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1-I read that the A370 sync automatically on the Flow app, if the Flow app is open, even if it is in the background on the iPhone. What is the time interval of these automatic sync?I love my A300, and as someone who is trying to balance my calories burned and intake (managed and tracked separately on myfitnesspal), I rely on my A300 (and Scosche Rhythm+ during exercises) to track my calories burned. However, I have to press two buttons on my A300 (Down, Enter/Activate) to display the daily calories burned. I wish it can be displayed on the watchface. The A300 only has the option to display the progress bar on the watchface, not the actual number of calories burned.


This pointed out a weakness of the Basis Peak, compare for example to a Polar watch, to a Garmin watch.You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget.  If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section.  Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos!  I aim to leave no stone unturned.

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Next, we’ll take a crack at a bike ride.  Now typically I find most wrist-based optical HR sensors have serious troubles with cycling, at least if there’s any variation in effort.  For longer steady-state efforts (as some triathletes might do), many sensors tend to track better.  Here’s the data link, which contains data from a Garmin Edge 520 and Polar M460 (paired to a Wahoo TICKR X), then a Fenix 5 (optical HR) on one wrist and the Polar A370 (optical) on the other wrist.In a general way, there is some things that a user should be aware to have a better understanding if the steps count seems erroneous some days (a new activity tracker user could not be aware of that):How would you compare this to the Fitbit Blaze? I have the Blaze and absolutely LOVE it…except for the fact that it’s not waterproof which this one is. But it works well for me in every other way. Style is great, comfort is exceptional…I could lose the style, though it’s nice…but how would you rate the a370 comfort wise compared to the Blaze?How would I create a training target in the Flow web service to do the same thing? For example, I want to stay in Zone 3 for the entire workout, but I don’t want to set a time limit. I know you can create a Phased target and set heart rate zones there, but you have to specify a time or distance… I want to be able to set just the heart rate zone with no specific time, is that possible? (And if not, can I request that as a feature?)

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  1. And that’s why I brought some issues here when I saw that a US Polar representative was giving some feedback about the A370.
  2. And don’t forget, you can create your own comparison charts here within the product comparison tool.
  3. Now with the A370 the unit broadcasts your wrist HR as a standard Bluetooth Smart signal.  For example, here it is within the Wahoo Fitness app, seen by the app using standard Bluetooth Smart.
  4. ish as expected by the theory, but it was only after the 11th day of this test that this %fat began to di
  5. Polar a 370. Новый Запечатанный . abonare. reclamațiе. Polar a 370.
  6. I remember that RainMaker had proposed that an activity summary should be include in the V800 and it was done.

A point to be careful, I had an activity tracker with heart reading each second, but the formula used for the calories burned during a walking activity was based on the step count only; so when I walked 1000 steps I was sure that the activity tracker indicated all the time, that I burned 100 calories independent of the heart level.Yes, you can use both in one profile: the web service will correctly merge activities as shown in the attached picture (it shows a dotted line where data is missing from both devices). However, it will not sync back recovery status etc. on the V800 and since recovery status it’s neither available on the A370, nor on the Polar Flow app, you are forced to go to the Polar Flow web service.simply to tell you that I placed an order this morning for the A370, after having seen an update for the Polar Beat app that is mentioning that the updae is for the A370.

Still, keep in mind that most other companies at this price point for a band-like device don’t allow much customization either.  Usually, it’s a minimal set of sports you can toggle on/off, and that’s about it.  So in a lot of ways Polar is a bit ahead here in terms of sports you can enable. Polar bears roam the Arctic ice sheets and swim in that region's coastal waters. They are very strong swimmers, and their large front paws, which they use to paddle, are slightly webbed. Some polar bears have been seen swimming hundreds of miles from land—though they probably cover most of that.. an exemple: after a workout I see with the graph of the workout that I burned 1000 calories, but when I look on the summary for the activities of the day on the V800, there I see that for this workout there is a lower value indicated and this lower value is 1000-BMR, by what I calculated.

