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longissimus (plural longissimi). (anatomy) The muscle lateral to the semispinalis; the longest subdivision of the sacrospinalis that extends forward into the transverse processes of the posterior cervical vertebrae longissimus definition: 1. a Latin word meaning longest, used in medical names and descriptions Percentage drip loss was significantly increased in the longissimus dorsi, semimembranosus and.. The examination to locate TrPs in the paraspinal muscles should be conducted either with the patient seated and leaning forwards to flex the spine or with the patient in the semiprone position with the painful side uppermost, and the knees brought up towards the chest. The full prone position should be avoided because, if the muscles are allowed to become too relaxed, it is difficult to identify palpable bands. Перевод контекст M. longissimus thoracis c английский на русский от Reverso Context: The ventral cutting line is determined by a measurement Перевод M. longissimus thoracis на русский

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Original Editor - Oyemi Sillo. Lead Editors - Oyemi Sillo and Kim Jackson. Longissimus Thoracis belongs to the intermediate column of the Sacrospinalis group of muscles. The common broad, thick tendon with Iliocostalis Lumborum.. lateral part: costal process of L4–L1, thoracolumbar fascia (deep layer), rib 12–rib 2 (medial to the costal angle); The longissimus cervicis arises medial to the insertion points of longissimus thoracis on the upper six thoracic vertebrae, and in turn terminates on the transverse processes of C2 to C6

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Add to Favourites. Comment. Phorusrhacos longissimus lres The erector spinae (sacrospinalis) muscle group extends from the sacrum to the skull. It forms a prominent musculotendineous mass on each side of the vertebral column and lies within the thoracolumbar fascia. The erector spinae can be divided into three vertical columns: the laterally placed iliocostalis; the intermediate longissimus; and the medially placed spinalis muscle group. All three originate from the iliac crest, the dorsal aspect of the sacrum, the sacroiliac ligaments, and the sacral and lumbar spinous processes. The erector spinae is largely covered by the erector spinae aponeurosis, which is formed by the tendons of the longissimus thoracis medially and iliocostalis pars thoracis laterally (Bogduk, 1997). The erector spinae contains predominantly type I (slow twitch, fatigue resistant) muscle fibers (Mannion, 1999). The number and density of muscle fibers are highest in the lateral column and lowest in the medial column of the erector spinae. This indicates that the lateral column is predominantly involved in initiating finer movements or maintaining posture, whereas the medial column is involved in initiating gross movement (Amonoo-Kuofi, 1983). The erector spinae receives its blood supply from the segmental arteries – posterior intercostal, subcostal, and lumbar. The lateral and intermediate branches of the dorsal rami of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal nerves innervate the erector spinae. Meaning of longissimus medical term. What does longissimus mean? Zhao et al [10] found that the number and volume of adipocytes in the longissimus dorsi muscle were significantly higher in.. Латеральная ветвь иннервирует m. splenius capitis et cervicis, mm. longissimus capitis, semispinalis capitis, m. obliquus capitis inferio The athlete lies supine. The therapist lifts the athlete's head into a slight lateral flexion (to reduce stress on the nuchal ligament, and to achieve the true line of stretch), conducting flexion and contralateral rotation with one hand. The treated muscle group is grasped with the fingertips of the other hand until the end point is reached. The muscle can be held in this position or the fingertips can slowly glide transversely over the muscle to facilitate a myofascial release effect (see Fig. 7.21C).

