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"Asking someone 'Where are you from?' is great because it's a simple and natural way to begin to ask someone about themselves. Any question that is open ended will work because everyone has a different answer and there is no right or wrong answer. It can become exciting if you both realize you are from the same place or like the same things." — Simon Marcel Badinter, radio personality and relationship expertFind out how they view themselves, and don’t forget to ask follow-up questions about each of the words they chose."People love to be seen as useful and if you ask someone interesting for advice, you've got an instant conversation starter and a topic of conversation to boot. For instance, if you're shopping ask them what they think of a color or a fit because the person you're buying for is about their size or you want a man's or woman's opinion." — April Masini, relationship and etiquette expert and author of the Ask April advice columnI’m willing to bet they have no idea, and you probably don’t either. Heck, even I don’t. Now you can count them up and compare. And probably be surprised at how many apps you have on your phone.

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The Ultimate Guide to Small Talk: Conversation Starters, Powerful

“All of them” is a totally viable answer, but this is a good steppingstone into talking about the topic in general as well as some of the newer holidays that seem to be popping up. Small Talk: How to Start a Conversation, Truly Connect with Others and Make a Killer First Impression (Conversationalist Book 1). If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Start reading How to Make Small Talk on your Kindle in under a.. You: “Hey, how is that job search going?” Joe: “I’m off the hunt! I just got hired at a new place last week!”Whether it’s hiking or just sitting on the porch, the dawn of spring is always a pleasant time of year.Quick note: Meeting new people and improving the quality of your relationships is a skill that can be developed. To learn more, check out this course that can help you massively boost your confidence at work and home.

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12 ways to avoid awkward small talk and have real conversations. Multiple Quora users indicated that one of the best ways to start an interesting conversation is to find something the other person is excited about So much warm and delicious things to eat and drink in winter, it’s pretty hard to decide. Don’t feel like you have to choose just one!"Most people enjoy trivia, facts, and riddles and they're also a good way to keep the conversation going over an extended period of time. You can drop in and ask someone 'What are the only 3 countries that start with J?' [Jordan, Japan, Jamaica] or 'How many state capitals are west of LA?' [Six. I wouldn't believe it either until I saw a map] or 'What starts with "e" and ends with "e" and contains only 1 letter?' [envelope]. Then circle back with them later to see if they have an answer. They'll be thinking about it—and you—all evening." — Hunt EtheridgeIf done correctly, making small talk with someone can lay the foundation for a potential relationship with this person.

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Some people care a lot about fashion, some don’t, and some care a lot but pretend that they don’t. Which one are they? Глава: Small Talk: Conversation Starters. ВУЗ: ЧГУ. Small Talk: Conversation Starters. Talking about the weather. Beautiful day, isn't it? Can you believe all of this rain we've been having

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This is because many people feel a lot of pressure when being asked to share an opinion on something when they don’t already know where the other person stands. Consider these two scenarios: Or you're picking up a vendor from reception and you've got 3 minutes to fill before you reach the meeting room where the proper talk can begin? How do you break the ice without it sounding forced or fake? I've put together 28 small talk conversation starters to get you through those difficult pauses ESL Conversation Questions. Speaking is a skill that teachers want their students to develop, one of the ways to improve their speaking skills is by asking Teacher can reduce teacher talking time since students are the ones doing the interaction. Teacher can make contributions to the conversation but.. This is a great way to connect to new people, and with such an open-ended question, they have the room to take it wherever they want.

57 Killer Conversation Starters So You Can Talk to Anyon

  1. "My favorite way of starting a conversation is to say, 'Okay, I've got a dumb joke, not a good joke, just a dumb joke for you.' People are usually more receptive to dumb jokes because it doesn't require much effort and they don't have to worry about not getting it. Need an example? What does a fish say when it runs into a concrete wall? Dam!" — Hunt Etheridge, dating and relationship expert 
  2. Some people like to know when they get something wrong, and some definitely don’t. Are you one of the people that gets annoyed when someone corrects you about food, or do you appreciate being corrected?
  3. Everybody likes sharing and complaining about what annoys them. Now you can find out what weird quirks annoy them.

