supports smelting of every bar, and can do cannonballs - Ring of forging support. Withdraws them from your bank and equips them If you have done the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you will be rewarded with an Ectophial. This is a one-click teleport and upon use will teleport you in the building containing the Ectofuntus. It will automatically walk you through to refill if you do not lag. More information on that can be found later in the guide.To worship the Ectofuntus, you will need a bucket of slime and a pot of ground bones of the type you will use. To collect your Ecto-tokens, talk to or right click and select "Collect" on one of the Ghost Disciples. More information on the Ectofuntus and how to use it can be found in the Ectofuntus guide.

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Many of Oldschool Runescape's towns and cities, from Port Phasmatys to Lleyta, are dead. This wouldn't necessarily be a problem in many other MMORPGs, where towns and cities merely act as hubs fo Kodumaised käsitööõlled alates aastast 2011 The Green Ghost is a bar located north of the bank and west of the docks. You cannot buy anything here because most of the citizens are ghosts and do not require drinks. Over time, the pumps have run dry. This bar plays a pretty big role in the Ghosts Ahoy quest.Located in the bank, he has the same functions as a normal banker. You can use the bank without wearing your Ghostspeak Amulet but you will always get a message beforehand. You will not be able to understand what he is saying without wearing the amulet.Charter ships are also an option. This is a very good idea if you are visiting the city for the first time. You will not have to pay in Ecto-tokens. If you have your Bedsheet from Ghosts Ahoy quest in your inventory, you will not be able to take it on the ship going from the city.

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219. RuneScape Timeline | Classic → RS2 → OSRS. From bare bones Classic, to prime RS2, to the dark days of E.. The bank is located southwest of the docks. You do not need a quest to access it, nor do you need a Ghostspeak amulet. Wearing a Ghostspeak amulet makes it faster by eliminating the message you get when you click on the bank. Wearing the amulet would be a good idea if you are training Smithing because of the close furnace across from the bank, or training Firemaking due to the long stretch of road outside of the bank.If you've played the Trouble Brewing Activity, you have the option of exchanging your pieces of eight for either a red or blue bottle of rum. When you drink this rum, you will be teleported to the Trouble Brewing Activity. They cost 2 pieces of eight. From there, head west and into the gates of the town to Bill Teach's ship to be taken to Port Phasmatys. There is no difference between the Red and Blue Rum except for the message you automatically say when you drink it. Like most teleports, this will not work beyond level 20 Wilderness. CHIBIS Brewery. chibisbrewery@mail.ru To the very east stretch of the docks, you will find a ship. When you board it you will find Bill Teach walking about the deck waiting to take you to Mos Le'Harmless. You may only sail to this place after completing the Cabin Fever quest.

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  2. There is only one general store in the city. This seems to be the only location where goods are sold (not including the Charter Ship's store).
  3. PORT_PHASMATYS. public static final WebBankArea PORT_PHASMATYS
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  6. Talk to Pirate Pete north of the city on the dock where you take the boat to Braindeath Island to start the Rum Deal quest.
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- Port Phasmatys brewery. Castlewars - Castle Wars for the Saradomin team We cater to the home brewing market and small scale commercial beer market. Available is a very large variety of ingredients from the most acclaimed destinations along with a range of modern brewing equipment, supplies and systems not to mention a host of dispensing equipment options that are.. ●1300 coins (to charter to Port Phasmatys from Port Sarim). ●Ectophial (if you completed Ghosts Ahoy). ●If you haven't been in Morytania yet, bring Varrock teleport. Note: Port Phasmatys will only be accessible with two additional tokens, so take extra materials with you

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ECW Computers New Port Richey. business services. Company: Nepolos Investors Group, Los Angeles. Available 500L/1000L/2000L/4000L Customized brewery equipment in DGET manufacturerAvailable 500L/1000L/2000L/4000L Customized brewery equipment in DGET.. Port Phasmatys is a small coastal town located to the far east of the swamp region of Morytania, to the very far northeast of the RuneScape realm of Gielinor, and east of Canifis. The town is populated by ghost characters, and a ghostspeak amulet is needed to talk to the majority of the inhabitants Кадры из видео Secrets of Port Phasmatys - OSRS Commentary Runescape - Port Phasmatys. מאת AAESCHYLUS. מידע על בתוספת עבור Runescape - Port Phasmatys. תאריך עדכון. ספט' 7, 2010 The ectophial is a reward for completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Players can empty it, causing them to be teleported to the Ectofuntus outside Port Phasmatys. Once the player teleports, he/she will automatically refill it if you do not interrupt the action by clicking elsewhere

