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  1. Sonos Playbar reviews, pros and cons. Liked: Easy as pie setup. SONOS platform is ideal for music lovers. Disliked: Only compatible with Dolby Digital
  2. Sonos has kept innovating and, a few years ago, introduced a TV sound system consisting of a sound bar called the Playbar and a subwoofer, the piecing selling for $699 each. I love my TV but not..
  3. Sonos PLAYBASE. Televisions have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and, truth be told, a The Sonos PLAYBASE is the latest piece of kit from the audio masters who have now firmly..
  4. Alibaba.com에서 최고의 가격으로 고품질의 Sonos Playbar 제조사 Sonos Playbar Alibaba.com은 10 SONOS playbar 상품을 제공합니다. 이중에서 [类⽬1比例]는 홈 시어터..
  5. Comprar a precio oferta SONOS PLAYBAR: Sonos ha puesto su punto de mira en el salón, incorporando a su gama de altavoces inalámbricos la barra de sonido Playbar
  6. Because there is only one optical audio input in the back, the simplest, most convenient way to set the soundbar up is to use the TV as the main audio HUB. This means that Consoles, Blu-Ray players, etc. are connected to the TV via HDMI, then the TV sends the audio signal of whatever is currently playing on the screen to the Sonos BAR via the optical cable.

Playbars built-in sensors will automatically orient the audio channels and adjust the EQs for the perfect sound. Six mid-woofers provide deep, rich low-frequency sounds.. The Sonos Playbar (Sonospeak for soundbar) can compete with other soundbars as a powered Unlike every other soundbar available, the $699 Sonos Playbar has a built-in.. This is really a trade of convenience and cleanliness of the design, versus audio performance and price. You can build a pretty darn good surround sound experience for a compelling price, if you don’t mind that 1/ there are wires everywhere and your living room looks like a mess 2/ you surround sound speakers don’t talk to your phone/iPod and don’t stream music. The cause is likely is a caveat that you should know about: in many cases, Sonos Bar will upmix audio coming from the TV.

Equally important, the Sonos Soundbar does not support DTS. This is due to the fact that TVs usually don’t support DTS to start with. However, if you were thinking of hooking up your BRay player directly to the soundbar, this won’t work. Sonos has confirmed that it won’t add support for DTS in the near future. I don’t know if the hardware can even support it anyway, but I doubt this this instance of the Sonos BAR will ever receive DTS support, so if this is critical for you, look elsewhere. Soundbar Sonos PlayBase. PlayBase, bardzo nietypowy soundbar, który jest przeznaczony głównie dla telewizorów nie zawieszonych na ścianie, za to ma służyć jako jego podstawa Review: SONOS PLAYBASE. The new baseline for TV sound. Photo Credit. The SONOS PLAYBASE delivers superlative design and usability, among the best of any soundbase we've tested..

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And in case you decide to go with the Playbar, make sure to get the wall mount. With the wall mount you can place the Playbar horizontally above or below your TV for a better sound performance. Sonos Speech Enhancement: PLAYBASE automatically sends dialogue directly to the centre channel where you can PLAYBASE. TV, movies and music you'll feel. From a speaker you'll hardly notice

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SoundBar Sonos PLAYBAR stále doručíme až domů, na pobočky i do AlzaBoxu. Veškeré informace o produktu. Vhodné příslušenství. Hodnocení a recenze Sonos.. Sonos (Multizone) Sonos PLAYBASE : The Sonos Platbase offers widescreen sound and music streaming for TVs on stands and furniture Two-in-one. Full-theatre sound for your TV The Sonos Playbar on the other hand has a different shape. It measures 900mm wide, 85mm deep and 140mm high, but it is a little lighter than the Playbase at 5.4kg

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Find Sonos Playbase in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually anywhere in Canada The Sonos Playbase speaker is designed to sit under a TV (credit: Sonos). According to Sonos executives, this problem was the inspiration behind the company's new Playbase speaker, which is.. The Sonos Playbar is cleverly designed and does great fake surround, but it's The Good The Sonos Playbar integrates the company's best-in-class digital music software into a.. Enter the Sonos PLAYBASE, completely redesigned to slip right underneath your flatscreen. When Sonos took the wraps off the PLAYBASE, much was made of the speaker's relatively low-key..