Treatment position: The patient is prone. The therapist sits on the same side as the tender point. The patient’s leg on the tender point side is suspended off the table, with the patient’s anterior ankle resting on the therapist’s thigh. Flex the patient’s hip 120–130 degrees, adduct the hip to tolerance, and slightly rotate the hip internally by gently pulling outward on the foot (see Fig. 109.5C).The term lumbar extensor is used colloquially to refer to the erector spinae muscle group, which is comprised of the iliocostalis lumborum, longissimus thoracis, and spinalis thoracis. These three long, narrow muscles are positioned lateral to the multifidus, have a common origin on the upper iliac crest and lumbar aponeurosis, and each inserts on several ribs superiorly.2 The erector spinae allow for vertebral rotation in the sagittal plane (e.g., lumbar extension) and posterior vertebral translation when muscles contract bilaterally.3 The multifidus muscle is also involved with lumbar extension movements and is therefore a target of lumbar strengthening exercises. The fascicular arrangement of the multifidus suggests that this muscle assists the erector spinae group and acts on vertebral rotation in the sagittal plane without posterior translation. Both the multifidus and erector spinae are also capable of vertebral rotation in the coronal plane (e.g., lumbar lateral flexion) and transverse plane (e.g., axial rotation) with unilateral contraction.4

Kuslich et al.117 demonstrated that both the supraspinous and interspinous ligaments might be a source of central LBP, whereas Kellgren118 reported back and leg pain in subjects in whom the interspinous ligament had been injected. However, the prevalence of specific sprain injury to the interspinous ligament is likely to be very low. The common tendon of the longissimus thoracis muscle154,155 and the long dorsal sacroiliac ligament156 are also ligamentous sources of pain, particularly pain to palpation around the posterior iliac spine. In addition, the thoracolumbar fascia might be a source of pain. Little data have been identified regarding diagnosis of ligamentous or fascial injury in the low back; however, one might speculate that sprain injuries to these structures would have a similar mechanism of injury in the trunk as in the extremities. Alternatively, pain might arise after prolonged stress on ligamentous tissue related to postural changes or movement impairments.157 · From lateral to medial: Iliocostalis Longissimus Spinalis. · Alternatively: I Long for Spinach. Erector spinae musclesI Like Standing: · From lateral to medial Illiocostalis Longissimus Spinalis It should also be noted, as stated by Travell & Simons (1983, p. 637), that TrPs in the iliocostalis muscle in the lower part of the thorax and in the multifidus muscle anywhere along the length of the lumbar spine may refer pain anteriorly to the abdomen, and that such pain may readily be misinterpreted as being visceral in origin (Fig. 17.7B). Longissimus. Quite the same Wikipedia. Deep muscles of the back - longissimus capitis visible at top right, longisimus cervicis visible at center upper right, and longissimus dorsi visible at center.. The longissimus muscle is the longest subdivision of the sacrospinalis muscle. It is located laterally to the semispinalis, and extends forward into the back side of the cervical vertebrae

Description. Longissimus Thoracis. Extension and lateral flexion of the vertebral column, rib rotation Функция: широчайшая мышца спины приводит плечо к туловищу и поворачивает его внутрь (пронация), разгибает плечо, опускает поднятую руку. При фиксированных руках обе мышцы подтягивают (поднимают) туловище (при лазании, плавании).

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In deactivating TrPs in the more deeply situated paraspinal muscles, the needles have to be inserted lateral to the midline and in a diagonal direction towards the vertebral bodies...lumborum; 4 — Longissimus thoracis; 5 — Iliocostalis; 6 — Spinalis thoracis; 7 — Infraspinatus scapulae; 11 — Longissimus cervicis; 12 — Splenius cervicis; 13 — Longissimus capitis; 14..