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Halvin hinta toimitettuna 128,89 € Clearly the A360/A370 does not quite track the Garmin and there seems to be some small drop-outs and also some delayed lags. On the whole it’s pretty good.In this case I’d say in the beginning that the Fenix 5 was most sucky, and the Polar A370 much closer.  They then traded being less sucky for about 45 minutes, but I’d accept neither of these values.  The last 20 or so minutes they started to all agree though, and generally were pretty close. In some cases the Fenix 5 was closer in those last 20-30 minutes.  But again, I’d accept neither of them as a valid HR record.

Presently with my Fitbit Charge, that is what I’m doing to have the heart datas with 1 second interval during workouts, and at the end of the session I just kill the workout activity in the Fitbit environment, but the heart datas are still there and are visible for my Polar session that I synch with MyFitnessPal which is then transfer in the Fitbit environment.The same for the problem with the Polar Beat app that don’t have some user datas that are use for the V800 owners and that gave me in the past calories burned about 20-25% lower than my V800, when I used only my Polar strap with this Polar Beat app.But this will have a bigger impact on the battery life cause of the energy lost with Bluetooth, without talking of the trouble to do that.

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Of course, in the official fancy box you’ll also get a quick start guide of sorts and some legal paperwork begging you not to get yourself killed doing some sort of athletic activity.  But for everything else, this post should cover you.My Fitbit was indicating a lower calorie burned for these walking activities, but I thought it could be wrong.

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One last item to note before we get too far into things is that the Polar A370 allows you to execute custom structured workouts.  You can create these workouts on Polar Flow ahead of time, with things like heart rate targets:That said, the Polar Finland product group folks do read the comments here – so hopefully they’ll look into things.– Finally, the A370 does not have a zone lock feature that can be enabled directly on the watch. As you correctly noted, setting up a HR target zone would need to be done on the Flow website. – Mike@PolarUSA

The resting time indicated actually only in white on the day circle for the naps, is a problem for users who’d like to know in a rapid way, how much time they slept for a day, for a week (night and naps).One area to discuss here that is of note is Polar’s new sleep tracking feature. This is something they’re rolling out starting on the A370, but will eventually expand to other new wearables of theirs.  This offers far more detail than past Polar devices, including expanding out details on your mobile app.I was then surprised to see that my V800 indicated that my heartbeat was only in the 80s, cause I was used to see on the Fitbit that I normally was in more than 100 in average for these walking activities.I was going to buy one after this review, but unfortunately Polar in Australia don’t allow returns if you’ve opened the product. I need to wear a product for a couple of days to find out if it’s comfortable enough to keep.For my case the level 3 in the Polar app consider about 500 calories burned to be a 100% completion for my Activity target… So I go and run about 40 minutes, and I have a 100% goal reach…

The battery lasts 3 days with continuous heart rate on, no training, no smart notifications. With smart notifications on it lasts 2 days. The wristband is too big and not good, Just but the latest wristband for the 360 much better. Overall is a good device and Im happy with it. The battery life could be better. I suppose with the continuous heart rate of the battery lasts probably 4 days, maybe 5, however defeats the point to have a370 anyways, a360 would have been enough.Next, let’s talk about the workout functionality.  The A370 offers a gazillion more sport types than any of their competitors do.  The list is pretty large on the unit itself, encompassing just about every sport I can think of.In general – that’s actually pretty good.  You see at the start where the TICKR X was having some sort of connectivity issue – and thus the wonky blocks there.  I licked it a few times at about the 60 seconds marker and then it was happy from there on out.  Otherwise – all three sensors agreed almost the entire time.And if Polar offered a following for the calories burned for the workouts and for the activities during the day, then it would be a useful target for a user who train a bit.I did check at the end of the afternoon the Polar Beat app with a Polar strap doing almost exactly the same 500 calories spinning workout that I did in the morning with my V800, and the result for the calories burned was almost the same.

