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Winx-klubi - Vastustamaton Winx suomeksi! Winx Club - Irresistible Winx in Finnish! Winx Club™ created by Iginio Straffi © 2004-2015 ©Rainbow S.r.l. ©Viacom International ©Nickelodeon All rights reserved. Winx-klubi Kausi 7 - Butterflixin voima [Suomi/Finnish! Ovládání hry - Winx Club Fashion. Výběr doplňků. Popis hry - Winx Club Fashion. Kouzelné víly Winx by se rády oblékly do pěkných šatů. Můžete si vybrat, kterou z dvojice víl si oblečete Nome: Winx Club Episódios Administradora: Lorelai Desde: 04/03/2009 Melhor visualização: Chrome. Winx Club 7 e 8 Discovery Kids - Seg/Sex às 12h55. World of Winx TV Cultura - Seg/Sex às 17h Upon its debut, Winx Club was a ratings success. During its first season in 2004, the series became one of the highest-rated programs on Rai 2 with an average audience share of 17%.[29] Among viewers 4–14 years old, the average share was 45%.[29] In France and Belgium, the season reached a 56% share among 10 to 14-year-olds.[82] According to Rai in 2009, the gender mix of Winx Club's audience was nearly equal across the first three seasons; in the target demographic of 4–14 years of age, females represented only 3% more of the audience than males.[83] The premiere of the fourth season set a record for an animated show's audience on Rai 2 with 500,000 viewers.[84] In 2007, Iginio Straffi noted that there were lower ratings in English-speaking territories than in Europe at the time, which he surmised was due to cultural differences.[85] The series was subject to budget cuts in 2014, during its seventh season. The 3D computer-generated segments and Hollywood voice actors were deemed too costly to keep using. The seventh season eventually premiered on Nickelodeon's worldwide channels in 2015. After a four-year hiatus, an eighth season premiered in 2019. At Straffi's decision, this season was retooled for a preschool target audience. Most of the show's longtime crew members were not called back to work on season 8, and Nickelodeon's team moved to a consultant role. Straffi stepped away from the series at this time, shifting his focus to live-action projects. A live-action adaptation of Winx Club for young adults, titled Fate: The Winx Saga, was announced in 2018.[7]

The Winx Club starts out as a group of five fairies. In season 2, they gain a new member, Aisha. A seventh fairy, Roxy, joins the Club in season 4. The Winx are students of the Alfea College for Fairies, where they train to fight magic villains Последние твиты от Winx Club All (@WinxClubAll). I have met wonderful people, friends and above all I had fun sharing my love for Winx. (1/2) #WinxClubAll #winxnews #winx #WinxClub pic.twitter.com/eDR9Jn2xND Winx Club TM © 2003-2017 Rainbow Srl. All Rights Reserved. Series created by Iginio Straffi - www.winxclub.com

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  1. Winx Club (en Hispanoamérica El Club Winx hasta 2010) es una serie de televisión animada italiana, realizada por Rainbow S.r.l., un estudio propiedad de Viacom e Iginio Straffi. La serie fue creada por Straffi y coproducida por Rai Fiction y Nickelodeon (también parte de Viacom)
  2. g with witches, warriors, and magical mysteries, but it's also bogged down by some content that's not so great for its very impressionable target audience. The girls sport tiny skirts and tummy-bearing tops that show off their impossibly small waistlines and slender legs, and..
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Месяц бесплатно. Winx-klubi Kausi 7 - Butterflixin voima [Suomi/Finnish!] HD! Winx Club™ created by Iginio Straffi © 2004-2016 ©Rainbow S.r.l. ©Viacom International ©Nickelodeon All rights reserved Winx Club - všechny díly online. Animovaná pohádka o šesti 16-letých vílách, které pomocí kouzel bojují se zlem. Podívejte se na pohádku o dobrodružstvích čarodějnic - Klub Winx online přes youtube Winx Club™ created by Iginio Straffi © 2003-2015 Rainbow S.r.l. and Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved. Winx Club Temporada 7 Episodio 13. Completo. Yellowinx65. 4:07. Winx Club - Dark Stella,Musa and Bloom VS Layla,Tecna and Flora Winx Club Staffel 7 Episodenguide. 157. Der Alfea-Naturpark (The Alfea Natural Park). 158. Die jungen Feen werden erwachsen (Young Fairies Grow Up)