Liebenson (2007, 2001) further suggests careful visual and palpatory evaluation of the paraspinal musculature. ‘The bulk of the erector spinae should be compared from side to side as well as from the lumbar to the thoracolumbar region. There should be no evident difference between sides and regions’. Overactivity of the thoracolumbar erector spinae may lead to visible hypertrophy (see Chapter 2, Fig. 2.13) M. longissimus thoracis: Facies dorsalis des Os sacrum, Processus spinosi der Lendenwirbel Verlauf. Die Muskelbündel des M. longissimus capitis entspringen an den Processus transversi des.. P.E. Baldry MB BS FRCP, John W. Thompson PhD MB BS FRCP, in Acupuncture, Trigger Points and Musculoskeletal Pain (Third Edition), 2005The superficial layer of intrinsic muscles is largely covered by the lattisimus dorsi, trapezius, levator scapulae and rhomboid muscles. The splenius group has two parts; the splenius capitis arises from the spinous processes of C7-T4 and the nuchal ligament and inserts into the mastoid process and lateral third of the superior nuchal line; the splenius cervicis arises from the spinous processes of T3-T6 and inserts into the posterior tubercles of the transverse processes of C1-C3. The splenius muscles wrap around the sides and back of the neck; they extend and laterally bend the neck and head, and rotate head to the same side (Conley et al., 1995). They are innervated by the medial branches of the dorsal rami of spinal nerves C2-C6.The two muscles in the deep group likely to develop TrPs are the multifidi and rotatores. Pain from these TrPs is referred to the midline with the development of exquisite tenderness on palpating the spinous processes (Fig. 17.7A). Deep TrPs low down in the sacral region may also refer pain in a downwards direction to the coccyx and cause it to become very tender (Fig. 17.8).

Longissimus M. longissimus thoracis:–the medial part: mamillary process of L5, accessory process of L4–L1, tranverse processes of the thoracic spine, Read the latest magazines about Longissimus and discover magazines on Yumpu.com Üst Familya SERPENTES Familya Colubridae Alt Familya Kabile Alt Kabile Cins Zamenis Alt Cins Tür (Bilimsel Adı) longissimus Sistematikçi/Taksonomist (LAURENTI, 1768) Türkçe Adı Eskülap Yılanı.. Words nearby longing. longhorn, longi-, longicaudal, longicorn, longies, longing, longinus, longipennate, longirostral, longish, longissimus capitis muscle

Due to their morphology, the thoracic parts of the erector spinae are traditionally considered as global muscles; the lumbar parts are classified as local muscles. The discussion above illustrates that this subdivision has to be interpreted with caution. All different paravertebral muscles work together in function of segmental stiffness, global trunk stability, and movement during static and dynamic loading. Longissimus dorsi synonyms and Longissimus dorsi antonyms. Top synonym for longissimus dorsi (another word for longissimus dorsi) is latissimus dorsi Meaning of longissimus. What does longissimus mean? Information and translations of longissimus in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

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Bu sayfada Longissimus nedir Longissimus ne demek Longissimus ile ilgili sözler cümleler bulmaca kısaca Longissimus anlamı tanımı açılımı Longissimus hakkında bilgiler resimleri Longissimus.. Полоз лісовий, ескулапів Zamenis longissimus (Laurenti, 1768). Таксономічна належність: Клас — Плазуни (Reptilia), ряд — Змії (Serpentes), родина — Вужеві (Colubridae). Один з 5 видів роду.. Малая задняя прямая мышца головы (m. rectus capitis posterior minor) начинается на заднем бугорке атланта коротким узким сухожилием, направляется вверх и, расширяясь, прикрепляется к затылочной кости под нижней выйной линией, рядом с наружным затылочным гребнем. Латеральный край мышцы прикрыт большой задней прямой мышцей головы. Vv. intercostales posteriores, vv. lumbales. б) M. Longissimus

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  1. Leon Chaitow ND DO, Judith DeLany LMT, in Clinical Application of Neuromuscular Techniques, Volume 2 (Second Edition), 2011
  2. longissimus (Q1085907). From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Also known as. English. longissimus. No description defined
  3. Muskulus longissimus, M erector spinae?nin orta bölümünü oluşturan kas anlamına gelmektedir.Tıp dilinde çokça kullanılan kelimelerdendir
  4. superficial, lateral tract with:▪muscle bands running vertically, in the thoracic area:–M. iliocostalis thoracis,

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The longissimus muscle is situated between the iliocostalis and spinalis. It is the largest of the three columns. It can be divided into three parts - thoracic, cervicis and capitis Mm. intertransversarii thoracis: accessory process and mamillary process of L1 to the transverse process of T11,