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  1. So my question is: does the A370 have a technology that assure a user that there won’t be these kind of blood circulation problem with the heartrate reading?
  2. ’s lower end stuff they’ve not used Firstbeat, but instead have used generic distance/weight math – which usually sucks. Also, some use Gar
  3. The devices will now ask you about sleep quality the next morning (which also can be done on the app).
  4. Re-reading my comment, I just wanted to clarify: you set up the training target using the phased or interval target, but you set it up as just one “interval”, so it’s essentially just a steady state session.
  5. Now as regular Polar folks might note above, you can’t actually do a whole lot when it comes to customizing the data fields of your Polar A370.  You get what you get.  About the only thing you can customize in this arena for the A370 is your heart rate zones and whether or not you want vibration feedback.  Burger King this is not.

If your program can’t detect that the user just did a nap, at least your program should offer the possibility to the user to add these naps, as it is done by FitBit.If the correction had not been done to the Polar Beat app, I would have expect to have about 100-125 calories difference but it was not the case with only 25 calories difference which is about negligible.Note that the recording rates for both GPS and HR data is 1-second rate, once again showing some competitors how it’s done to properly record such data.

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So for a user like me who put on the V800 almost only for the workouts, and the rest of the time wear for example a A370, well these datas are not up to date for the whole day; so if a user want to check on the V800, for example how much calories he burned in activities for previous days, these info are not up to date except if he had wear the V800 till midnight, by what I kind of understand now. The complete opposite to one another. - such as the polar points (North and South) are directly opposite each other on the earth's surface and do not meet or overlap at all. - in chemistry, there is polarity', which has to do with atomic structure. Water and oil do not mix because water is polar and.. Nevermind, it didn’t work for 3 days, started to working today. I have set 8 hours sleep. I noticed if i sleep 4 or less it wont work POLAR, The Pen and Stylus made entirely from MAGNETS. This beautifully simple product will transform into endless possibilities and entertain you in... Drawing circles is just one way the POLAR Pen can help you out like no other pen can. Pull the pen apart and chain up the magnets side to side.. A point I think that RainMaker should take care of is that some person could use his website to let bad comments simply to influence potential buyers. It’s a way these competitors in this market could use to fight for their market share.

Detailed Polar A370 Review. Polar's latest GPS-augmented fitness band is ready for Father Christmas. In this Polar A370 Review we take a look at Polar's latest fitness band with optical HR. Polar make devices that I like to wear. I love the aesthetics HR data is recorded at 1 second intervals (whether it be on the A370 or Beat application) and would be visible as such on the download to the Flow website. Those one second data points can be exported and saved as a CSV file if the user chose to delete the exercise from their Flow account.

It would be interesting if a user could select a heart reading with 1 second interval while having a warning of the impact for a user to recharge faster the A370.The detail resume on the V800 should be add in the Polar Flow in my view, cause it gives useful info for users wanting to be more active during the 23h of the day when they are not working out.

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  1. Polar supports reading and annotating HTML documents. We call this process 'capturing' content and we store the document permanently in your own private archive. Since most pages aren't designed for reading and have ads, chrome, and other annoyances within the page, we render the content as a..
  2. Thanks for the reply Mike! Very helpful responses. Regarding the ZoneLock, that’s a real shame the A370 won’t have that. I know the M400, V800, M430 have ZonePointer and ZoneLock. It’s one of the best features. Was there a reason for removing it on the A370?
  3. ) do not show ANY heart rate for swim
  4. My impression is that is the only way that a V800 user can see the total for the calories burn in (activities, in training, in BMR).

Inteligentný náramok Polar A370 - Snímanie pulzu zo zápästia, priebežné celodenné meranie tepu a denných aktivít, orientačný krokomer, upozornenie pri dlhej nečinnosti.. : 159,90 € s DPH. Inteligentný náramok Polar A370 kúpte priamo od výrobcu inSPORTline Since Beat can connect to any Bluetooth Smart HR strap, by default that functionality is already there as the A370 can re-broadcast the HR signal to Beat. Or were you talking about something else?The formula that seems to works for me now, to keep the same weight, is to eat about 500 calories more than I burned.