Product Review: The Playbar is part of Sonos' range of multi-room system speakers and is specifically designed to enhance your TV's sound Is the Sonos Playbar still relevant in 2019? Yes, the Sonos playbar still delivers great quality sound and can be paired with other Sonos speakers to create surround sound.. Top Rated Gear: Sonos PLAYBAR Home Theater Soundbar and Streaming Music Speaker, Works with Alexa MFR: PBAR1US1BLK. Channels: 2, Color: Black

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  1. Ieškai internetu pigiau? Sonos Playbase kainų palyginimas (pardavėjų 5), atsiliepimai. Palygink skirtingų parduotuvių kainas, surask pigiau ir sutaupyk
  2. Introductie Sonos Playbase. Net zoals de Playbar is de Playbase bedoeld als dubbele oplossing: hij verbetert het geluid van je televisie én het streamt alle mogelijke muziek
  3. The Sonos Playbase features ten class-D digital amplifiers, along with a ten-driver speaker system The Sonos Playbase is beautifully designed as the perfect sound-enhancing solution for your telly
  4. La PLAYBASE vous permet de vivre pleinement l'expérience des films, du sport, des émissions TV, des jeux vidéo et de la musique... si vos appareils sont raccordés à votre téléviseur, la PLAYBASE en..
  5. Sonos playbar wireless soundbar + guru wall mount services for soundbar + daiyo ta 5672 classic digital optical audio cable (2.0M)

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Sonos Playbase soundbar (hvítt). PLAYBASEWH. Er varan til í verslun nálægt þér? Sonos Play base er þráðlaus hljóðstöð sem gefur frá sér djúpan bassa og spilar háar og láar tíðnir með glæsileika Sonos Playbar and Sub: movie sound. On its own the Playbar creates a wide soundstage with plenty of weight, detail and a good sense of openness. It's atmospheric rather than.. Sonos Playbar is the wireless home theatre soundbar for music lovers, with the power to elevate your movies and your parties alike The industrial design of the Sonos Bar is excellent: it is relatively low-key and should blend in in most home decors. The bar has a soft black matte cloth and there are two aluminum trims, one of which has the Sonos logo on it.

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De Sonos Playbase verbinden met je tv Gebruik de meegeleverde optische kabel om je Playbase met je televisie te verbinden. Sonos Playbase Zwart. Review score 4.5 van de 5 sterren New to Sonos? Long time collector? Discuss everything about Sonos here! What can I post here? Rumors. News articles. Discussion about the Sonos System. Feature wishlists and ideas Sonos PLAYBAR / SUB - lækker og elegant TV-lyd med trådløs subwoofer til den dybe bas. Supernem i opsætning og daglig brug. Elegant design og flot finish Lydstyrke kan.. It is possible to control the volume via a couple of buttons on the side, but these are mainly there as a last resort and to stay consistent with the user interface of other Sonos products. The Sonos sound bar does not come with a remote, but you can “teach” it to recognize the volume controls of any other IR (infra-red) remote. PBAR1EU1BLK PLAYBAR Sonos Playbar. Tweakers ID

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  1. Sonos Playbase. Lowest price found: $569.98. Show listings Show reviews. Playbase delivers powerful, realistic sound for TVs on stands and furniture with ten amplified speakers, and doubles as..
  2. The Sonos Playbase is a pricey but powerful one-piece sound system. It stands well on its own Buying the Playbase likely means committing to the Sonos ecosystem for your multi-room audio, but..
  3. La Sonos Playbase es un sistema de sonido que complementa el televisor gracias a su calidad de sonido y buenos graves. Permite montar un sistema de cine sin cables
  4. And now let’s move to the part where we help you choose between the Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar by outlining the differences between the two speakers.
  5. g capabilities
  6. Playbase practically disappears beneath the TV while its ten amplified speaker drivers deliver deep Product Parts Warranty: 1 Year Limited. Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbase for Home Theatre..
  7. Sonos Playbase może łączyć się bezprzewodowo tylko za pomocą Wi-Fi. Konstruktorzy zrezygnowali z Bluetootha ze względu na kompresję (i utratę jakości brzmienia) nieodłącznie związaną z tym..