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  1. The longissimus is the muscle lateral to the semispinalis. It is the longest subdivision of the sacrospinalis that extends forward into the transverse processes of the posterior cervical vertebrae
  2. The iliocostalis muscle column has lumbar, thoracic and cervical parts. The iliocostalis lumborum arises from the sacrum and iliac crests and inserts to the angles of the lower six ribs. The iliocostalis thoracis fibers arise medial to the insertion points of iliocostalis lumborum on the angles of the upper six ribs. The iliocostalis cervicis originates below from the angles of third to sixth ribs medial to the insertion points of iliocostalis thoracis and inserts onto the posterior tubercles of C4 to C6. The muscle bundles of the iliocostalis, inserting into their respective ribs, run parallel to each other along a line which is defined by the caudal tip of the posterior superior iliac spine and the lateral border of the iliocostalis at the twelfth rib (De Foa et al., 1989).
  3. The erector spinae muscles (iliocostalis, longissimus, and spinalis) are large, deep muscles that extend the length of the back
  4. ent dorsolateral contour of the back muscles in the lumbar region. It consists of two muscles: the m. longissimus thoracis and the m. iliocostalis lumborum. Furthermore, each of these muscles has two components: a lumbar part, consisting of fascicles arising from the lumbar vertebrae, and a thoracic part, consisting of fascicles arising from thoracic vertebrae or ribs (Bogduk 1997, Macintosh & Bogduk 1987). These four parts can be referred to, respectively, as: longissimus thoracis pars lumborum, iliocostalis lumborum pars lumborum, longissimus thoracis pars thoracis, and iliocostalis lumborum pars thoracis.
  5. rubrior (m, f) rubrius (n). Превосходная степень. longissimus (m) longissima (f) longissimum (n). brevissimus (m) brevissima (f) brevissimum (n). simplicissimus (m) simplicissima (f) simplicissimum (n)
  6. Main data: Length overall: 165.8 m Beam: 16.0 m Draft: 8.6 m Displacement: approx. 10.000 tons Range: approx. 15.000 km Submerged endurance: approx. 4 weeks Depth: approx. 300 m. Builder..
  7. Review the attachments, actions, and nerve supply of the spinalis thoracis muscle and test your knowledge of the muscles of the back.

The longissimus (Latin for 'the longest one') is the muscle lateral to the semispinalis muscles. It is the longest subdivision of the erector spinae muscles that extends forward into the transverse processes.. Bending to one side and rotation of the cervical spine and head to the same side, bilateral extension of the cervical spine: M. splenius cervicis, M. splenius capitis.The longissimus thoracis muscle is the largest of the erector spinae muscles. It arises from the common origin of the erector spinae muscles (see Iliocostalis Lumborum). In addition, many fibers begin from the transverse and accessory processes of the lumbar vertebrae (see Chapter 7). This muscle is the longest muscle of the back, thus the name longissimus. It ends superiorly on the third through twelfth ribs, between their angles and tubercles (see Chapter 6). The longissimus thoracis muscle also attaches onto the transverse processes of all 12 thoracic vertebrae. This muscle functions to hold the thoracic and lumbar regions erect, and laterally flexes the spine when it acts unilaterally. It is innervated by lateral branches of the thoracic and lumbar posterior primary divisions. длиннейшая мышца. m. longissimus