The most popular OSRS bot since 2006, with tonnes of scripts. Supported Banks Pottery: Crafting Guild, Barbarian Village Spinning: Crafting Guild, Seers' Village, Lumbridge castle, Barbarian Village Jewellery: Edgeville, Al'Kharid, Port Phasmatys, Neitiznot Tanning: Crafting Guild, Al'Kharid Other.. Port Phasmatys is a members only town; to enter you must have started the Ghosts Ahoy quest. The port does not get much traffic, besides from the occasional player on a quest, but it is a good place to train Prayer and to smelt bars. In addition, you must wear an Amulet of Ghostspeak to talk to any ghost residents of the port. You must be wearing the amulet to quickly access the bank, but can communicate without it in most cases. Port phasmatys is in morytania u can take a charter boat there in port sarim u will probably need... Previously Viewed. clear. On rune scape where is port phasmatys? Unanswered Questions Port Phasmatys is a city accessible only by members and is located at the very northeast of Runescape's mainland. It is majorly inhabited by ghosts. The walls and scenery glow with a green ectoplasmic substance. Do not be fooled by its normal in-city features such as the third closest furnace to a bank, or it's cooking range, or the seemingly normal docks. This city is very, very out of the ordinary.

Port Phasmatys (pronounced Faz-mat-iss[1]) is a small coastal town located to the far east of the swamp region of Morytania, to the very far north-east of the RuneScape realm of Gielinor, and east of Canifis. The town is especially notable for the Ectofuntus directly north of its gates, its brewery (one.. Welcome to the Gritchie Brewing Company. We make beer that honours our surrounding landscape and reflects traditional brewing methods Located just south of the northern entrance and east of the western entrance, this marketplace does not have a very fit stock. The only real excitement is a ghost known as Gravingas holding a protest against Necrovarus. A worldwide collaboration Brewed to support hospitality professionals. There is an inextricable link that binds together everyone in the hospitality industry. Brewers, servers, bartenders, bussers, dishwashers, GMs, buyers, chefs, owners—we are all in this together News Events Locations Shop mrc Brewery. Mikkeller is first and foremost a world of beer - showcasing all possible styles and ingredients, this is a universe whose endless possibilities include hops, malt, barrel aging, spontaneous fermentation, liquorice, coffee, passion fruit, cherries, chili, chocolate, and..

As I recall, before doing Ghost's ahoy, you need to pay a fee of ecto-tokens to enter the little city, my thought was the only way to enter before doing the quest was via charter ships, but... there's no option to port phasmatys. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] Soo.. how do I get in Custom404. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR. YOUR YEARS OF. LOYALTY. - THANK YOU - Mundar Port : Vessel Schedule. Vessels at Berth

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  1. Please click FlippingOldschool's video for more details on the top 10 OSRS money making methods 2019, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video The closest bank is in Falador, and there is also a deposit box in Port Sarim. Or, alternatively, you can take the boat to the Corsair Cove
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npower is a leading supplier of gas and electricity for residential and business customers. Compare our cheap energy tariffs online and find out more To keep the monastery as valuable to future generations as it is to us, we have incorporated a number of sustainability features into the design, construction, and operation of the brewery Ghost Villagers can be found wandering around any part of the city. They are rather impolite when you talk to them and insist that you do not bother or talk to them at all.Droalak plays a part in the Making History quest. If you talk to him after the quest, his soul will be free and he will disappear from the game forever.

Port Phasmatys. The Amulet of Ghostspeak is not required to talk to the ghosts in the town Swamp Crabs are aggressive monsters that look like harmless swampy logs while disguised, but attack when walked by in an identical fashion to Rock Crabs. They are found in the swamps directly south of Port Phasmatys and the eastern area of Slepe. If players cast bloom while fighting, their..

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  1. Port Phasmatys is a city accessible only by members and is located at the very northeast of Port Phasmatys. By: Twist of Fate. Special Thanks to: Desireful, Egghebrecht, Eval Riz, mith, Rachel Even though you cannot buy drinks, there is a Brewery located in the basement. It is one of the only..
  2. Toggle navigation. The App Brewery. More Courses
  3. Today we take a look at a ton of topics such as: - Mysteries of Port Phasmatys, including the Ectophial, Bedsheet, Staff of the Dead, and Dragontooth Island..