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  1. Play Winx Club Games online at DressUpWho.com! Join Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora and Aisha for cool dress up games, makeup games, doll maker games, puzzle games, coloring games and more. Winx Club. Inspirational Beauty. 12345
  2. To rework the concept, Straffi's Rainbow team hired Italian fashion designers, including some from Dolce & Gabbana[28] and Prada,[29] to restyle the show and give the characters a more modern appearance. The crew changed the show's color palette, replacing the pilot's colour scheme with a brighter collection of hues, and adjusted the skin tone of one of the protagonists to look "more Latin" in an attempt to add diversity to the show.[23] Production of the restyled series began by 2002, and Rainbow estimated the episodes would be delivered to distributors by late 2003.[30] The new name of the series ("Winx") was derived from the English word "wings," and the "x" was intended to evoke the shape and sound of wings.[13] Straffi's aim was to appeal to both genders, including action sequences and displays of power designed for male viewers and fashion elements for female viewers.[30][31] At the October 2003 MIPCOM event, Rainbow screened the show's first episode to international companies.[32] The first season had its world premiere on Italian television channel Rai 2 on 28 January 2004.[33]
  3. Iginio Straffi initially outlined the show's plot to last three seasons. He chose to continue the story for a fourth season in 2009. Around this time, Winx Club's popularity attracted the attention of the American media company Viacom, owner of Nickelodeon. Viacom purchased 30% of the show's animation studio, Rainbow SpA, and Nickelodeon became a co-producer of the series. Production on the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons was divided between Rainbow and Nickelodeon Animation Studio. To attract an American audience, Viacom assembled a voice cast of Nickelodeon actors (including Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande), invested US$100 million in advertising for the series, and inducted Winx Club into Nickelodeon's franchise of Nicktoons.[5]
  4. On 9 November 2009, a sequel film was announced for a release date in 2010.[117] Winx Club 3D: Magical Adventure was released theatrically in Italy on 29 October 2010.[118] Its television premiere was on 20 May 2013, on Nickelodeon in the United States.[119] In the film, Sky proposes to Bloom, but Sky's father does not approve of their marriage.[117] Production on Magical Adventure began in 2007, while the first film was still in development.[118] It is the first Italian film animated in stereoscopic 3D.[120]
  5. Zapraszamy na WinxBlogger.pl - najlepsze źródło informacji o Winx Club. Zapraszamy na WinxBlogger.pl - najlepsze źródło informacji o Winx Club. pokaż cały opis
  6. Find out which VK tools can help you maintain your usual rhythm of life even when you have to stay at home.
  7. Winx Club. 20047+ 2 SezonKüçük Çocuklar İçin Diziler. Selina adlı yeni bir cadının güçlü ve kötülükle dolu Efsaneler Kitabı ile gelmesinin ardından Winx ekibi, bugüne kadar karşılaştığı en büyük zorlukla yüzleşir