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I really like the idea that the Sonos PLAYBAR is a TV sound bar, and a wireless music streaming device at the same time. Frankly, I always found it to be bizarre that TV audio and music audio had always been implemented as two different sets of speakers. This is just a poor utilization of resources and space. I’m glad that Sonos is one of the few manufacturers to show the way, and for sure, others are starting to follow now. Since Sonos doesn't roll out a new line of speakers every year or two, it's exciting when they do Fusion and Illusion The dimensions of the Playbase are 28.35 inches wide x 2.28 high x 14.96 deep Sonos Playbase review. £519.00 View retailers. Test score. Sonos is back in the sound bar market for 2017 with the Playbase. Marketed as a 'wireless soundstage' promising simple set-up and..

SUB is much better looking than most competitors, and it has the advantage of being very slim (in depth). This means that you hang your TV on the wall, you can have the sound bar and the subwoofer by using only a few inches. This makes thing look much slimmer, especially if you don’t have TV furniture to put a sub next to. Sonos PlayBase. Показать все Колонки. Оборудование. Sonos PlayBase

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Sonos Playbase. A Soundbase is almost identical to a Soundbar. Sonos Playbar and Playbase have identical features. As we mentioned above, the only difference between these two is the sound Hier kommt die Sonos Playbase ins Spiel. Wir haben das Sounddeck getestet. Mit der neuen Playbase stellt Sonos der Soundbar ein weiteres Produkt zur Seite und Euch ab sofort vor die Wahl Sonos PlayBase review. The PlayBar you can plonk your telly on. Sure, Sonos has had a go at TV audio before with the PlayBar, but the PlayBase goes a step further towards making your life easy 799 €. De Sonos PLAYBASE is de nieuwe parel in de Sonos-serie en heeft een plat, strak en stijlvol design. Dankzij het platte ontwerp verdwijnt de soundbase onder je televisie en geniet je nog steeds.. Sonos Playbase review. Sonos' simple, stylish soundbase doesn't quite reach perfection Tested at One of the simplest, most stylish and streamiest soundbases around, but the Sonos Playbase isn't..

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Sonos soundbar kopen? Op zondag en in de avonduren geleverd. Kies voor een standaard soundbar, zoals de Playbar of ga voor een compacte soundbar met.. Another solution is to use an external HDMI switch, which has an optical audio out, and won’t degrade the audio signal. Again, this affects usability and cost. Sonos has fitted the PLAYBAR with an accelerometer so that it knows which way up it's After that it's a case of turning on the TV and waiting for the PLAYBAR to start piping the.. Things get more interesting when the Sonos Sound Bar is paired with the wireless Sonos SUB subwoofer. The soundbar by itself sounds good, but it you really want to have a lot of bass, there’s nothing that can really replace a big subwoofer. While its performance is quite remarkable, the real asset of SUB is its wonderful design. That’s what I would pay extra money for.

The downside of doing that is that TVs will often not pass Dolby 5.1 signals “as is” to the soundbar and will convert it to a lesser quality audio stream. The Sonos Bar will “upmix” and try to electronically improve the audio to best use its hardware, but it’s not the same. Sonos PlayBar Soundbar fills your space with beautiful and powerful SONOS sound, perfectly Sonos-PlayBar-Soundbar. Be the first to review this product. Ask our expert Dit Sonos hjemmebiograf system starter ved Sonos Playbar. Denne fleksible soundbar tilbyder høj brugervenlighed og fantastiske udvidelsesmuligheder The Sonos PLAYBAR is a wireless sound bar that floods your room with big, bold theatre HiFi sound. The powerful nine-speaker design in a phased speaker array lets you enjoy.. Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbase. view in 360. Pair the PLAYBASE with additional Sonos speakers and the subwoofer (sold separately) to build a complete surround sound system, and get..

The Sonos Playbase replaces your TV's limited sound output with ten drivers: six mid-range, one woofer, and three tweeters, each of which is powered by a separate class-D digital amplifier Priporuokite prie PLAYBASE sistemos Sonos SUB garsiakalbį bei Sonos PLAY:1 kolonėlę ir sukurtkite tikrąjį bevielį 5.1 erdvinį garsą. Tipas. Garso sistema PlayBase很耐重,原本的設計就是當成電視的腳架,可避免放置在桌上時擋住電視的無線接受器,我還蠻喜歡這樣的設計的。 圖為我的LG 55吋B7T電視。 前環繞用我原本的SONOS Ones.. The Playbase is a nice option for people wanting a unified, Apple-connected home theater experience, even if it doesn't offer anything radically different from Sonos' older home theater accessory, the..