Polar verspricht für den A370 außerdem eine wesentlich bessere Analyse des Schlafes als etwa noch beim A360. Die Unterbrechungen sollen genauer erfasst werden, es soll Hinweise zur tatsächlichen Schlafzeit und zu den unterschiedlichen Phasen sowie Empfehlungen zur Schlafdauer geben We independently review and compare Polar A370 against 49 Fitness tracker and smartwatch products from 24 other brands to help you choose the best. Polar A370 review. Yes heart rate monitor. Priced at $299 That bad is interesting. It has a different texture than the product shots from Polar. I like your version better. Hopefully this will be the shipping version.Thanks for the great review! I currently have the surge…I’ve been using it for 2 years now, but I feel like it’s too big for me and I don’t even utilize all the bells and whistles, so I’m looking for something smaller. Even with the Surge on, I still use the wahoo tickr X, and the app on the phone, then I transfer the data to my fitbit app for workouts. You mentioned the ability to use bluetooth HRM’s with the polar. Does this mean that once connected, I can use the tickr X, and the data from the tickr will automatically go to the polar app? Other sites I’ve looked into suggested that this only works with the polar H10. This would save me a lot of steps after a workout! Thanks for your time!!!Which is slightly weird based on the calories readings I get from a Polar M400 and a Vivoactive HR. Tracking the same workout, using a Wahoo TICKR so the HR is consistent, a 20 minute cardio on a cross trainer, Polar M400 gave me a calorie burn of 307 (link to flow.polar.com) and the Garmin a calorie burn of 226 calories (link to connect.garmin.com). A discrepancies of approx. 40%, which seems high.

Could you send this problem to Polar Finland and give me an idea of about when the problem should be solved?There is however that one section for about 2 minutes where the A370 dropped over 20bpm lower for no logical reason.  It did it on and off in three brief sets, and then was happy again.You’ll find I’ve added the Polar A370 within the product comparison tool for activity trackers.  It’s not currently in the GPS-based product comparison portion, since it lacks a GPS chipset.  In any case, you can mix and match it against various activity trackers in the database.  For the purposes of comparison below, I’ve compared it against the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ (has GPS), Polar A360 (original) and the Fitbit Charge 2.  It’s an imperfect comparison – since each unit offers slightly different price/feature points.  But again, you can create your own comparison charts here.

10% discount (the5krunner10) at Power Meter City (USA). Amazon, 10% REI Dividend, Wiggle (up to 17% for Wiggle platinum members) – thank you for your support! Enjoy the great prices. For my shots, I don’t do any photoshopping (don’t even know how to use it). I usually correct color and shadows/highlights in Lightroom so that all the photos roughly match within a given review. But even then I’m pretty lazy when it comes to color/lighting correction – and don’t do much.Another unique feature of the A370 over any of Polar’s other wearables is the ability to broadcast that wrist HR to other apps/devices.  Now you may be saying “Wait, Polar already had that on their V800?”.  Nope, they had the ability to relay your HR strap data to other Polar devices.  Meaning if your Polar V800 connected to a Bluetooth Smart strap, it could then relay that onto your Polar bike computer or Polar group/class system.  But the V800 didn’t have optical HR, and none of Polar’s other optical-enabled units actually broadcast the HR from your wrist.So if a user had the option to select the 1 second heart interval reading it would be less costly for the time before the next battery recharge would be necessary.Polar proposed then an action plan on 6-8 months, if I well remember, with a lot of software work to do for your people and your people delivered almost on time for each thing identified. RainMaker was doing a following on these deliveries.