This one probably depends a lot on their favorite sport, and the season it’s played in. Or they might just be super into sports. Or they might not like sports. But if they don’t like sports, then why are you talking to them about sports?Maybe it's that glass of wine before dinner or taking a 15-minute break for a cat nap during the workday."Many people think they have nothing in common with a stranger but if someone is at a grocery store, restaurant or bar they are there for a reason—one which is likely similar to yours. You're both there so you both share a common interest. Ask questions to find out what that interest is. For instance, ask about what their experience at that venue has been like or why they chose it." — Shannon Battle, licensed professional counsellorYou will likely find some common ground here, whether its that you both have an older sister or your parents grew up in the same town.Keeping all of these small talk ideas in mind, what are some things that you definitely want to avoid while engaging in small talk?

If you haven’t heard of strangely themed restaurants, boy howdy are you in for a roller coaster. Just Google it, people go buck wild with restaurant themes. Feb 19, 2017 - Small Talk: Conversation Starters | EnglishClub. This page will teach you how to make small talk in English conversation. For ESL learners. Reconnect with your spouse each night with these fun PILLOW TALK questions This is another unique get-to-know-you question that will take people by surprise. But if you think about it, the answer offers you a good peek into their life.You can also use your body language to express your boredom. Looking at your watch, checking your messages and pretending that someone else has caught your attention are all indications that you are bored to death.

How to Use Small Talk in Conversation

These conversations starters are sure to get any child's inner chatter box talking. Just start asking, and watch the conversation unfold! 44. Have you ever told a small fib so as not to hurt someone's feelings? 45. Are you good at tongue twisters Never struggle to make small talk again with these go-to conversation starters and conversation topics. Helping questions are great conversation starters because when a person helps you it forms natural bonds. When you help another person to figure what an item is on the buffet or locate.. Whether small talk is something you enjoy or not, it is undeniably an integral component of any social interaction. The gateway to “big talk,” small talk opens the door to deeper conversation and is necessary for getting to know someone and building rapport.

37 Conversation Starters That Make You Instantly Interestin

The key to relevant small talk that will allow you to get to know and bond with the other person is what I like to call The Three S’s of Socializing:The prospect of having these short conversations can lead to anxiety as you try to straddle saying enough while not saying the wrong thing.

Learn how to improve your basic conversation skills and engage in pleasant small talk for more positive face-to-face interactions in this simple, visually engaging guide The answers to this one vary a lot from person to person. And it’s a great one to find out if they are spur of the moment or more methodical.This one is pretty debatable. The case could be made for plenty of sports. Give this question a go and see if you both agree.This one can get quite personal and sometimes tragic. So just a heads up, you might want to save this one for when you know the person well.Chatting with people you don’t want to talk to or discussing cliché topics like weather again and again can be really intimidating.

Small Talk - Entering Conversations. از کانال موسسه افق ارتباط بین‌المللی باران This page and the page “Questions to get to know someone” are also available en español as a merged page.This can definitely get political, so fair warning you may want to avoid this one if you don’t want to get into a conversation about politics and regulation.Talking about your profession can be tricky, however, because you don’t want the conversation to turn into a boring explanation of what you both do as you watch each other's eyes glaze over.wow a very good article, add my insight, I always dreamed of speaking with english language, because I want to have an acquaintance of strangers, I would learn over and over until it can be

There is a lot of promising tech fields that seem like they are just on the horizon. So which ones are you looking forward to? And perhaps which make you a little uneasy? You have troubles making real English conversations? You want to improve your Spoken English quickly? You are too busy to join in any English Listening is THE KEY to better English speaking. The more REAL English conversations you listen to, the more fluent you will become, to be sure While this idle chit chat doesn't convey important ideas or engage your analytical mind, that doesn't mean it's not important. It serves a social function of bonding over information.

People love to talk about the places they've visited. Ask your conversation partner about her favorite places to travel and what she recommends doing while there. This might help spark your interest for your next vacation. Small Talk Guide. Want to improve your conversation skills in English? Start with my FREE guide! When you download the guide, you will join my email community so I can help you put the guidance into practice. That means I'll send you weekly emails with stories, advice, and useful resources that will.. Add to favorites Featured in: Home Magazine48 Questions That’ll Make Awkward Small Talk So Much Easier Small talks can become boring in a matter of minutes. Partaking in such conversations is a terrible experience. Learning how to use small talk used in English conversation lesson. Examples for weather, weekend, family, sports, films, people. What will I learn from the lesson on English small talk. During this lesson you will learn some of the more common ways to make conversation with friends, family and.. Fun in the sun or ummm.. furlough in the snow? There is probably a better rhyme than that, but for now, furlough will have to do. So, which is their jam, snow skiing or water skiing?

