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Mediawiki中文技术论坛»论坛. 本版是mediawiki为大家提供的一个休闲娱乐区,在这里可以自由讨论,聊天,但不是发广.. MediaWiki developers are spread around the world, though with a majority in the United States and Europe. Face-to-face meetings and programming sessions for MediaWiki developers have been held once or several times a year since 2004.[145] Installatron for MediaWiki is a one-click solution to install and manage MediaWiki Deploy a free MediaWiki wiki instantly and discover just how easy MediaWiki websites..

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每一个热爱ubuntu系统的人,想必也热爱科学。有着一大堆各种各样的 笔记 资料。 时间短、内容少,还找得见,查得到。时间一长,临时要资料,那可就累了。 这箱子,那柜子的找。放电脑上的,还能搜一搜。但大多零散地要命 Alignment: <-Any non-chaotic. As possible Medjai must meet its covenants, agreements, contracts and promises. Lies, promises not officially agreed and agreements that are impossible to meet will not harm the reputation of a Medjai. On the other hand, a Medjai who refuses to fulfill his contract will be punished with monetary fines and even expulsion from the order to which he belongs.->. Sometimes while one user is editing, a second user saves an edit to the same part of the page. Then, when the first user attempts to save the page, an edit conflict occurs. The second user is then given an opportunity to merge his content into the page as it now exists following the first user's page save.

[UPDATE: Please also read the discussion page ! Both Debian/Ubuntu upgrades and MW 1.27 upgrades do require changes that are not documented here] - Daniel K. Schneider (talk) 21:54, 13 September 2016 (CEST) Managed MediaWiki hosting on super secure and high-performance cloud servers. Now experience smooth MediaWiki cloud hosting with auto backups and more School of the Crocodile: <-Like the deadly hunter of the sacred river, this medjai crushes his enemies when they are weaker. The medjai adds one point to his critic range and to his critic damage multiplier. At 2nd level the warrior looses that point in the critic range but adds his WIS modifier to the critic range, being able to stack this with Improved Critics if desired, and gains +WIS to his AC. At 3rd level he becomes inmune to critics and opportunity attacks, and adds another +5 to his AC, his skin becoming hard as crocodile hide->. There are many spambots that search the web for MediaWiki installations and add linkspam to them, despite the fact that MediaWiki uses the nofollow attribute to discourage such attempts at search engine optimization.[114] Part of the problem is that third party republishers, such as mirrors, may not independently implement the nofollow tag on their websites, so marketers can still get PageRank benefit by inserting links into pages when those entries appear on third party websites.[115] Anti-spam extensions have been developed to combat the problem by introducing CAPTCHAs,[116] blacklisting certain URLs,[117] and allowing bulk deletion of pages recently added by a particular user.[118] MediaWiki is free and open-source software and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version. Its documentation, located at www.mediawiki.org, is released under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license and partly in the public domain.[14] Specifically, the manuals and other content at MediaWiki.org are Creative Commons-licensed, while the set of help pages intended to be freely copied into fresh wiki installations and/or distributed with MediaWiki software is public domain. This was done to eliminate legal issues arising from the help pages being imported into wikis with licenses that are incompatible with the Creative Commons license.[15] MediaWiki development has generally favored the use of open-source media formats.[16]

Each page has an associated history page from which the user can access every version of the page that has ever existed and generate diffs between two versions of his choice. Users' contributions are displayed not only here, but also via a "user contributions" option on a sidebar. Carl Challborn & Teresa Reimann note that "While this feature may be a slight deviation from the collaborative, 'ego-less' spirit of wiki purists, it can be very useful for educators who need to assess the contribution and participation of individual student users."[69] For more information on the architecture, such as how it stores wikitext and assembles a page, see External links.

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MediaWiki by default has little support for the creation of dynamically assembled documents, or pages that aggregate data from other pages. Some research has been done on enabling such features directly within MediaWiki.[138] The Semantic MediaWiki extension provides these features. It is not in use on Wikipedia, but in more than 1,600 other MediaWiki installations.[139] The Wikibase Repository and Wikibase Repository client are however implemented in Wikidata and Wikipedia respectively, and to some extent provides semantic web features, and linking of centrally stored data to infoboxes in various Wikipedia articles. We found 3 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word mediawiki: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where mediawiki is defined

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Other Classes: <-How this class typically interacts with other classes and how characters of this class interact with characters of other classes->. ..for computer hardware based on MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki. MediaWiki, the database is queryable using semantic search (help on the Semantic MediaWiki site) and..

Advancement: <-Typical advancement options for characters with this class. Include desirable multiclass options->. To make editing long pages easier, MediaWiki allows the editing of a subsection of a page (as identified by its header). A registered user can also indicate whether or not an edit is minor. Correcting spelling, grammar or punctuation are examples of minor edits, whereas adding paragraphs of new text is an example of a non-minor edit.