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  1. inity" with body display.[102] Researchers for the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media felt that the characters represent an unattainable body image for women.[103] In 2011, Italian journalist Loredana Lipperini said the series perpetuates the idea that women must be fashionable, that the characters' appearances negatively impact viewers, and that fans learn to "admire the flowing hair, plump lips, narrow waists and wide hips".[104]
  2. Doll collections based on the show's characters were first released in January 2004 to coincide with its debut.[133] In Italy, the dolls are manufactured by Witty Toys (a division of Rainbow)[134] and distributed by Giochi Preziosi.[35] As of 2016, more than 100 collections had been designed and over 60 million Winx Club dolls had been sold.[135] In 2013, Rainbow relaunched vintage dolls as collectors' items.[136]
  3. From the beginning of development, Iginio Straffi planned an overarching plot that would conclude after 78 episodes.[34] Straffi stated that the Winx saga "would not last forever"[24] in 2007, and he intended the first feature film (Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom) to resolve any plot points remaining from the third season finale.[34] In 2008, Straffi decided to extend the series, citing its increasing popularity.[34]
  4. Several console video games based on the show have been produced. The first, Konami Europe's Winx Club, was released on 15 November 2005.[144] Other video games based on the franchise include Winx Club: The Quest for the Codex (2006), Winx Club: Join the Club (2007), Winx Club: Mission Enchantix (2008), Winx Club: Secret Diary (2009), Winx Club: Believix in You (2010), Winx Club: Magical Fairy Party (2012), and Winx Club: Saving Alfea (2014).[145] Magical Fairy Party was released as part of Nickelodeon's partnership with D3Publisher.[145] A physical trading card game based on the franchise and produced by Upper Deck Entertainment was released in 2005.[146]
  5. PopPixie is a comedy spin-off series that ran for a single season over two months in 2011. It is based on the chibi-inspired Pixie characters from the second season of Winx Club.[123] The series does not feature any of the original characters and is aimed at a younger audience than other Winx content.[124]
  6. On 7 April 2014, Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon announced their continuing partnership on the seventh season of Winx Club, with a planned premiere date of 2015.[43] Straffi said of the season: "It will be a privilege to partner once more with Nickelodeon on this."[43] During this season's production, Rainbow was undergoing a multimillion-euro financial loss due to the box office failure of its film Gladiators of Rome.[44] This made them cut costs on Winx Club, its most expensive show. The CGI-animated segments and California voice cast from the previous two seasons were deemed too costly to continue using for season 7. As with the previous two seasons, the copyright to season 7 is co-owned by Rainbow and Viacom.[3] The first episode aired on 22 June 2015, on Nickelodeon in Asia,[45] followed by its broadcast on 21 September 2015 on Rai Gulp in Italy.
  7. In September 2005, a live stage musical called "Winx Power Show" began touring in Italy.[140] The musical later expanded to other European countries[140] and the show's cast performed at the 2007 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in Milan.[141] An ice show follow-up starring Carolina Kostner was launched in November 2008.[142] In December 2014, the "Winx Club Musical Show" began in Italy to celebrate the series' tenth anniversary.[143]

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Related Anime: Winx Club: The Secret Of The Lost Kingdom (movie) Episodes: 186 Episodes. In Alfea Bloom forms the Winx Club, whose members are her four friends and roommates: Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Flora. Later in the series they encounter and befriend the Specialists: Brandon, Riven.. WinxClub.Com | Winx Cartoon Official Website: play with the Fashion Dools Community ! Create your winx avatar! Bloom. Stella Winx Club Forever (a.k.a. Superheroes)

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In Italy, the series' voice actors include Letizia Ciampa (Bloom), Perla Liberatori (Stella), Ilaria Latini (Flora), Domitilla D'Amico (Tecna), Gemma Donati (Musa), Laura Lenghi (Aisha), and Debora Magnaghi (Roxy). According to Ilaria Latini, the characters were cast before any character designs were finalized and the actors were shown black-and-white sketches of their roles.[62] The actors record their lines in Rome[53] and the animation is later synchronized to their voices, with the exception of the specials and seasons 5–6, which were animated to match the Hollywood cast.[60] Winx 6.Sezon 23.Bölüm. Wınx club pc game oyununu indirmek için tıkla! Winx Club'ın BİLGİSAYAR OYUNUNU indirmek ister misiniz? O zaman bu adımları takip et! ► 1.ADIM - Aşağıdaki linkten dosyayı i.. Watch online and download Winx Club Season 7 cartoon in high quality. Various formats from 240p to 720p HD (or even 1080p). HTML5 available for mobile devices Join Bloom, Stella, Aisha, and the rest of the Winx fairies in Volume 2 of Winx Club as they all reach the powerful Enchantix level of magic, Bloom realizes a strong connection to the evil Valtor, Stella must stop her father from remarrying and more CREATE YOUR WINX AVATAR!