Sonos Playbase: Kleiner Kasten, satter Sound - ganz ohne Kabel. Die Sonos Playbase ist ein von Grund auf neu gestalteter Lautsprecher, der laut Hersteller für Nutzer bestimmt ist, die ihre TV-Geräte.. Get ratings, pricing, and performance on the Sonos Playbase sound bar based on the features you The Playbase can be connected to a home network via WiFi or an Ethernet cable and can access..

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  1. I really love Sonos’ idea to use speakers like the PLAY:1 as satellite speakers. When we tested them individually, they sounded great – almost as good as the (very) expensive Bang & Olufsen A8. However, each cost $199 and the surround sound upgrade would add another $400 to the overall bill.
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  3. You will probably notice that there are very few WiFi-based surround sound wireless systems on the market, and the reason is that it is very difficult to deal with the network lag (in the order of 300-400 milliseconds) with real-time content (live TV/games). When you stream music, a similar audio system will likely buffer half a second of sound, and use that to make sure that every speaker can play it back in sync, even when accounting for network delays. It is extremely hard to do this for live TV and games. The more speakers or channels you have, and the trickier it gets.
  4. g. But Sonos has managed to turn them into potential satellite speakers that can serve as left/right surround speakers for your TV setup.
  5. Sonos Playbase Manual Online: Specifications. Sonos works seamlessly with most music services, including Apple. Music™, Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify and Radio by TuneIn, as well
  6. Sonos Playbase, Auto switching 100 240 V, 50 60 Hz AC universal input. WiFi, not Bluetooth connects to your home WiFi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast capable router for uninterrupted..

Sonos Playbase vs. Playbar — Difference #2: Airplay 2 - Only a few existing Sonos speakers will support Airplay 2 (which is coming later this year), and the Sonos Playbase is one of them The Sonos Playbase Is the Ultimate Soundbar Alternative: The American A significant improvement over other similar designs on the market, the Playbase packs Sonos' renowned all-in-one wireless.. Βρες τιμές για Sonos PlayBar σε 9 καταστήματα στο Skroutz. Διάβασε χαρακτηριστικά & πραγματικές αξιολογήσεις χρηστών

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699 USD. Pair & Sync wirelessly with other Sonos speakers throughout your home. Simple two-cord setup. Control from your existing TV remote, or wirelessly connect on the Sonos app from your.. 799 €. Sonos Playbase - Üks võimekamaid SoundBase tüüpi kõlareid turul The Sonos Playbase is a powerful, yet incredibly thin speaker that is only 58mm thick and contains 10 drivers: six midrange drivers, three tweeters, and one woofer. In addition to these, there are also 10.. The Playbase is basically a stand for your standalone TV. The whole thing is 2.28 x 28.35 x 14.96 inches and can hold TVs up to 77 pounds. You still need to put both the Playbase and the TV on a..

The Sonos Playbar delivers on its promise of offering sweet, musical sound for audio purists, and its wireless ecosystem remains one of the best in the business But the Sonos Playbase has me thinking that it's time to upgrade. This massive speaker, wide and flat like a pizza box, is designed to sit underneath your TV, and includes three distinct audio channels as..

The Sonos Playbase beats most soundbars at their own game, and sounds better doing it. Introducing the Sonos Playbase, perhaps the best reason yet to consider a speaker that is literally off.. La Sonos Playbase arrastra el mismo defecto que la Playbar, y que a su vez es su principal El efecto envolvente de la Sonos Playbase es también muy apreciable. En este punto es un pelín.. Sonos 3.1 system bestående af en Sonos Playbase og den kraftfulde Sonos SUB. 1x SN-PLAYBASE-W: SONOS PLAYBASE TV højttaler, hvid. 1x SN-SUB-W: SONOS SUB trådløs..

La Sonos Playbase cuenta, como plato fuerte, con la posibilidad de funcionar de manera independiente como fuente musical, fuera de su uso como barra de sonido The Sonos Playbase has been released on April 4 and has a price of £699. At 58mm x 720mm x 380mm, Playbase is the slimmest speaker Sonos has produced meaning it will fit under most TV sets.. Sonos PLAYBASE - raffineret soundbase-højttaler til dit TV. Utrolig nem placering på hylde eller TV-møbel. Langt bedre lydkvalitet end med de indbyggede TV-højttalere

Test: Sonos Playbase (Sounddeck). Schönes Stück Plastik. 19.04.2017 15:42 | von Julia Maehner. Fazit. Mit der Playbase erweitert Sonos seine Produktline um einen weiteren TV-Lautsprecher I really wished that there was a clear benchmark for this, but subjectively, I found the sound to be very good. I could definitely tell the difference from the lower-end soundbar that I normally use. The sound is more powerful and it doesn’t distort when I push the volume to higher levels. Clearly, the neighbors would probably complain before I reach the speaker’s limits. I found that voices were a bit clearer despite the level of echo in the TV room.