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English: This page shows screenshots, mockups and logos of MediaWiki and the MediaWiki installations on Wikimedia servers. See also: Category:MediaWiki logos. See also Manual:Database layout on MediaWiki.org. See also m:Server layout diagrams This page is part of the Wiki Cleanup Project. [[ Wiki SEO | Cleanup | Wiki tasks ]]. There's a lot of information on wiki.laptop.org. wikipedia:Semantic MediaWiki is an extension that lets you annotate existing wiki text and templates so that you can query and explore this.. /etc/php.ini 혹은 /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini 파일에서 다음의 항목을 수정한다. ; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept. ; Its value may be 0 to disable the limit. It is ignored if POST data reading ; is disabled through enable_post_data_reading.. MediaWiki has an active volunteer community for development and maintenance. Users who have made meaningful contributions to the project by submitting patches are generally, upon request, granted access to commit revisions to the project's Git/Gerrit repository.[17] There are also paid programmers who primarily develop projects for the Wikimedia Foundation. MediaWiki developers participate in the Google Summer of Code by facilitating the assignment of mentors to students wishing to work on MediaWiki core and extension projects.[18] During the year prior to November 2012, there were about two hundred developers who had committed changes to the MediaWiki core or extensions.[19] Major MediaWiki releases are generated approximately every six months by taking snapshots of the development branch, which is kept continuously in a runnable state;[20] minor releases, or point releases, are issued as needed to correct bugs (especially security problems).

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Five main extension points were created to allow developers to add features and functionalities to MediaWiki. Hooks are run every time a certain event happens; for instance, the ArticleSaveComplete hook occurs after a save article request has been processed.[90] This can be used, for example, by an extension that notifies selected users whenever a page edit occurs on the wiki from new or anonymous users.[91] New tags can be created to process data with opening and closing tags (<newtag>...</newtag>).[92] Parser functions can be used to create a new command ({{#if:...|...|...}}).[93] New special pages can be created to perform a specific function. These pages are dynamically generated. For example, a special page might show all pages that have one or more links to an external site or it might create a form providing user submitted feedback.[94] Skins allow users to customize the look and feel of MediaWiki.[95] A minor extension point allows the use of Amazon S3 to host image files.[96] Matomo Core Team. New plugin: Mediawiki Matomo integration. Mediawiki is the wiki software used to power Wikipedia. It is also used by thousands of websites and companies

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  1. istrator • Bureaucrat • Checkuser Import • Oversight • Developers Extensions: Boardvote extension • PovWatch extension
  2. Our Wiki hosting service is perfect for user generated content, and knowledge bases. Thousands of Wiki owners have already chosen HostGator as their trusted MediaWiki..
  3. To backup your MediaWiki website, you will need to take the following actions That's it! You have successfully created a backup of your MediaWiki website
  4. MediaWiki feature to stop spambots from registering new accounts, as shown in Italian Wikibooks 2006-01

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Another parser functions extension, StringFunctions, was developed to allow evaluation of string length, string position, and so on. Wikimedia communities, having created awkward workarounds to accomplish the same functionality,[101] clamored for it to be enabled on their projects.[102] Much of its functionality was eventually integrated into the ParserFunctions extension,[103] albeit disabled by default and accompanied by a warning from Tim Starling that enabling string functions would allow users "to implement their own parsers in the ugliest, most inefficient programming language known to man: MediaWiki wikitext with ParserFunctions."[104] MediaWiki makes use of 18 built-in namespaces. The odd number namespaces are talk namespaces while even numbered ones represent subject namespaces The MediaWiki API is a well-documented set of development tools that can do a majority of tasks in one script. The API is typically used for development of automated tools for use.. The "MediaWiki:" namespace was also originally used for creating custom text blocks that could then be dynamically loaded into other pages using a special syntax. This content was later moved into its own namespace, "Template:". Mediawiki Active Directory Authentication. Installing LDAP_Authentication AD authentication extension for mediawiki was a nightmare

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CamelCase compound of media +‎ wiki. IPA(key): /ˈmiːdi.əˌwɪki/. MediaWiki. (Wiktionary and WMF jargon) The wiki software used by many websites, including the Wikimedia projects such as Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc MediaWiki is a powerful wiki engine that was originally developed to serve the needs of Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia. Today, MediaWiki is used publicly by many of the.. MediaWiki comes with a basic set of features related to restricting access, but its original and ongoing design is driven by functions that largely relate to content, not content segregation. As a result, with minimal exceptions (related to specific tools and their related "Special" pages), page access control has never been a high priority in core development and developers have stated that users requiring secure user access and authorization controls should not rely on MediaWiki, since it was never designed for these kinds of situations. For instance, it is extremely difficult to create a wiki where only certain users can read and access some pages.[89] Here, wiki engines like Foswiki, MoinMoin and Confluence provide more flexibility by supporting advanced security mechanisms like access control lists. language-mediawiki. Originally converted From the Textmate Bundle. This is a conversion of the Mediawiki TextMate bundle. I think this package is bad news

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MediaWiki is a small package which contains everything you need to create your own MediaWiki is basically a free server-based software which is licensed under the GNU.. The MediaWiki codebase contains various "hooks" using callback functions to add additional PHP code in an extensible way. This allows developers to write extensions without necessarily needing to modify the core or having to submit their code for review. Installing an extension typically consists of adding a line to the configuration file, though in some cases additional changes such as database updates or core patches are required.