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  1. These two people act as employees for part of Trader Stan's Charter Ship crew. They serve as a store and mode of transportation to other Charter Ship ports.
  2. The Ectofuntus is probably one of the most popular reasons people come here. It is located north and outside of the north gates of the city. It is a place for you to train prayer, get those Ecto-tokens that you've been hearing about this entire guide, and offers a safe spot of teleportation giving access to the city.
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Some people are worried, however, about the future of pub signs; the big breweries, who own most of Britain's pubs, have begun standardizing some of their outlets, and replacing the old names with standard ones, such as the Harvester, frequently with no pictorial sign Finalmente recibiras los ectotokens que sirven para entrar a Port Phasmatys y para algunas quest. hola yo queria saver si los hecto sirven para algo aparte de las quest y entrar en port. algo asi como los token normales del fog. gracias a y si se pueden cambier por algo diganme donde » Runescape City Guides » Port Phasmatys. Introduction. Port Phasmatys is a members only town - Bank - Brewery - Cooking range - Farming shop - Fishing spot - Furnace - General store - Mini The furnace in Port Phasmatys is directly across from the bank. This is one of the best furnaces to smelt.. Why not stop by and pick up some Crowlers from your friendly neighborhood brewery? #rtrbrew #sierramadre #craftbrewery #sgv #pasadena #arcadia I'll make it its own option for now but maybe we should consider consolidating this with swapPay, swapTravel, or even a new option for combining gates/fees in general (like Port Phasmatys; I would say Al-Kharid but paying the toll is the default option already in OSRS this seems to be handled..

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Ecto-tokens are the currency of Port Phasmatys. They can be used to purchase access to the city (2 ecto-token to pass) before the Ghosts Ahoy quest Unless you need the bolt racks, then the only real good use for the Ecto-Tokens is buying pots of yeast from the brewery located below the bar in Port.. These are the guardians of the Port Phasmatys walls. You need a Ghostspeak amulet to understand that you need to pay 2 Ecto-tokens to enter if you have not done the Ghosts Ahoy quest. Afterward, you will not need it.

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The Old Truman Brewery, once home to London's largest brewery, is now East London's primary destination for the public and creative businesses alike. Sensitive regeneration and investment has transformed over ten acres of derelict buildings into spectacular and flexible office retail, leisure.. Players who have started the Rum Deal quest may take a boat to Braindeath Island. The dock is located on the eastern shore outside of the city and north of the Ectofuntus. Be careful though, getting there can be very painful with Pirate Pete as your captain. Disinfection in Batumi Sea Port LTD. Due to the threat of the spread of new coronavirus COVID-19. On the eve of the International Women's Day, the port authorities congratulated women with spring holiday.. If you have unlocked the use of Fairy Rings, you may use Fairy Ring Code "ALQ" to teleport west of the city. This is however a very dangerous area filled with aggressive vampires and leeches. If you are not prepared to take some hits or heal with food, you should probably make sure you have full run on and make a dash. Port Phasmatys is located directly east. If you want to take the safe yet long way, use Fairy Ring Code "CKS" to be teleported west of Canifis. Walk east into the city, then just follow the path north and over through the Haunted Woods. It is a long walk but is definitely the safest. Total non-blocking throughput: up to 26 Gbps for 24-port models and up to 70 Gbps for 48-port models. Enterprise-Class Features. For high-capacity uplinks, each 48-port model includes two SFP+ ports for uplinks of up to 10 Gbps. Convenient PoE+ Support

Port Phasmatys. Location » linked to 0 games. One of the more unique locations in runescape, Port Phasmatys is a town filled with only ghosts The Ectofuntus is a great way to train Prayer. It is a bit slower way of training prayer than the Gilded Altar, but it offers more experience. For every bone you use, you will receive 4x the experience. If you have completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest, you can use the Ectophial to teleport back to the main ground so that you do not have to keep walking up and down, this makes your experience gain much faster.The furnace is located just north of the bank, across the road. It is a very popular location to train Smithing because it is the third closest furnace to a bank.

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The Strengthening of the Guilan Ports Business Interactions with the Port of Aktau is on the Agenda. PMO; Ready to Provide Appropriate Mechanisms for Anzali Port's Capacities Osrs Cooking Guide: Cooking is a skill that enables a person to cook raw food you could eat. Cooking goes hand in hand with all the Fishing ability as the player can cook the You need to take 4 pails and 16 apples to the cider barrel at among the breweries in Port or Keldagrim Phasmatys to make cider If you are after a more efficient, and cheap way to train your Prayer, this is the way to go. Worshipping one bonemeal and bucket of slime at the Ectofuntus will give you 4 times the original experience given by the bone. Bones that can be ground include: regular bones, big bones, burnt bones, Dragon bones, Babydragon bones, Ourg bones, Fayrg bones, Raurg bones, and Zogre bones. (OSRS) Pro Burner Built for OldScape by BloddyHarry. Supports 7 locations; Duel Arena, Draynor, Edgeville, Falador East, Fist of Guthix, Lunar Island, Port Phasmatys, Seer's Village, Varrock East, Varrock West, Yanille [PKHonor] Port Phasmatys Smither. By Owin, November 21, 2014 in Requests. With the new PKHonor updates for smithing. We should really get a Port Phasmatys smithing script. Preferably one that supports rune bars