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  1. The lumbar erector spinae has a poor lever arm for spine extension but is aligned to provide a dynamic counterforce to the anterior shear force imparted to the lumbar spine from gravitational force.
  2. Review the attachments, actions, and nerve supply of the spinalis cervicis muscle and test your knowledge of the muscles of the back.
  3. M. longissimus thoracis: Facies dorsalis des Os sacrum, Processus spinosi der Lendenwirbel Verlauf. Die Muskelbündel des M. longissimus capitis entspringen an den Processus transversi des..
  4. Lineus longissimus (Gunnerus, 1770). AphiaID. 122528 (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname Lineus longissimus (Gunnerus, 1770). Accessed through: World Register of Marine Species at: http..
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  6. The longissimus (Latin for 'the longest one') is the muscle lateral to the semispinalis muscles. It is the longest subdivision of the erector spinae muscles that extends forward into the transverse processes of the posterior cervical vertebrae
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Tender point: This point is located within the piriformis muscle, which is 3 inches medial and slightly cephalad to the greater trochanter. Tender points can occur anywhere within muscle, which runs between the midsacrum and the greater trochanter of the proximal femur (see Fig. 109.5A). Study 8 Longissimus Muscles flashcards from Diana C. on StudyBlue. Longissimus Muscles. Reminder. Edit a Copy The athlete is treated in sitting position. A wedge, rolled towel, or firm pillow is positioned unilaterally under the gluteal area on the side that is not to be treated (see Fig. 7.21A). This will drop the pelvis on the treated side and take up the slack in the muscles. The athlete is instructed to grasp the heel of the opposite leg, and the muscle is stretched as the leg on the nontreated side is gradually extended. The therapist accentuates the stretch by applying manual longitudinal or transverse pressure on the muscle belly.The same treatment position pertains, but the therapist applies manual reinforcement with a palm heel or elbow in the thoracic area of the muscle group (see Fig. 7.21B).

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deep medial tract with:▪the vertically running muscles bands of the Mm. interspinales thoracis and the M. spinalis thoracis, Iliocostalis and Longissimus - Trigger Point. Joe Muscolino October 19, 2017

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M. longissimus: Ursprung, Ansatz, Funktion, Innervation, arterielle Versorgung The aim of this study was to evaluate longissimus dorsi adaptation to microgravity at both morphological and global gene expression level TrPs in the paraspinal musculature may occur either in the superficial group of muscles known collectively as the erector spinae, or in muscles deep to this such as the multifidus and rotatores.The most medial part of the erector spinae is the spinalis muscle group. It is a narrow column, arising from the spinous processes of T11 to L1-L2 and inserting to the T2-T3 to T10. Sometimes a spinalis cervicis muscle is present that arises from the spinous processes of the two upper thoracic and two lower cervical vertebrae and insert onto the spinous processes of the C2-C4. Spinalis capitis arises from the transverse processes of the upper six thoracic vertebrae and from the articular processes of the lower four cervical vertebrae, and inserts on the occipital bone. Spinalis muscles may be blended with the semispinalis muscles and occasionally are completely absent (Greiner et al., 2004). Many translated example sentences containing longissimus - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations. Look up in Linguee. Suggest as a translation of longissimus