48 Questions That'll Make Awkward Small Talk So Much Easie

Best Conversation Starters and Interesting Small Talk Topics

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This question is definitely unique. You’ll have to judge the situation and who you are talking to in order to see if this question is a good fit for the situation. It can be fun, though.Feel free to transition this one into books made from movies, movies adapted from books, or just a general conversation about books or movies.

Always fun to follow up on the question by watching the video they thought was funny. I’m sure you’ve got a few funny videos to share as well.This one is kind of a heavy one, so you might not want to drop it to start a conversation with someone you just met. Or maybe that’s your jam, you do you.

If you are talking to someone for the first time, figure out what kind of food he loves instead of asking him to explain meaning of life.These kinds of conversations happen between people who aren't particularly close to each other — such as two guests at a dinner party or a coworker on the elevator.

Small Talk Conversation Starters — Conversation Starters

  1. Ending a Conversation 24. Leave-taking
  2. Whichever way they choose to answer will probably lead to a pretty interesting conversation about the merits and failures of several TV shows.
  3. You can now avoid awkward small talk when networking or talking with co-workers with these unique small talk questions and conversation starters. So, to combat these incredibly boring conversations, I started asking people unexpected, thought-provoking questions that couldn't be..
  4. Whether it triggers a bittersweet memory or is just a sad song, most folks have a song that chokes them up a bit.
  5. Now that you know some good topics to talk about for small talk discussions, let's drill down to some unique questions you can incorporate into the conversation to make it less mundane.
  6. This one can get into a really deep conversation about technology and society. Or not. It depends on how the conversation flows. Either way I’m sure you’ll be able to get into a good conversation with this one.
  7. Small Talk: Conversation Starters Talking about the weather * Beautiful day, isn't it? * Can you believe all of this rain we've been having? * It looks like it's going to snow

Read How To Talk To People: 25 Small Talk Conversation Starters To Relate And Tips On How To These are great suggestions! I am pretty quiet and shy and just met someone and find myself thinking of OMG, what are we going to talk about, so some of these would be great. We are going on a date and I will surely use some of these! Fingers crossed!!"Walk up to someone and tell them you need them to settle a bet between you and your friend. For instance, say 'Can I get your help with something? You see, my friends and I have this bet going on and we need an outside perspective. My friend says that the moon is its own planet. I say that the moon isn't its own planet.' Now, obviously the moon isn't a planet. Everyone should know that including this stranger you just asked. But it gives you a great in to start a conversation." — Chris Seiter, author of Ex-Boyfriend RecoveryOn the other hand, work and school top the list when you actually listen what people actually talk about. People spend a lot of time at school and office. Most often, people are really passionate about what they do.

I love these conversation tips! I feel that on many occasions, small talk can be difficult. I oten can end up using the regular “where are you from?” / “what do you do?” questions. I think it’s a super good idea to have tested conversational jewels in your back pocket to keep you from boring your audience."Ask someone 'What is something I would have never guess about you?' This is a good starter because everyone likes to feel unique and their answer will reveal a little more than they might have initially been willing to give away. It's a little intimate but not too much." — Rochelle Peachey, dating and relationship expert and founder of I Love Your AccentIn other words, people who are genuinely interested in getting to know others are (unsurprisingly) much more likely to develop mutual feelings of closeness with new people through small talk. And after all, getting to know people and bonding with them is the entire point of socializing.

7 English Small Talk Topics for Starting Friendly Conversations

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With this one, you might learn about a hidden talent, or perhaps a hobby you didn’t know about. Both can be the beginning of an excellent conversation.If you have a birthday or are celebrating someone else’s birthday, I always ask these to get the conversation going:Whether you were expecting to be with this person or not, you're now stuck in the moment trying to come up with small talk topics but struggling to know exactly what to say.

The most important English small talk phrases

10 Best and Worst Small Talk Topic

So, I had to make this one a bit vague, but it can lead to an interesting conversation about recent events. And you might just hear about something you didn’t know happened. Just make sure to steer clear of politics. Small talks can become boring in a matter of minutes. Partaking in such conversations is a terrible experience. Chatting with people you don't want to talk to or discussing Prepare yourself before attending in any meeting or party. Find some deep and really thought provoking conversation starters Sometimes it may come as a complete surprise that your conversation partner was the class clown, the jock, or a bookworm who spent most of the time in the library.So many flavor possibilities. I want spicy ice cream. I know it’s probably out there; I just haven’t run across it yet.