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The Sonos PLAYBASE transforms your TV audio and provides high-quality music streaming. TV audio can leave a lot to be desired. Especially when it's movie time. Game time. Music time Come on Sonos, give us the Playbar 2.0 so we don't end up having to go for the Bose I hope Sonos announces a playbar refresh and it would be awesome if it had dolby atmos.. Sonos' Playbar makes an excellent addition to your living room, but only well-heeled Whether we were listening to Pink Floyd or watching a clip from Super 8, the Playbar.. Sonos Playbar, Portland, Maine. 25 likes. Sonos Playbar is the best place to get deals on Sonos equipment

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Sonos. PLAYBASE. Sonos PLAYBASE 사용자 매뉴얼 The new Sonos PLAYBASE falls right in line with this ideology, delivering a simple-yet-robust The Playbar works best when mounted on the wall; the Sonos Playbase is suited for TVs that are resting..

Flexson Adjustable TV Stand for the SONOS PLAYBASE, with swivel functionality. Extruded Aluminium and High-Grade Steel Construction. Black and white versions to match SONOS PLAYBASE Get ratings, pricing, and performance on the Sonos Playbar sound bar based on the features you care about If you were going to spend money on a soundbar and a relatively expensive iPod speaker of sorts, then the PLAYBAR would make a lot of sense. If you just want a sound bar for your flat TV, you definitely have less expensive (and more technically limited) options, including some relatively high-end ones with virtual sound projection to provide “some” surround feel to the sound, without the need for satellites."SONOS BRINGS A BLEND OF QUALITY, DESIGN AND CONVENIENCE THAT IS VERY HIGH, UNIQUE"The reason for having two trims is that the Sonos Bar can be used flat to achieve the shortest profile (in height), or front-facing in case your TV height allows, or if you want to hang it on a wall to achieve a slim profile (in depth). I tried both orientations, and there was no perceptible difference in sound quality. In you want the cable to go up, it is also possible to mount it upside-down. The Sonos sound bar has an accelerometer that will detect the orientation and change the audio settings to output the sound as it was intended to be heard. The Playbase (heh) is aimed squarely at those people. Similar to the Playbar, it is designed to In many cases, the television is the centerpiece in a living room and since the Playbase is meant to be..

Difference #6: Mount Options – The Sonos Playbase features an off-the-wall approach to better TV sound, which is perfect for people whose TVs end up on stands and furniture. The Playbase can securely support TVs up to 77 lbs (35 kg). Just place the Playbase beneath your TV for a beautiful, low-profile design and epic home theatre audio. SONOS PLAYBASE. Base de Tv. Un sonido de cine y streaming de música para televisores colocados sobre bases y muebles. La gente adora las barras de sonido y existen motivos de sobra para ello PLAYBASE uses ten amplified internal drivers-six midrange, three tweeters, and one woofer-to PLAYBASE is just the beginning of the ultimate home theater experience. Add a Sonos SUB for.. If you add the superb Sonos SUB wireless subwoofer, you now end up with a $1800 surround sound setup, which is also a very nice music streaming/playback system – but this becomes relatively expensive, in absolute terms. This would buy you a lot of TV audio goodness, but keep in mind that there are very few wireless options that will be as easy to install and look as neat. Sonos Playbase. 販売価格 ¥81,800 (税込 ¥89,980). SonosをAmazon EchoまたはDotに接続して、好きな音楽を簡単に再生。 AirPlay 2対応

Sonos Playbase - Design and features. Soundbases are essentially soundbars, only flatter and deeper Sonos says the Playbase and the Playbar should sound about the same, but I'd disagree Place of Origin: Moscow, Russian Federation. Sonos Speake At $699, the Sonos PLAYBAR is a very good, somewhat expensive, sound bar. If the price was lower, it would certainly be a very easy recommendation (no brainer would comer to.. Sonos PLAYBAR - The home cinema & music soundbar. Flood any room with epic, full-theatre HiFi sound. The PLAYBAR adjusts automatically to the differences between..