Installation of MediaWiki requires that the user have administrative privileges on a server running both PHP and a compatible type of SQL database. Some users find that setting up a virtual host is helpful if the majority of one's site runs under a framework (such as Zope or Ruby on Rails) that is largely incompatible with MediaWiki.[38] Cloud hosting can eliminate the need to deploy a new server.[39] Another important tool is watchlisting. Each logged-in user has a watchlist to which the user can add whatever pages he or she wishes. When an edit is made to one of those pages, a summary of that edit appears on the watchlist the next time it is refreshed.[65] As with the recent changes page, recent edits that appear on the watchlist contain clickable links for easy review of the article history and specific changes made. MediaWiki can be made more advanced and useful for various purposes through its extensions. These extensions vary greatly in complexity.

Unter dem Namen Medjau (auch Medjai oder Medja) wurden im Alten Ägypten vom Ende des Alten bis zum Neuen Reich Menschen bezeichnet, die in der Nubischen Wüste, im Roten-Meer-Gebirge und.. A number of alternative wiki encyclopedias to Wikipedia run on MediaWiki, including Citizendium, Metapedia, Scholarpedia and Conservapedia. MediaWiki is also used internally by a large number of companies, including Novell and Intel.[34][35] School of the Cobra: <-The medjai uses a deadly poison, like the queen of the reptiles. In his first attack with a weapon of the turn he has a possibility equal to level/20 of inflicting poison damage. This poison deals 1d4+WIS of damage every turn and can only be cured by the remove desease feat outside of combat, magic, or an explicit antidote. The victim has a Fortitude Save equal to 10+the medjai level+WIS modifier and can only be infected if he is non-affected. The poison does not stack with itself. At 2nd level the poison can be inflicted with every attack and deals 2d6+WIS of damage, and the medjai becomes inmune to any kind of poison except, ironically, the ones he use, but very few know of this. At 3rd level the poison deals 3d8+WIS and the Fortitude Save is equal to 15+the medjai level+WIS modifier.->. School of the Ibis: <-This medjai finds meaning in healing others like the holy bird of the sacred river. The medjai gains the ability Lay on Hands as a paladin of this level. At 2nd level he gains access to the Healing domain like a cleric 4 levels behind and gains also inmunity to any poison, including the ones from the School of the Cobra. At 3rd level he gains access to the Healing domain like a cleric of the same level->.

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MediaWiki on wiki-sivustojen eli kenen tahansa käyttäjän itse muokattavissa olevien verkkosivustojen tekemiseen tarkoitettu tietokoneohjelmisto. Wikipedia, Commons ja muut Wikimedian hankkeet toimivat MediaWikillä Wikimedia Developer Support. Community. MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group. Written a PowerShell Module that helps you download MediaWiki extensions and skins.. MediaWiki software is the wiki engine software package that runs this WikiIndex wiki MediaWiki is compiled and written in PHP, and is probably the most widely deployed wiki..

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It is possible for a sysop user to merge the edit histories of two wiki pages. This is most useful when an old page is copied to a new page. The procedure requires the ability to delete and undelete pages. <-Great soldiers, guardian of tombs and palaces with a good military instruction and an excellent academic training. They tend to be warriors in the service of empires and institutions or reliable mercenaries. Trained elite fighters using their knowledge to face any foe in particular to kill specific creatures in their territory of origin.->.

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Cómo puedo proteger MediaWiki para que sólo los usuarios registrados puedan Cómo desactivar el registro en MediaWiki. ¿Dónde está el archivo de configuración principal de.. Templates are structured documents containing attribute–value pairs. They are defined with parameters, to which are assigned values when transcluded on an article page. The name of the parameter is delimited from the value by an equals sign. A class of templates known as infoboxes is used on Wikipedia to collect and present a subset of information about its subject, usually on the top (mobile view) or top right-hand corner (desktop view) of the document.

Among the most popular extensions is a parser function extension, ParserFunctions, which allows different content to be rendered based on the result of conditional statements.[99] These conditional statements can perform functions such as evaluating whether a parameter is empty, comparing strings, evaluating mathematical expressions, and returning one of two values depending on whether a page exists. It was designed as a replacement for a notoriously inefficient template called {{Qif}}.[100] Schindler recounts the history of the ParserFunctions extension as follows:[31] Another wiki tip I needed often back in time was, how to create a simple private wiki for So, here's a little snippet for mediawiki in order to create a private wiki. Just paste it at.. The Wikimedia Foundation was announced on June 20, 2003. In July, Wikipedia contributor Daniel Mayer, suggested the name "MediaWiki" for the software, as a play on "Wikimedia".[23] The MediaWiki name, was gradually phased in, beginning in August 2003. The name has frequently caused confusion due to its (intentional) similarity to the "Wikimedia" name (which itself is similar to "Wikipedia").[24] Free. Windows, Linux. MediaWiki is the collaborative editing software that runs Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and other projects MediaWiki. 4,463 likes · 19 talking about this. News from the MediaWiki project. Powering Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement

<-Great soldiers, guardian of tombs and palaces with a good military instruction and an excellent academic training. They tend to be warriors in the service of empires and institutions or reliable mercenaries Weapon and Armor Proficiency: <-Medjais are proficient with the following weapons: club, dagger, quarterstaff, scimitar, falchion, sling, short bow, long bow and all the simple and martial spears and polearms. Medjais are proficient with light or medium armor only. Medjais cant use any kind of shield. Use of heavy armor or shields is a sign of cowardice acceptable only in critical conditions that besides make impossible to benefit from most of the special skills of Medjais.->. 'mediawiki' is a Haskell package providing a comprehensive binding to the programmatic interface to MediaWiki (aka, 'the MediaWiki API') Die Wiki-Software Mediawiki (auch: MediaWiki) wird seit 2002 als Ersatz für Usemod für die freie Online-Enzyklopädie Wikipedia entwickelt. Inzwischen laufen auch die Wikipedia-Ableger Wikisource (freie Quellen zur Wikipedia), Wiktionary (Wörterbuch), Wikiquote.. In addition to namespaces, content can be ordered using subpages. This simple feature provides automatic breadcrumbs of the pattern [[Page title/Subpage title]] from the page after the slash (in this case, "Subpage title") to the page before the slash (in this case, "Page title").

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Commons Free media repository. MediaWiki Wiki software development. Meta-Wiki Wikimedia project coordination. Wikibooks Free textbooks and manuals It is common for new MediaWiki users to make certain mistakes, such as forgetting to sign posts with four tildes (~~~~),[135] or manually entering a plaintext signature,[136] due to unfamiliarity with the idiosyncratic particulars involved in communication on MediaWiki discussion pages. On the other hand, the format of these discussion pages has been cited as a strength by one educator, who stated that it provides more fine-grain capabilities for discussion than traditional threaded discussion forums. For example, instead of 'replying' to an entire message, the participant in a discussion can create a hyperlink to a new wiki page on any word from the original page. Discussions are easier to follow since the content is available via hyperlinked wiki page, rather than a series of reply messages on a traditional threaded discussion forum. However, except in few cases, students were not using this capability, possibly because of their familiarity with the traditional linear discussion style and a lack of guidance on how to make the content more 'link-rich'.[137] Installing MediaWiki Common add-ons to MediaWiki Handling images Email and spam MediaWiki utilities Secure settings Licensing settings.. MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki software package written in PHP. It serves as the platform for Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects, used by hundreds of millions of people each month. MediaWiki is localised in over 350 languages and its reliability and robust feature set have earned it a large and vibrant community of third-party users and developers. Besides its use on Wikimedia sites, MediaWiki has been used as a knowledge management and content management system on many thousands of websites, public and private, including the websites Fandom, wikiHow and Gamepedia, and major internal installations like Intellipedia and Diplopedia.

MediaWiki mediawiki@identi.ca. Gūshdūn, Iran. News from the MediaWiki project. Powering Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement Helpwiki » Web Publishing » Mediawiki » Adding New Pages - Mediawiki. Learn about the two primary methods for creating new wiki pages or articles. In the beginning was the word. MediaWiki's user interface has been localized in many different languages. A language for the wiki content itself can also be set, to be sent in the "Content-Language" HTTP header and "lang" HTML attribute. Upgrading MediaWiki is usually fully automated, requiring no changes to the site content or template programming. Historically troubles have been encountered when upgrading from significantly older versions.[140]

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  1. MediaWiki is a free application, registered under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is used to run Wikipedia, the world's largest online encyclopedi
  2. MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use MediaWiki is an extremely powerful, scalable software and a feature-rich wiki implementation that..
  3. MediaWiki is a Web-server-stack web application. This page documents how to set up MediaWiki on Funtoo Linux, from a bare stage3 install with network connectivity

Epic Medjai Bonus Feat List: Arcane Eyes, True Knowledge, Perfect Health, Legendary Climber, Great Intelligence, Epic Weapon Focus, Overwhelming Critical, Penetrate Damage Reduction, Polyglot, Augmented Craft (Any), Damage Reduction, Instant Reload, Epic Reputation. Mediawiki is a wiki that is used e.g. by LQ Wiki and Wikipedia. The default config is to allow anonymous editing of any page and self registration. Edit LocalSettings.php and make sure it contains the lines. $wgGroupPermissions['*' ]['edit'] = false.. Abilities: <-Medjai's wisdom is its main feature, and increases his abilities greatly. Strength is useful, but they rely on their dexterity to cause more damage and improve their attack, and the constitution allows it to withstand more damage.->.