Small Talk Conversation Starters Monster

These are interesting conversation starters that'll help you avoid mind-numbing small talk. This is a really weird and out-there conversation starter/icebreaker, but this question is my go-to: If you were stranded on an island with your pet but there was no food and no hope of rescue in the near future.. Have you ever felt stuck making small talk in social situations? SGI fully understands the delicacies with this and have some great example to use. Here are some useful Small talk examples below, to help those people that find it difficult to chat about topics outside of real business Who doesn’t like listening to or telling a hero story? I’m sure it will lead to an interesting story. Even if it isn’t about them, and just about someone they know who saved an animal or person’s life.One of my pet peeves when looking up small talk and conversation topics is the mind-blowing number of articles a reader can unearth listing “the best random small talk/conversation topics.”

Short dialogues 3. Practical conversations They are getting better and better, but are they getting better in the way you want them to? What features would you like to see in the next round of phones?Sometimes they even fall in love with fictional characters or their favorite players. These topics never get boring or irritating.Phones, it’s often a love-hate relationship. Now you can both complain about your phones. Together! Small talk usually leads the conversation as a way for both interviewer and interviewee to get a bit more comfortable. So be ready for some idle chit-chat with your interviewer as a For conversation starters, Fine recommends open-ended questions like What keeps you busy outside of work

How to Make Small Talk in 5 Easy Ways Personal Excellenc

  1. This one is pleasant because they get to talk about their successes. And even if they are humble, they probably still enjoy having their successes recognized.
  2. Similar to the perfect weekend question, this question tries to get at what they really enjoy doing so that you can both talk about that.
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  4. Stating opinions and observations about the situation and surroundings, followed by asking for a reciprocating opinion, is a natural way to make meaningful small talk.
  5. This is a little deeper than the normal sports question. But it can lead to an interesting conversation about human nature with a bit of a sports spin.
  6. What happens whеn you fееl оvеrѕtrеtсhеd? When it ѕееmѕ likе thе world iѕ weighing dоwn оn уоu, …

225 Conversation Starters for Any Situation - Gifts

Is it school, friends, family, the internet? We pull information from lots of sources. Which do you think is the best source for good information?Both are pretty amazing, and both have some really good things going for them. But probably you and the person you are talking with have a strong preference one way or the other. Small Talk. Greetings. Weather (1). Declining an Invitation to a Party (2). Ending a Conversation. Leave-Taking

Small Talk Conversation Examples Grammarl

This one is always a fun one to ask. Sometimes the person has to think a while, and sometimes they already have it lined up. But however long it takes them to answer, the answer is usually a really good one.We’ve talked about using small talk to lead in to a deeper conversation and/or “checking in” on the topic of the last conversation. But sometimes the person you’re talking to or the circumstances of the conversation simply aren’t compatible with those methods.

If you think you might have said something out of line, be sure to quickly repair the damage by saying something like, “I said the wrong thing here, and I apologize. Let's talk about something else.”Being honest makes you more authentic and charming and will force other speaker to talk about more interesting topic. Small talk conversation starters play an important role here, because they get the dialogue going. Equipped with a good understanding of the art of Small talk conversation starters that work well, all share three key traits. Grasp these traits and you'll find it easy to come up with your own small talk..

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“It's a nice day, don't you think?” “Looks like you brought the beautiful weather with you.” “Do you know when it's supposed to clear up?” Small talk just isn't easy for everyone! Here are seven easy tips to help you feel less awkward, and more charming Conversational treasures are everywhere if you listen for them. These are what I like to call gems that people throw casually into conversation The stating and asking of opinions in this way not only helps you get to know the other person (and the other person get to know you), but it also promotes rapport-building and bonding.One such solution is to ask thought provoking, fun and unexpected questions which others can’t answer in simple yes or no.Or, if you are at an event, say something positive about the food that invites a response. For example, “The wedding cake is gorgeous. What flavor do you think it is?” or “Have you tried the crab cakes? They are the best I have ever had!”