Polar A370 In-Depth Review DC Rainmake

  1. ✅ Top-Angebote für Polar A 370 online entdecken bei eBay. 5 Produktbewertungen5 Produktbewertungen - Polar A370 Activity Tracker Uhr Fitnesstracker Pulsmessung Wasserfester HRM
  2. imised by the addition of a retaining strap that you can just see in the images.
  3. Yesterday my V800 reboot during the day, it was a first since I have it and it caused that the detailed calories resume of the day had erroneous datas afterward for the Activity and the Training datas till the end of the day even if the V800 was sync with the IOS app.
  4. d you need to approach your choice of lifestyle with a dose of pragmatism around the choice of lifestyle monitoring device(s) you make.
  5. This 20-25% lower calories burned for the workouts were at the same level from what was indicated on my Fitbit and my Basis Peak, so I was finding it more logical but…

At this point, you’ll get a pile of data pages you can scroll through by swiping up and down.  Here’s a small gallery while out during workouts:I use always my V800 for the workouts cause I trust this quality product, but I began to check more the Fitbit that I wear during the workouts too, specially when there was the lawsuit indicating that the heartrate was in problem during workouts.When I’m more sedentary like in front of the computer during a long time and that I train at the end of the afternoon or in the evening, these heartrate reading problems have a bigger probability to be seen on the curve post-workout. So now when I see this kind of problem curve, I can of use that info as an indication that I didn’t move enough during that day. Το Polar A370 M/L Black είναι ένα Fitness Tracker που προσφέρει συνεχής παρακολούθηση των καρδιακών παλμών και συνδεσιμότητα GPS! Polar A370 M/L Black. Κωδικός Κατασκευαστή: 90064882 Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 14270. Γίνετε ο πρώτος που θα αξιολογήσει το προϊόν But I think that this activity level was suppose to be an indicator for the 23 hours of the day when a user is not working out, but the starting idea seemed to have been lost somewhere with the coding people at Polar.

The Flow web service and app will see the ‘downtime’ that is a nap, but won’t be interpreted as such, rather it will be seen simply as ‘resting’ time. As for the ability to edit sleep times, yes one will have the ability to do so. It’s simply a question of logging into your Flow account, clicking on the ‘sleep’ tab and adjusting it accordingly. – Mike@PolarUSAYou will periodically want to link to your computer with a USB cable to charge the device and to update the A370s internal software (firmware) as this will have many updates and features added throughout 2017/8 and beyond.

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The A370/A360 is SO much better than some of the ugly, inaccurate tat that is out there pretending to do a similar job well. Design - Polar followed up its popular Polar A360 smartband, the Polar A370, the band is similar to Polar A360 when it comes to looks, it still has the 23.5 mm x 27 mm x 13.5 mm body with 80 x 160 TFT color LCD with vibrant glass display. The Polar A370 has a sporty look with soft silicon strap with..

Vertaa hintoja Polar A370 Aktiivisuusmittarit. Parhaat tarjoukset 26 verkkokaupasta. Lue arvostelu ja jaa kokemuksia. Löydä suosituimmat Polar tuotteet halvemmalla You can also change this to other clock/watch faces within a small gallery of ones Polar has provided.Somewhat the same and different at once. I think the A370 is less comfortable than the Fitbit Blaze, but beyond that the A370 is far more functional. Far better sport profile support and way better structured workout support.

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I’d have to defer to someone at Polar on that. My presumption is that since Polar owns all their own calorie burn algorithms, they’d likely use the same for everything (versus Garmin for example who splits some with licensed algorithms from FirstBeat). Polar A370 on elegantne ja sportlik veekindel fitnesskell, mis võimaldab tänu südame löögisageduse pidevale jälgimisele, täpsemale une jälgimisele ning Polari unikaalsetele treeningufunktsioonidele kätt ööpäevaringselt pulsil hoida. Leia tasakaal: ole aktiivne, puhka ja naudi elu Yup, I included photos and screenshots of the new sleep pieces within the ‘Basics’ section. Also covered a bit in the video too. I think it’s not quite as big a deal as Polar may have touted it. It’s nice, but not like EmFit QS or similar nice.