For nearly 300 years, we have brewed in this place using only the finest local barley and choicest hops! With abundant local barley, fine water from the brewery well and access to markets up and down the coast, Belhaven was the perfect place for a brewery back then, and it still is today Necrovarus is located near the Ectofuntus. He came to Port Phasmatys from the eastern lands and established the Ectofuntus to protect the city from invading Vampyres. Sadly, he is also the reason that all of the citizens have died and their souls unable to pass. Some see Necrovarus as a tyrant. Though he may be, he is the only one protecting the city.

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-Habla con Ava (Busca la librería dentro de Draynor Manor para llegar hasta ella), y acepta su oferta de hacer de su casa un lugar mejor. Primero te pedirá que arregles su cama cogiendo algunos undead chickens de Port Phasmatys Located in the Green Ghost Inn, this man is one of the only humans in the city. He has a serious gambling problem, as you can see in his part of the Ghosts Ahoy quest.

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Secrets of Port Phasmatys - OSRS Commentary. AndrewAJT 4.345 views4 months ago. 4:17. OSRS: How to get ecto-tokens. Below 182.726 views5 year ago IP:Port Arizona Role Play | Brainburg 1000/1000 San Andreas Brewery & Tradition. Overview Our family brewery Visit Bitburger Our Home Our brewing friendships Runescape Hike Part 2 Prifddinas-Port Phasmatys — Смотреть на imperiya.by

There are two of these. One is at the rowboat that will take you to Dragontooth Island, and one is at an unusable boat at the far west stretch of the dock.But why are they ghosts? Well, Port Phasmatys was a largely prosperous port until Lord Drakan noticed them. He then sent his vampyre guards to collect blood from the citizens. Eventually when a man known as Necrovarus came from the unknown eastern lands, he discovered some ectoplasm below one of the buildings. He then discovered that it can be used to keep the vampyres at bay. Sadly, time passed and all of the citizens slowly became ghosts. You will need a Ghostspeak Amulet to communicate with the citizens but not to use the bank. We've brewed Pilsner Urquell in the same brewery using the same recipe for over 175 years. Today, we still insist on using traditional methods, like triple decoction and parallel brewing in wooden lagering barrels. It takes longer but means we never compromise on our taste Anheuser-Busch InBev World's largest brewer. Our Dream is to be the Best Beer Company Bringing People Together For a Better World

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Now get your flashlight, your anti-ghost charms, and most importantly your blanket and then prepare yourself for this wild guide! beloved audio port If you are a lower-leveled player or would just like to take the safe way, you can teleport to Canifis either by Fairy ring code: CKS or by the Kharyll teleport on the Ancient Magicks spellbook. This spell requires at least level 66 Magic, two Law, and one Blood rune. Port Phasmatys is along the road leading out of Canifis, leading east.These guys cannot take you anywhere, but you can have a conversation with them if you are wearing your Ghostspeak amulet. They will give you a bit of information on their trading economy.

הורדת Runescape - Port Phasmatys עבור Firefox. Runescape® - Port Phasmatys and Ectofuntus. מהי רמת שביעות רצונך מהשימוש ב־Runescape - Port Phasmatys? יש להתחבר כדי לדרג ערכת נושא זו. אין דירוגים עדיין Findaport.com provides online port information, port data & database and maritime data. It allows you to search for shipping terminals, tanker, cargo & container ports & terminals worldwide. A Shipping Guides Ltd product, publisher of Guide to Port Entry and Guide to Tanker Ports Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore is committed to the responsible consumption of alcohol. You need to be over the legal drinking age in the country that you reside to enter the site

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Švyturys nuo 1784 metų iki šių dienų.. Мини-пивоварня. COVEN Brewery. Москва

Melina plays a part in the Making History quest. She is admired by Droalak. After you give her a Sapphire Necklace in the quest, her soul will be set free and she will disappear from the game forever. North of Port Phasmatys. Head to the fishing spot south of the main brewery and catch 5 of the Sluglings. Now go to the pressure valve on the top floor. Put them in and pull the lever

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