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MediaWiki is a collaboration and documentation platform brought to you by a vibrant community. Photo of participants of the Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 Make sure to check your spam folder for e-mails from MediaWiki Widgets when registering since only accounts with confirmed e-mail-addresses can edit the wiki

<-Like any fighter class Medjai has good hit points despite their ability to use weapons and armor is much lower than that of a fighter. Medjai strength comes from its preparation or grows throughout the fight. Like a magician should review their notes to remember how to defeat an enemy or another. The Medjais blend seamlessly with other Medjais also can play the role of a frontline fighter, a rogue eliminating primary targets and be as good source of knowledge as any wizard.->. The product logo was created by Erik Möller, using a flower photograph taken by Florence Nibart-Devouard, and was originally submitted to the logo contest for a new Wikipedia logo, held in from July 20 to August 27, 2003.[25][26] The logo came in 3rd place, and was chosen to represent MediaWiki rather than Wikipedia, with the 2nd place logo being used for the Wikimedia Foundation.[27] The double square brackets ([[ ]]) symbolize the syntax MediaWiki uses for creating hyperlinks to other wiki pages; while the sunflower, represents the: diversity of content on Wikipedia, the constant growth, and also the wildness.[28] Последние твиты от MediaWiki (@mediawiki). News from the MediaWiki project. Powering @Wikipedia and the @Wikimedia movement From MediaWiki Beginners Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Useful Extensions - Extensions beginners to MediaWiki would find useful One of the earliest differences between MediaWiki (and its predecessor, UseModWiki) and other wiki engines was the use of "free links" instead of CamelCase. When MediaWiki was created, it was typical for wikis to require text like "WorldWideWeb" to create a link to a page about the World Wide Web; links in MediaWiki, on the other hand, are created by surrounding words with double square brackets, and any spaces between them are left intact, e.g. [[World Wide Web]]. This change was logical for the purpose of creating an encyclopedia, where accuracy in titles is important.

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  1. MediaWiki uses an extensible[46] lightweight wiki markup designed to be easier to use and learn than HTML. Tools exist for converting content such as tables between MediaWiki markup and HTML.[47] Efforts have been made to create a MediaWiki markup spec, but a consensus seems to have been reached that Wikicode requires context-sensitive grammar rules.[48][49] The following side-by-side comparison illustrates the differences between wiki markup and HTML:
  2. The Dota 2 Wiki uses Semantic MediaWiki (SMW), a MediaWiki extension that lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages. Contents. 1 What do I have to know about..
  3. Also known as. English. MediaWiki. wiki software. MediaWiki software screenshot.png 1,047 × 499; 85 KB. 0 references. inception
  4. MediaWiki uses databases and may be too complex for the scale of our job. So guys, who thinks it is a good idea
  5. MediaWiki is open source wiki software on which this site runs, and which can be translated here. Support for translating hundreds of MediaWiki extensions is also available
  6. Semantic MediaWiki

Navigation through the wiki is largely through internal wikilinks. MediaWiki's wikilinks implement page existence detection, in which a link is colored blue if the target page exists on the local wiki and red if it does not. If a user clicks on a red link, they are prompted to create an article with that title. Page existence detection makes it practical for users to create "wikified" articles — that is, articles containing links to other pertinent subjects — without those other articles being yet in existence. A generic Widgets extension exists that allows MediaWiki to integrate with virtually anything. Other examples of extensions that could improve a wiki are category suggestion extensions[109] and extensions for inclusion of Flash Videos,[110] YouTube videos,[111] and RSS feeds.[112] Metavid, a site that archives video footage of the U.S. Senate and House floor proceedings, was created using code extending MediaWiki into the domain of collaborative video authoring.[113] WikiMatrix allows you to compare the features of various Wikis in comfortable side-by-side tables and helps you to pick the right Wiki software for your needs MediaWiki as an open source software that is designed to allow free access to the wiki site. This enables the site to be created by a group of users that have the experience and.. The Medjai or Medjay are warriors devoted to preventing the rise of evil on the Earth - specifically, the resurrection the High Priest Imhotep. They guard the ruins of the Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead, against any who might lift the curse placed on Imhotep and any who desires to break into the tombs of..

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MediaWiki's greatest strengths are that it makes web site pages extremely easy to update, and it makes managing page changes by multiple users very easy as well The {{MediaWiki}} interwiki link template gives a link to a page in the To get Name of page in the MediaWiki.org wiki as the default link label, and to also get the tag

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MediaWiki may be integrated with CILogon using OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.O) for authentication and provisioning and lifecycle management of accounts by the CILogon.. MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki application. It runs on many websites, including Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Wikimedia Commons. It is written in the PHP programming.. Our content on these key MediaWiki user concepts: MediaWiki Markup as it's used on this wiki. Mediawiki Page Rename & ReDirect - move, rename, redirect and alias wiki pages; alternate & hidden headings. External Images MediaWiki FAQ. MediaWiki release mailing list

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  1. In a 4½ year period, the MediaWiki database had 170 schema versions.[129] Possibly the largest schema change was done in MediaWiki 1.5, when the storage of metadata was separated from that of content, to improve performance flexibility. When this upgrade was applied to Wikipedia, the site was locked for editing, and the schema was converted to the new version in about 22 hours. Some software enhancement proposals, such as a proposal to allow sections of articles to be watched via watchlist, have been rejected because the necessary schema changes would have required excessive Wikipedia downtime.[130]
  2. Organizations: <-info on what, where, when, and how characters of this class congregate and assemble->.
  3. School of the Beetle: <-The medjai is trastorned by the Book of the Dead and the magic of the afterlife, of which the sacred insect is symbol. The medjai gains access to spells like a necromenacer 3 levels behind the level of the medjai, but can not raise undead. At 2nd level the medjai acts as a necromancer 2 levels behind and can raise undead as such. At 3rd level his necromancer level is equal to his medjai level, since he understands now the misteries of the Book of the Dead->.