Continuing the Conversation with Neutral Small Talk Topic

  1. ds as well.
  2. Talking about work is a natural conversation starter because most everyone has had a career or is currently working.
  3. Socializing/small talk. Social trends. Relationships. Talking about success (PDF). Hurry,rush collocations with vocabulary and speaking exercise (PDF). Sentence Starters. Expressing yourself (PDF)
  4. Sure, this one is good for a general conversation starter, but what is really nice is being able to get some ideas on what works well and is generally awesome to have.

Small talk is the polite (and sometimes shallow) conversations you have during social interactions. When you engage in small talk, you generally address unimportant and Talking about work is a natural conversation starter because most everyone has had a career or is currently working Loads of random conversation questions which are ideal for small talk or as icebreakers. These questions will help your students get used to each other Whoops back into negative territory, while it can lead to a good conversation, just be cognizant of how the conversation might turn with this question.The answer to these questions will help you to determine whether it’s appropriate to take your conversation to a deeper level or whether you should end the conversation and move on to someone else. Keep in mind that sticking with small talk only may be the safer route the first time or two you encounter someone. Depending on the person, deeper conversation may not occur until they are more comfortable with you, which may not happen until they’ve spent more time (and had more small talk) with you.Bright and modern, dim and cozy, more like a bar, lots of kitsch? Restaurant décor comes in almost as many flavors as food. So, what do you and they like the most? Or the least?

An earlier question talked about annoying habits; now it’s time to get gross with it and find out what disgusts them.*Note: As a rule of thumb, it is usually best to refrain from asking about the status of people’s romantic relationships (and children!) until they bring it up themselves. You never know what someone may be going through, and this rule prevents you from finding yourself dealing with the awkwardness of accidentally bringing up a sensitive subject. Small talk topics can include anything from celebrity gossip to arts and entertainment. Here is a list of the best and Learning to make small talk can help to build your confidence so that you can start conversations, make Arts and entertainment topics that are good conversation starters includ

Look for Exciting Stories

This one isn’t a competition. But it is great for finding good books. If they finished the whole thing, it must have been good!This one can lead to an excellent conversation because everyone has an opinion, and all the opinions are on a sliding scale. There is definitely a limit on what someone will consider a sport. Small talk is pleasant conversation about common interests. Why Is Small Talk Difficult for Some English Learners? While you may believe in something very strongly, beginning conversations and making small talk about your own personal convictions may abruptly end the conversation Note: Many of these conversation topics require an existing knowledge of the other person and his/her life. This is why we recommend first using small talk to get to know someone. Learning ESL conversations is one of the hardest parts of learning to speak English. This is unlike learning grammar or vocabulary where you can sit down and learn it by reading books and studying

Pure speculation, but why not? Speculation is fun, and who knows, you or the person you are talking to might be right with your guesses.Which small talk or conversation topics are you most excited to try? Share your thoughts in the comments below!.q-blog-references .hidden{ display: none; } .q-blog-references .q_show_more { cursor: pointer; } Show references +This is another one of those questions that can get quite deep and philosophical quite quickly. So, make sure to take stock of the situation before busting this one out.

Small talk is a key to great communication and these small talk tips will help you with breaking the ice. Small talk takes practice and the more you practice the better you will get. These 4 conversation starters will help you feel comfortable the next time you decide to engage in a little small talk Even if you or the person you are talking to didn’t grow up in the age of Saturday morning cartoons, you both probably still have some beloved childhood cartoons.However, saying, “I’m so sorry to hear that. Lay-offs seem to be happening more and more often these days. How are you doing with all that?” is a way to express your concern for the person and let them know they did not make a mistake by confiding in you. Your expression of sympathy and question about their well-being shows your concern, and your statement about the frequency of lay-0ffs serves as a form of relatability. When small talk stalls out, it's often due to a phenomenon we call mirroring. In our attempts to be polite, we often answer people's questions Keil: Washing your chicken just splatters the bacteria everywhere. Go ahead, be bold. Upend the dinner table conversation! Turn small talk into big ideas..

Yes, talking about the weather seems dull, but it is a good neutral topic that everyone can relate to.I’ve got to say, if anyone starts a conversation with me by saying, “Tell me about you,” or asking, “What’s your story?” then that conversation is going nowhere. Those questions are incredibly anxiety-inducing, and I start looking for an exit when I hear them.