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  1. Посмотрите твиты по теме «#longissimus» в Твиттере. Some #Longissimus work today at Northwest School of Massage
  2. M. splenius • M. longissimus • M. iliocostalis
  3. Download as PDFSet alertAbout this pageMuscles That Influence the SpineBarclay W. Bakkum, Gregory D. Cramer, in Clinical Anatomy of the Spine, Spinal Cord, and Ans (Third Edition), 2014
  4. Posterior Cervical Muscles. Longissimus Capitis. Semispinalis. Longissiumus Cervicis. Semospinalis. Longissimus Thoracis. Semispinalis Capitis. Splenius
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Liebenson (2000c) has described the changes in longissimus (thoracis) related to trigger point activity and a variety of low back and coccygeal pain, pseudo-visceral pain, known as the Silvertolpe reflex (see discussion on p. 225 and Fig. 10.12). Direct perpendicular palpation produces a reflex twitch response. Liebenson reports that treatment of the sacrotuberous ligament is usually successful in obliterating the trigger point activity. Description de Zamenis longissimus. La couleuvre d'Esculape mesure en moyenne 120 cm de longueur mais l'on a déjà observé des spécimens de 210 cm. Les mâles adultes sont toujours plus.. Young man, there's no need to feel down. Парень, ты чего? Не грусти M. iliocostalis. M. longissimus. M. spinalis. Derin grup. M.iliocostalis- M.longissimus- M.spinalis Fonksiyonu: İki taraflı kontraksiyonlarında columna vertebralisi arkaya doğru eğerler Medial to the iliocostalis lies the largest and longest part of the erector spinae, the longissimus muscle group. The longissimus and the iliocostalis are separated from each other posteriorly but usually not anteriorly in the lumbar region (Jonsson, 1970). The longissimus is divided into three parts according to the regions it traverses. The longissimus thoracis is inserted in to the transverse processes of the upper lumbar and all thoracic vertebrae and into the tubercles of the lower nine or ten ribs. The longissimus cervicis arises medial to the insertion points of longissimus thoracis on the upper six thoracic vertebrae, and in turn terminates on the transverse processes of C2 to C6. The longissimus capitis arises from the transverse processes of the upper four to five thoracic vertebrae and the articular processes of C4 to C7. The muscle separates from the longissimus cervicis as it ascends in the neck and attaches chiefly to the mastoid process of the temporal bone. The longissimus muscle contains a greater percentage of fatigue-resistant type I fibers (Sirca and Kostevc, 1985) and works as a segmental stabilizer (Mayoux-Benhamou et al., 1994). The lumbar part of longissimus thoracis and the lumbar part of iliocostalis lumborum are separated by the lumbar intermuscular aponeurosis (Bogduk, 1980a; Daggfeldt et al., 2000).

For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Lineus longissimus. Lineus longissimus. Connected to: {{::readMoreArticle.title}} Longissimus Life, Tegucigalpa. 2.4K likes. Página informativa de salud. Longissimus Life. Medical and health in Tegucigalpa, Honduras The longissimus is the muscle lateral to the semispinalis. It is the longest subdivision of the sacrospinalis that extends forward into the transverse processes of the posterior cervical vertebrae. The Longissimus dorsi is the intermediate and largest of the continuations of the Sacrospinalis The Modigliani-Miller theorem (M&M) states that the value of a company is based on its future earnings while its capital structure is irrelevant View Longissimus Dorsi Research Papers on Academia.edu for free. Recent papers in Longissimus Dorsi

Review the attachments, actions, and nerve supply of the quadratus lumborum muscle and test your knowledge of the muscles of the back.Иннервация: задние ветви шейных спинномозговых нервов (СIII—CVIII).Acting bilaterally, all three columns of the erector spinae extend the head and part or all of the vertebral column. Acting unilaterally, the erector spinae laterally flexes the head or the vertebral column. In addition, the longissimus capitis rotates the head so that it is turned to the side of the active muscle. Zu den oberflächligen zählen der Iliocostalis thoracis, Iliocostalis lumborum sowie der Longissimus thoracis. Zusammen werden diese Muskeln auch oft als Erector spinae bezeichnet

Loin samples (M. longissimus dorsi) of the two breeds were analyzed to determine meat quality and sensory properties. Result KNP had a higher moisture content than LYD (p < 0.05); however, it had.. longissimus muscle: 1 фраза в 1 тематике The two muscles in the superficial group (the erector spinae) most likely to develop TrPs are the longissimus thoracis and lateral to this, the iliocostalis lumborum muscle (Fig. 17.4).