Namespaces can be viewed as folders that separate different basic types of information or functionality. Custom namespaces can be added by the site administrators. There are 16 namespaces by default for content, with 2 "pseudo-namespaces" used for dynamically generated "Special:" pages and links to media files. Each namespace on MediaWiki is numbered: content page namespaces have even numbers and their associated talk page namespaces have odd numbers.[72] Working with MediaWiki was written by Yaron Koren, a longtime MediaWiki developer, administrator and consultant, and founder of the MediaWiki consulting company..

Medjai-folket tjente egypterne som karavaneførere, ordenshåndhævere og som lejesoldater. De fik stilling som en paramilitær styrke og fungere også som ørkenspejdere og beskyttere af faraoens.. Another very popular extension is a citation extension that enables footnotes to be added to pages using inline references.[106] This extension has, however, been criticized for being difficult to use and requiring the user to memorize complex syntax. A gadget called RefToolbar attempts to make it easier to create citations using common templates. MediaWiki has some extensions that are well-suited for academia, such as mathematics extensions[107] and an extension that allows molecules to be rendered in 3D.[108] Common misspelling of MediaWiki. English Wiktionary. LoveToKnow. www.yourdictionary.com/mediawiki. APA Style mediawiki-api. 0.1.8 • Public • Published 5 years ago. wiki.edit(article, body, callback). The article can be either a string for the page name or a number for its id MediaWiki™ is the software which runs all of the communities on Fandom. Originally created for Wikipedia, MediaWiki is an open source PHP-based wiki engine now used to..

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  1. mediawiki/semantic-media-wiki. An extension to MediaWiki that lets you store and query structured data within wiki pages
  2. Warning: File with same name already exists, you cannot overwrite, as displayed to newbie on 2006-02-17.
  3. Increasing usage soon caused load problems to arise again, and soon after, another rewrite of the software began; this time being done by Lee Daniel Crocker, which became known as "phase III". This new software was also written in PHP, with a MySQL back-end, and kept the basic interface of the phase II software, but with the added functionality of a wider scalability. The "phase III" software went live on Wikipedia in July 2002.
  4. MediaWiki is the result of global collaboration and cooperation. The CREDITS file lists technical The COPYING file explains MediaWiki's copyright and license (GNU General..

A study was done at the University of Hong Kong comparing TWiki to MediaWiki. The authors noted that TWiki has been considered as a collaborative tool for development of educational papers and technical projects, whereas MediaWiki's most noted use is on Wikipedia. Although both platforms allow discussion and tracking of progress, TWiki has a "Report" part that MediaWiki lacks. Students perceived MediaWiki as being easier to use and more enjoyable than TWiki. When asked whether they recommended using MediaWiki for knowledge management course group project, 15 out of 16 respondents expressed their preference for MediaWiki giving answers of great certainty, such as "of course", "for sure".[151] TWiki and MediaWiki both have flexible plug-in architecture.[152] Websites built on the MediaWiki platform, and using a wiki format to organize and display This list contains all Internet sites and products that utilize the popular free wiki.. Templates are text blocks that can be dynamically loaded inside another page whenever that page is requested. The template is a special link in double curly brackets (for example "{{Disputed|date=October 2018}}"), which calls the template (in this case located at Template:Disputed) to load in place of the template call.

Oeps: Vrachtwagen met een enorme wiek van windmolen valt om. door mediawiki 13 september 2019, 17:03 Bonus Feats: The epic Medjai gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic Medjai bonus feats) every 3 levels after 20th. MediaWiki code is designed to allow for data to be written to a master database and read from slave databases, although the master can be used for some read operations if the slaves are not yet up to date. Metadata, such as article revision history, article relations (links, categories etc.), user accounts and settings can be stored in core databases and cached; the actual revision text, being more rarely used, can be stored as append-only blobs in external storage. The software is suitable for the operation of large scale wiki farms such as Wikimedia, which had about 800 wikis as of August 2011. However, MediaWiki comes with no built-in GUI to manage such installations.

Note that, due to spam and vandalism, you must have an account to edit this Wiki. Further -- again due to excessive automated spam and vandalism -- we have had to close.. Every medjai can choose one of this schools, but only the evil ones have access to the following, more obscure, dark and deadly: Medjay (also Medjai, Mazoi, Madjai, Mejay, Egyptian mḏꜣ.j, a nisba of mḏꜣ,) was a demonym used in various ways throughout ancient Egyptian history to refer initially to a nomadic group from Nubia and.. The parser serves as the de facto standard for the MediaWiki syntax, as no formal syntax has been defined. Due to this lack of a formal definition, it has been difficult to create WYSIWYG editors for MediaWiki, although several WYSIWYG extensions do exist, including the popular VisualEditor.