Another favorite of mine akin to the polar bear one is fat peguins. Just walk up to the person and say “Fat penguins”. When they look at you weird or ask you “What?” You look at them and say “Fat penguins. They’re a great way to break the ice.”There are all kinds of words and sayings from the past that have fallen out of use. It can be a lot of fun to dust them off and put them into modern sentences. If you both can’t think of any, there are plenty of lists online.

This one piggybacks on to the last question. We’ve all heard horror stories. Now it’s your turn share yours and to hear theirs.Although all small talk is conversation, not all conversation is small talk. Thus it is necessary to learn how to move out of the small talk phase and into the deeper conversation phase.4. “Have you ever been to this place before?” – Terrific starter if you like the location you’re at.Depending on what country you are both from the answers to this question vary a lot. Are you in the US? You might find most people haven’t left the country or have just been to one or two other countries. Asking in Europe? You’ll probably get a ton of travel stories about different countries.

16 Interesting, Better Small Talk Questions | Good Words

Small talk increases your confidence level by being able to engage people and make them feel like they've known you for years. Bottom line, the better you practice small talk, the better you get. Conversation Starters to Get the Party Poppin' Good conversation starters engage the other person and illicit a response. They relax those conversing and lead to longer and, perhaps, deeper conversational topics. 3 How to Start a Conversation with a Guy. 4 Funny Conversation Starters Another question that leads to a lot of fond memories and stories to tell, but also lets you know how hopeful of the future they are and what their ideal life would look like."Jokes work well because they are disarming and work on a biological level. If a woman laughs at a man's joke, he feels assured that she has a level of comfort with him. For her, laughing releases oxytocin, the 'bonding hormone.' These two things together create an opening for more conversation." — Dawn Maslar

Printable Dinner Conversation Starters | Skip To My Lou

Here, you could choose to continue the small talk route and say something like, “Oh okay, well I hope it gets cooler again for you! The forecast showed the temperature dropping again over the next few days.”Again, this will vary a lot based on who you are talking to and how they travel. But chances are they have pretty strong feelings about both questions.This can either be one when they were really young or when they were young adults. It’s another question to draw out some fond memories."My favorite conversation starters are something relevant yet funny. My favorite at an even is 'I just came here for the free Swedish meatballs, why are you here?' If I'm meeting someone knew I like 'You look really familiar. Did you and I attend the same private dinner at the White House with the Queen of England?'" — Nicole DiCristofaro, dating and relationship coach at InvitingRight.com

As with anything involved with technology, the use of technology in the classroom is hotly debated. Most want more, some want less. What kind of technology would you like to see put into the classroom, and is there any you would want to be taken out?This is a really broad topic with a lot of avenues to follow and can really lead to some excellent conversations.This one may or may not have the same answer as the previous question, so you might want to choose either this one or the previous one depending on the type of conversation you want to have.

"No one knows more about starting conversations than screenwriters. That's what we do: throw people together, usually strangers, and find a way to get them talking. So I can tell you the best conversation openers in movies are ones that ask a question, tease, and reveal some amazing (or weird) truth about yourself. My favorites are 'I'm working on something that'll change the world and human life as we know it!' from The Fly and 'Garbage. All I've been thinkin' about all week is garbage' from Sex, Lies and Videotape." — Murray Suid, screenwriter and cofounder of MobileMovieMaking.comSo many bad hotels out there. Get ready for some horror stories about gross stuff. Or you know, a tip about a sweet hotel you can try. It depends on how the conversation goes.There a lot of people who are REALLY into fantasy sports. If the person you are talking to is into it, they are more than happy to have a conversation about their team. Whether holidays usually end up being a big disaster or not, there is probably at least one holiday where their family goes all out.Whether it’s for comfort, style, or just an exceptionally clever or funny t-shirt, everyone has a favorite.

The best collection of conversation starters: What is your favorite food? What do you like to do to relax? If you could have any super power, what would it be... 101 Great Conversation Starters. (Also see How to Start a Conversation) Small talk isn't something to avoid- it's something you use to lead your way out of something. So if you're talking about the weather, move on to asking questions about something else. What are some good non-sequitur conversation starters to 'delve' into an interesting subject and avoid 'small talk' These get my mind going on which ones I’d like to be asked and what my answers would be! I’m a little nervous to try the going deep ones, but that comes with time! The next time I’m at an event where I’ll be meeting many new people, I’ll have a mental list going on which ones to try out and which ones do well 🙂

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