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Polar acaba de anunciar un nuevo dispositivo deportivo, la pulsera de actividad con pulsómetro óptico incorporado Polar A370. Muchos estaréis pensando tras ver la foto de portada, que más que una novedad estamos ante la actualización del modelo que ya analizamos en su día, la pulsera Polar A360 It would probably depend if any of those underlying algorithms rely on the optical HR data. I’ll try and find out.Within each sport profile you add to the device you can control whether or not it will query your phone for GPS signal.  So for things like outdoor running you’d enable that, but not things like treadmill running.I might recommend reaching out to your local Polar subsidiary for more insight on the questions you have. Below is a link to our global page that can help you start that process. link to polar.com

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Polar A370 Full Specifications. Just over a week ago Polar announced their latest wearable - the Polar A370. This new unit took the hardware of the Polar A360 that was released about 18 months ago and plopped in a few new features like...Read more if I well understood (I’ll have to read again that part of the RainMaker review), someone could use for example the Polar Beat app and by letting this app open on his phone, he could have his heartbeat live with 1 second interval per reading instead of the 5 minutes by default.I’m happy to report I haven’t had any issues with either gloves or rain on the screen during workouts.  Thank you to the miserable weather in Newfoundland for allowing me to test this during the summer.  I will say that using gloves for getting to things like settings and such is a bit trickier since the icons are kinda small.  But swiping during workouts is easy.

Great review, I’m in the market for a new wearable, however as a Polar V650 owner I am very wary of Polar practice of abandoning their customers early in the product lifecycle and simply moving on to the next new product, an example of this is the ‘premium’ V650 which has not received any firmware update for a substantial amount of time which is being out performed by a newer lower spec model.The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! It’s a nice break from the day to day sports-tech talk, and I hope you get something out of it!How does the A370 performs while doing weightlifting? I could see that there is a “strength training” training activity, but I couldn’t find any more information online. My questions are: 1. Can I track resting time during sets?I don’t believe that combination is possible. Which is kind of weird because like every other combination is there. I have the a360. It is simple to toggle, however, and even a nose works on the touch screen (I do this when I’m cycling).

Polar A370 Review PCMa

The product that seemed to give me the nearest answer with the calorie burned, to match the calories eaten (that I follow with MyFitnessPal), was my Polar V800 and with a great difference with the other competitors.David, how is the Scosche holding up to swimming – I use the Mio Link for the same purpose (over a year of 2-3 swims per week) with no issues; but based on Ray’s review the Scosche is a bit better on HR accuracy so I would have preferred to buy that but didn’t because it wasn’t rated waterproof enough for swimming…1- Was it consider to offer the user the possibility to select a heartrate reading each second, while indicating to the user that the battery will have to be recharge faster? (to maybe 36 hours instead of 4 days)

Hinnavaatlus - Polar A370 M/L Blac

<Here’s> the Polar A360 manual if you need specific step-by-step walkthroughs of the menus.Turning to running, I was pleasantly surprised with the running accuracy as these 3 different runs show, below. Polar’s A360/A370 compared very well to the Garmin HRM-RUN. In some uses this Garmin HRM-RUN reports over 50% errors in Firstbeat…..(just so you know! but usually 1%-7%) – yet I would treat it as ‘accurate’. hmmm.

I think Polar Flows representation of combined metrics from different activities is better than Garmin Connect.For example: During months this Basis Peak was my reference when I was doing walking activities to meet the 3 step counts habit I had settle in the app (one habit for the morning, one for the afternoon, one for the evening…).

Replacement Watch Strap For Polar A360 A370 GPS Watch Wrist Bracelet Strap Smart Watch Watchband Belt Soft Silicone Wristband One wonders how any device like this can compete against the Apple Watch that can be as low as $225 on sales. I’m more interested in the H10 strap and that functionality. Top Rated Gear: Polar A370 Waterproof GPS Fitness Tracker with Wrist Based Heart Rate Monitor, Medium/Large, Black MFR: 90064907. Polar A370 is a sleek and sporty waterproof fitness tracker that helps you stay on the pulse 24/7 with continuous heart rate monitoring, advanced sleep tracking..

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