The OpenStreetMap MediaWiki extensions allow our maps to be placed on a page of a wiki, on any installation of MediaWiki (http://mediawiki.org) where the extension has been installed. Two of the extensions below, were created for and installed on this wiki MediaWiki is an open source wiki engine licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is used by many websites, including this one. The Jmol Mediawiki Extension enables the use of the Jmol applet inside of Mediawiki pages A related method, called template substitution (called by adding subst: at the beginning of a template link) inserts (like a copy and paste operation) the contents of the template into the target page, instead of loading the template contents dynamically whenever the page is loaded. This can lead to inconsistency when using templates, but may be useful in certain cases, and in most cases requires fewer server resources (the actual amount of savings can vary depending on wiki configuration and the complexity of the template). I wanted a wiki for my site, as I find wiki a wonderful tool for collaborative development of ideas. Naturally, the first script I looked at was the MediaWiki script used by Wikipedia

School of the Falcon: <-The warrior is inspired by the truth of his faith, mystic and profound like the lord of the skies. The medjai can choose a Cleric domain strictly related to his cult and make use of these spells like a cleric of the same level. At 2nd level the medjai can turn undead like a cleric 2 levels behind but only those risen by the School of the Beetle. At 3rd level he can turn said undead like a cleric of the same level using his WIS bonus instead of the CHAR bonus if he wishes, and can choose a second extra domain strictly related to his cult->. In 2006 some Wikipedians discovered that through an intricate and complicated interplay of templating features and CSS they could create conditional wiki text, i.e. text that was displayed if a template parameter had a specific value. This included repeated calls of templates within templates, which bogged down the performance of the whole system. The developers faced the choice of either disallowing the spreading of an obviously desired feature by detecting such usage and explicitly disallowing it within the software, or offer an efficient alternative. The latter was done by Tim Starling, who announced the introduction of parser functions, wiki text that calls functions implemented in the underlying software. At first, only conditional text and the computation of simple mathematical expressions was implemented, but this already increased the possibilities for wiki editors enormously. With time further parser functions were introduced, finally leading to a framework that allowed the simple writing of extension function to add arbitrary functionalities, like e.g. geo-coding services or widgets. This time the developers were clearly reacting to the demand of the community, being forced either to fight the solution of the issue that the community had (i.e. conditional text), or offer an improved technical implementation to replace the previous practice and achieve an overall better performance.

MediaWiki is not designed to be a suitable replacement for dedicated online forum or blogging software,[132] although extensions do exist to allow for both of these.[133][134] MediaWiki offers flexibility in creating and defining user groups. For instance, it would be possible to create an arbitrary "ninja" group that can block users and delete pages, and whose edits are hidden by default in the recent changes log. It is also possible to set up a group of "autoconfirmed" users that one becomes a member of after making a certain number of edits and waiting a certain number of days.[82] Some groups that are enabled by default are bureaucrats and sysops. Bureaucrats have power to change other users' rights. Sysops have power over page protection and deletion and the blocking of users from editing. MediaWiki's available controls on editing rights have been deemed sufficient for publishing and maintaining important documents such as a manual of standard operating procedures in a hospital.[83] The microformats wiki—which runs MediaWiki with a custom skin—uses microformats in the mark-up of the page. Namely, each wiki page (article) is marked up using hAtom..

Wikidata. Wikispecies. MediaWiki ..David Dchoo, Clemens Schmid and Kasper's bot, Nomadwiki.org users Subaculture, Remigr, Guaka and Rameh and Nomadwiki.org anonymous user MediaWiki default Ignore SSL browser warning: browsers don't like self-signed SSL certificates, but this is the only kind that can be generated automatically. If you have a domain configured, then via Confconsole Advanced menu, you can generate free Let's Encypt SSL/TLS certificates.Security note: Updates to MediaWiki may require supervision so they ARE NOT configured to install automatically. See MediaWiki documentation for upgrading.

ağrısız sancısız bilgisayara kurmak için de program mevcut http://bitnami.org/stack/mediawiki Among the features of MediaWiki to assist in tracking edits is a Recent Changes feature that provides a list of recent edits to the wiki. This list contains basic information about those edits such as the editing user, the edit summary, the page edited, as well as any tags (e.g. "possible malware link")[60] added by customizable abuse filters and other extensions to aid in combating unhelpful edits.[61] On more active wikis, so many edits occur that it is hard to track Recent Changes manually. Anti-vandal software, including user-assisted tools[62] are sometimes employed on such wikis to process Recent Changes items. Server load can be reduced by sending a continuous feed of Recent Changes to an IRC channel that these tools can monitor, eliminating their need to send requests for a refreshed Recent Changes feed to the API.[63][64] MediaWiki is a free and open-source wiki engine. It was developed for use on Wikipedia in 2002, and given the name "MediaWiki" in 2003.[6] It remains in use on Wikipedia and almost all other Wikimedia websites, including Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata; these sites continue to define a large part of the requirement set for MediaWiki.[7] MediaWiki was originally developed by Magnus Manske and improved by Lee Daniel Crocker.[8][9] Its development has since then been coordinated by the Wikimedia Foundation. MediaWiki also has a public bug tracker, phabricator.wikimedia.org, which runs Phabricator. The site is also used for feature and enhancement requests. Interwiki links function much the same way as namespaces. A set of interwiki prefixes can be configured to cause, for instance, a page title of wikiquote:Jimbo Wales to direct the user to the Jimbo Wales article on Wikiquote.[67] Unlike internal wikilinks, interwiki links lack page existence detection functionality, and accordingly there is no way to tell whether a blue interwiki link is broken or not.