I typically shut down the internal speakers of the TV (via the TV’s Menu), but you should know that many Samsung TVs (and possibly others) display a very annoying “Speakers are OFF” message when you turn those speakers off. My work around was to control the volume via the Cable Set top box, but if you don’t have one, you may pull some hair out. This is not Sonos’ fault, and you will likely have the same issue with any other sound bar. I vaguely heard that Samsung would update this, but so far my two Samsung TVs never got a fix for that. Please drop a comment if you notice this on other TV brands. Sonos Playbase. 2001 Audio Video. 25 May 2017 ·. Movies, sports, TV shows, gaming - the slim, low profile Sonos PLAYBASE adds dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to whatever's playing when your..

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  1. You may find subwoofers that cost less for a (perceived) similar performance, but most of them may just look ugly once installed. The only thing that you can see from the product images is that SUB is heavy (36.3 lbs). It’s not really something that I care much about since one would typically not move it around much, but it was surprising, so I want to mention it.
  2. Последние твиты от Sonos Playbar (@SonosPlaybar). Online Authorized Dealer of Sonos Products. Portland, ME
  3. It may be due to the fact that the speakers can reproduce a wider range of frequencies. Overall, I was very satisfied with the audio quality and power. Now, please note that I usually don’t crank up the sound so that each “boom” in a movie feels like a real blast. Your luck may vary if you really want to crank up the volume all the way up.
  4. g; den eleganta PLAYBASE med sin supertunna design ger ett dynamiskt, pulserande ljud vad som än..
  5. Sonos PLAYBASE Television Speaker. The latest addition to the wireless home sound system. When the team at Sonos learned that 70% of television owners do not mount their TVs but rest them..
  6. utes, but required that I use the smartphone app. From then, I could stream music to the soundbar, or make it output sound just like any other Sonos speaker, which is great.
  7. Find Sonos Playbar in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals and more virtually..

The new Sonos PLAYBASE packs 10 drivers (six mid-range drivers, three tweeters and one woofer) into a device that is 58mm high, and the front grille sports more than 43,000 holes for a design that.. I’ve connected a couple of those, and the results were immediate: when the content supported it, I had two extra channels of surround sound. Unfortunately for me, when using cable TV, it was hard to tell which show supported it and which didn’t. Also, I didn’t feel like the surround sound experience was remotely as good as it would have been with a traditional surround sound setup with many more speakers. Sonos PLAYBAR is the soundbar for music lovers, movie enthusiasts and is the perfect enhancement to your flatscreen HD television Sonos Playbase Speaker. According to Sonos, up to 70% of people don't wall-mount their TVs. The Sonos Playbase Speaker is designed for them. Standing roughly 2.3-inches tall, over two feet wide.. Sonos : playbase. Structural packaging design. The Sonos PLAYBASE is a dynamic addition to the Sonos family

Sonos Playbase review. An all-in-one speaker and a handy TV stand all rolled together. The Sonos Playbase continues the company's philosophy of making easy-to-use and good-sounding speakers in.. Sonos PLAYBASE The Wireless Soundbase Speaker. Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base. Movies, sports, TV shows, gaming - the slim, low profile PLAYBASE adds dynamic..

Sonos, which originally built music streaming speakers, is now offering home audio/video (A/V) products in the form of the Sonos Play Bar ($699), which can be paired with other Sonos appliances to provide additional bass (SUB, $699), or surround sound (Play:1, $199 each). I always wanted to see audio (music) hardware become truly integrated with the TV experience, and Sonos is one of the companies that wants to address this need. How well does it work? Read on… Sonos PLAYBASE Review. A great niche product. by Adam MolinaApril 7, 2017. And you have the option of hooking it up to a Sonos system eventually. Just don't expect it to get amazingly loud or.. La Sonos Playbase est une enceinte dédiée aussi bien au home cinema qu'à la musique. Elle se place sous le pied du téléviseur et peut être commandée via l'application Sonos grâce à sa connexion.. Sonos PLAYBAR er flott soundbar sem gefur þér Hi-Fi hljóðgæði. Þráðlaus spilun í gegnum WiFi eða tengt við sjónvarp (DVD spilara eða PlayStation tölvu) með Optical snúru

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