Winx Club 4.évad 7.része Nickelodeon-os magyar szinkronnal. www.gportal.hu/winxclubok The Winx Club Movie: The Secret of The Lost Kingdom. Winx Club: Magical Adventure. Molly C. Quinn [ITALIA ] Winx Club 7 - Tynix [Full Song] - winx club channel !! HD - Продолжительность: 2:23 winx club new video 26 103 просмотра. Winx-klubi Kausi 7 - Butterflixin voima [Suomi/Finnish! Watch Winx Club Show Online full episodes for Free. Stream cartoon Winx Club Show series online with HQ high quality Many of the show's tracks are performed by Italian singer Elisa Rosselli. She was selected during the production of the first Winx film, as Iginio Straffi was seeking a writer and singer for the movie's soundtrack. Straffi looked to Sony Music's archive for inspiration and enjoyed three of Rosselli's songs that were co-produced with Maurizio D'Aniello.[67] After working together on the film, Rosselli continued to produce music for the show (usually in collaboration with D'Aniello or Peter Zizzo)[68] until its seventh season.[67]

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Filters. Normal Mode Strict Mode List All Children. Search within Winx Club. 7 Fav. Flora (Winx Club) Winx Club est une série TV de Iginio Straffi avec Lisa Ortiz (Musa), Gregory Abbey (Brandon). Retrouvez tous les détails des 7 saisons et des 156 épisodes de la série, ainsi que toutes les news et les vidéos Winx Club Shines. Published on Mar 9, 2014. ¡Cómic TRADUCIDO AL ESPAÑOL por Winx Club Shines!

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Winx Club. Всего минусовок: 12 Cartoon: Winx Club Song: White Destiny Artist: Yokyo Ishida Movie Maker: Ulead Video Studio 11 Clips/Pictures From: veoh.comt, torrents, and some downloaded from YouTube Made By: alexastock

In 2005, Iginio Straffi was interviewed in IO Donna about the legal battle.[110] He was asked how it felt "to be one of Disney's most hated people,"[110] and answered that he—as the founder of a small animation studio—was glad to have "defeated" a massive conglomerate.[110] "I feel a certain pride in having annoyed such a giant. It's inspiring," he elaborated.[110] As a result of the lawsuit, Straffi has avoided doing any business with the Disney corporation; he commented in 2014, "They've lost the chance to explore our creativity."[113] Portada Series Series Animación Winx Club Temporadas de Winx Club. Winx Club. Temporadas y episodios. Reparto The Winx Club - so the five best friends, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, Flora and Layla call themselves. Every little girl dreams of joining the club and having adventures in the magical world. Unfortunately real parents can't give their daughters magical power, but they are able to print fairy coloring pages

If you ask a person in Japan Is Winx Club an anime?, you would get something along the lines of yes. Anime (short for animation) in Japan simply means animation, or an animated work. However, outside the country, anime is usually used to refer to animated works from Japan Play with your own paper doll of Flora from the Winx Club. You can download, print, cut and dress up Flora in clothes from different season of Winx Club show. There are outfits from Winx trasformations Charmix, Enchantix, Butterflix, Bloomix, Believix, Sirenix and Harmonix. Click on the image to load it in.. Winx Club is an Italian-American[a] animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon. It is set in a magical universe that is inhabited by fairies, witches, and other mythical creatures. The show follows a fairy warrior named Bloom as she enrolls at Alfea College to train and hone her skills. The series uses a serial format that has an ongoing storyline, with individual story arcs comprising each season. It premiered on 28 January 2004, becoming a ratings success in Italy and on Nickelodeon networks internationally. Straffi's pilot, which was titled "Magic Bloom,"[22] featured the original five Winx members in attires similar to those of traditional European fairies.[23] It was produced during a twelve-month development period that included animation tests, character studies, and market surveys.[24] The animation attracted the interest of Rai Fiction,[25] which paid for 25% of the production cost in exchange for Italian broadcast rights and a share of the series' revenue over 15 years.[26] After holding test screenings of the pilot, however, Straffi was unhappy with the audience's unenthusiastic reaction to the characters' outdated clothing style[23] and stated that the pilot did not satisfy him.[25] In a 2016 interview, Straffi said the end result was unoriginal and "looked like just another Japanese-style cartoon ... but nothing like [the modern] Winx ".[27] He likened his feelings about the pilot to an "existential crisis" and chose to scrap the entire test animation despite an investment of over €100,000 in the completed pilot.[25]