The Medjais who commit serious offenses against his order not only are fined financially. In addition they are expelled from their order and are rarely allowed to return. If you have the resources Medjais expelled form their own order or leave the path that used to follow. However, it is very rare for a comet Medjai such offense that can not be fixed with a big enough bag of gold. At least in the opinion of the order. MediaWiki Free MediaWiki demo installation. MediaWiki Logo. Want to quickly see how the open-source software MediaWiki works Because any WYSIWYG editor would have to know wikitext grammar, and no full grammar for wikitext exists, MediaWiki currently provides no native WYSIWYG support.[57] It does come with a customizable graphical toolbar for simplifying the process of learning the wiki syntax.[58] Various extensions exist for handling WYSIWYG editing to different degrees.[59]

(See also Mediawiki on biowikifarm (quick introduction/overview of setup) and the Mediawiki installation page (first time installation details).) NOTE: the instructions below are fully valid for the 1.18/SVN setup. Some steps may differ in the current 1.20/git setup Wikiversity Free course materials. Wikiquote Free quote compendium. MediaWiki Free & open wiki application Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free, open-source extension to MediaWiki - the wiki software that powers Wikipedia - that lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages MediaWiki code review was itself historically facilitated through a MediaWiki extension.[97] As of March 2012, it has been done through Gerrit. Due to the strong emphasis on multilingualism in the Wikimedia projects, internationalization and localization has received significant attention by developers. The user interface has been fully or partially translated into more than 300 languages on translatewiki.net,[11] and can be further customized by site administrators (the entire interface is editable through the wiki).

Later, Brion Vibber, the Chief Technical Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation,[29] took up the role of Release Manager, and the most active Developer.[6][30] No default passwords: For security reasons there are no default passwords. All passwords are set at system initialization time.Empirical evidence shows most revisions in MediaWiki databases tend to differ only slightly from previous revisions. Therefore, subsequent revisions of an article can be concatenated and then compressed, achieving very high data compression ratios of up to 100x.[131] MediaWiki is a free software wiki engine, licensed under the GNU General Public License, or GPL. The software was originally created to power Wikipedia®, and, as it is free software, is now used to power many other sites of varying size, including CreationWiki.. Characters with ranks in Bardic Knowledge, Knowledge History or Knowledge Religion can research Medjais to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

School of the doctrine: <-This is the principal characteristic of a Medjai warrior. At 4th level a Medjai warrior must choose between one of the several schools in which his order is divided. The name of them can change from one cult to another but the typical ones are inspired in the desertic folclore->. Because it is used to run one of the highest-traffic sites on the Web, Wikipedia, MediaWiki's performance and scalability have been highly optimized.[30] MediaWiki supports Squid, load-balanced database replication, client-side caching, memcached or table-based caching for frequently accessed processing of query results, a simple static file cache, feature-reduced operation, revision compression, and a job queue for database operations. MediaWiki developers have attempted to optimize the software by avoiding expensive algorithms, database queries, etc., caching every result that is expensive and has temporal locality of reference, and focusing on the hot spots in the code through profiling.[131]

When a page consists only of useless content, there are several ways to remove that content. The simplest way, available to all users, is simply to blank the page. However, this interferes with page existence detection, unless an extension is installed to treat blanked pages as though they were nonexistent.[84] Blanking also leaves the content accessible through the history page, an outcome that, while potentially increasing transparency by allowing non-sysops to easily review the content removal decision for appropriateness, might be unacceptable or even unlawful[85] in some cases. Another option is for a sysop to delete the page, and thereby prevent it from being viewed by non-sysops. Another level of deletion, called RevisionDelete, can be used by a group (e.g. "Oversighters") to prevent a page from being viewed by non-members of that group.[86] It is also possible, using certain extensions, to remove content from being viewed through any of the normal channels on the wiki,[87] or even to completely delete revisions from the database.[88] Various MediaWiki extensions have also been created to allow for more complex, faceted search, on both data entered within the wiki and on metadata such as pages' revision history.[121][122] Semantic MediaWiki is one such extension.[123][124] MediaWiki's default page-editing tools have been described as somewhat challenging to learn.[50] A survey of students assigned to use a MediaWiki-based wiki found that when they were asked an open question about main problems with the wiki, 24% cited technical problems with formatting, e.g. "Couldn't figure out how to get an image in. Can't figure out how to show a link with words; it inserts a number."[51] Templates have found many different uses. Templates enable users to create complex table layouts that are used consistently across multiple pages, and where only the content of the tables gets inserted using template parameters. Templates are often used to identify problems with a Wikipedia article by putting a template in the article. This template then outputs a graphical box stating that the article content is disputed or in need of some other attention, and also categorize it so that articles of this nature can be located. Templates are also used on user pages to send users standard messages welcoming them to the site,[77] giving them awards for outstanding contributions,[78][79] warning them when their behavior is considered inappropriate,[80] notifying them when they are blocked from editing,[81] and so on.

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