Attachments of Longissimus Capitis: Origin & Insertion. Origin: Transverse processes T1 - T5: articular processes of C4 or C5-C7. Insertion: Posterior portion of the mastoid process of the temporal.. Although the thoracic erector spinae has no essential attachments to the lumbar spine, it has an optimal lever arm for lumbar extension. By pulling the thorax posteriorly, it creates an extension moment at the lumbar spine. The thoracic erector spinae functions eccentrically – to control the descent of the trunk during forward bending – and isometrically – to control the position of the lower thorax with respect to the pelvis during functional movements (Danneels et al 2001). As mentioned above, when counterbalanced by antagonistic muscle activity, these muscles have a major capacity to create compression.1 — Intemal oblique; 2 — External oblique; 3 — Serratus posterior inferior; 4 — Serratus anterior; 5 — Latissimus dorsi; 6 — Ribs; 7 — Serratus posterior superior; 8 — Deltoid; 9 — Splenius cervicis; 10 — Splenius capitis; 11 — Trapezius; 12 — Sternocleidomastoid; 13 — Levator scapulae; 14 — Rhomboid minor; 15 — Teres major; 16—- Rhomboid major; 17 — Infraspinatus, infraspinous fascia; 18 — Scapula, inferior angle; 19 — Erector spinae; 20 — Thoracolumbar fascia; 21 — Inferior lumbar triangle; 22— Iliae crestПолуостистая мышца груди (m. semispinalis thoracis) начинается на поперечных отростках VII—XII грудных позвонков, направляется вверх и медиально и прикрепляется к остистым отросткам I—IV грудных и VI—VII шейных позвонков.

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running in a diagonal superior direction the deep-lying Mm. rotatores, Mm. multifidii and M. semispinalis thoracis. 5)Musculus longissimus capitis,musculus longissimus cervicis,musculus longissimus thoracis. 5)Pulveres sunt grossi,subtiles,subtilisimi Macintosh and Bogduk (1987b) found fibers of the longissimus thoracis muscle that are confined to the lumbar and sacral regions. These fibers began from lumbar accessory and transverse processes and ended on the medial surface of the posterior superior iliac spine. The authors called these fibers the longissimus thoracis pars lumborum.TrPs in the superficial erector spinae muscles are readily felt by palpating down the length of the paravertebral gutter.

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Innervation: posterior branches of the thoracic nerves (M. iliocostalis thoracis), posterior and anterior branches of the spinal nerves (Mm. intertransversarii thoracis), posterior branches of the spinal nerves. Medical definition of longissimus: the intermediate division of the sacrospinalis muscle that consists of the longissimus capitis, longissimus cervicis, and longissimus thoracis; also : any of these three..

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Задние ветви шейных, грудных и поясничных спинномозговых нервов CIV-LIII. Задние ветви шейных, грудных и поясничных спинномозговых нервов (СII-LV)Referred pain from TrPs in these muscles is mainly felt locally in areas immediately adjacent to these points, but sometimes it is felt at a distance. As King & Lagger (1976) have shown, TrPs in the erector spinae muscles may cause pain to be referred down the course of the sciatic nerve. And, as Travell & Simons (1983, p. 637) have stated, TrPs in the iliocostalis lumborum muscle at the upper lumbar level, and in the longissimus thoracis at the lower thoracic level, cause pain to be referred to the buttock (Figs 17.5 & 17.6). It is because of this that, earlier in this chapter, it was stressed that the search for TrPs must always start some distance above the 12th rib. Длиннейшая мышца - Musculus longissimus. Анатомическая иерархия. Musculus longissimus thoracis The erector spinae group runs from the sacral area and pelvis, all the way up to the occipital bone (Kendall et al. 1971). This creates a very long muscle group and is consequently beneficially stretched in separate segments of the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical areas.

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The sciatic nerve and the piriformis muscle are in close proximity (Fig. 109.5). In fact, in 5% of the population, the nerve runs through or over the muscle, thus making irritation of the nerve much more likely when the muscle is inflamed. This condition, called piriformis syndrome, is a common cause of buttock pain with radiation of pain down the back of the thigh. Before treating the piriformis muscle, be sure to assess for and treat any tender points in the quadratus lumborum and longissimus thoracis muscles because both these muscles can radiate to the sacral or buttocks area. The rectus abdominis and external abdominal oblique muscles can also be involved anteriorly. Фото со стока - medical accurate illustration of the longissimus thoracis. Визуальный поиск Associations of Heat-Shock Protein Expression with Meat Quality and Sensory Quality Characteristics in Highly Marbled Longissimus Thoracis Muscle from Hanwoo Steers Categorized by..

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