In March 2018, a live-action adaptation aimed at young adults was announced.[7] As of August 2019, the series is in pre-production with Brian Young set as showrunner and Judy Counihan set as executive producer.[114] Filming will begin in September 2019[114] for a planned release date of 2020. The series will follow the same general story as the animated version[7] and will star Abigail Cowen as Bloom.[115] On 27 June 2011, the first special co-produced with Nickelodeon premiered on Nick U.S. to 2.278 million viewers.[86] Each of the following three specials performed better than the previous ones, with the fourth ("The Shadow Phoenix") rating #1 in its time slot among viewers aged 2–11.[87] During the first quarter of 2012, an average of 38.5 million viewers watched the series across nine of Nickelodeon's international outlets, a 60% increase from the fourth quarter of 2011.[87] On Nickelodeon UK, Winx Club increased the network's ratings by 58% on its launch weekend in September 2011, ranking as the second-most-popular program on the channel and the most popular show with females aged 7–15.[88] As of 2019, Winx Club and SpongeBob SquarePants are the only animated shows that are still broadcast on Nickelodeon UK's main network.[89]

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월간으로 'Winx Club Magazine'이라는 외전 코믹스와 종이 인형 등이 실린 잡지가 출간 되고 있는데, 여기에 실리는 외전 코믹스에서는 Winx 2학년이 된 Winx Club. 어느 날, 소녀들은 학교에서 쓰러져 있는 아이샤를 발견한다. 그녀는 픽시들이 Lord Darkar에게 잡혀 있다는 이야기를 해준다 This page is under heavy construction. Release Dates: March 26th, 2009 (Europe). First DanceDanceRevolution game to introduce the DanceDanceRevolution title in European regions. Game engine and interface are based on DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY2 Winx Club is an Italian-American animated television series created by Iginio Straffi and co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon

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The Winx Club Officials Players Are: BloomFairy Of The Dragon Flame〖cutecreativecat〗 StellaFairy Of The Shining Sun〖babysnow5〗 Flora Fairy Of Nature〖Erduwan〗 MusaFairy Of Music〖Me〗 TecnaFairy Of Technology〖jovanco123〗.. The Winx have a mission in hand, reaching their final fairy stage. But trouble arises as Valtor escapes from the omega and teams up with the Trix. Bloom's story was based on that of a girl named Antonella who Iginio Straffi, the creator of the Winx Club series, met who had been adopted and.. An ongoing comic book serial has been published since the series' premiere.[137] Over 180 Italian issues have been released as of 2019. In 2014, the comics' worldwide circulation was 25 million copies, with 55,000 copies sold each month in Italy.[76] In the United States, manga distributor Viz Media translated several of the first 88 issues and released them across nine graphic novel volumes.[138] Other tie-in books unrelated to the comics have been produced, starting with character guides distributed by Giunti Editore.[137] Nickelodeon's partner Random House has published English-language Winx Club books since 2012.[139] Winx Club first premiered on the Italian television channel Rai 2 on 28 January 2004.[4] Reruns later began airing on Rai Gulp, a sister channel to Rai 2 aimed at children and teenagers, shortly after the network launched in 2007. On 2 September 2010, Nickelodeon announced through a press release that they would be co-producing additional seasons with Rainbow.[36] Nickelodeon debuted four one-hour specials (also co-produced with Rainbow) summarizing the first two seasons, the first of which premiered on their flagship American channel on 27 June 2011.[63] With the exception of Italy, the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons launched on Nickelodeon channels domestically and internationally.[36] Winx, Winx Club Aisha Sirenix Style Dress Up Game, Winx Tecna Sirenix Style Dress Up Game, Winx Club Guardian Fairy of Music Musa Sirenix Style

Winx Club Fashion - oblékněte některou z hlavních hrdinek pohádkového seriálu o létajících vílách. Líbí se vám hra Winx Club Fashion? Sdílejte ji s přáteli. URL hry. Odkaz s obrázkem 222 47. Tecna Winx Club Collection(Normal). Flora (Winx Club) Childhood heroes contest Epizoda 'Nenadálá událost' z animované pohádky o šesti dívkách, které mají čarodějnické schopnosti. Podívejte se na pohádku Winx Club online přes youtube. Pohádka: Winx Club. Kategorie: Animované, Česky, Pro děti, Pro dívky, Pro teenagery Winx Club - Тайникс. Winx / Винкс - Tynix Тайникс на русском Ah 0:49

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Klub Winx (2004) online - Na Ziemi w mieście Gardenia mieszka wraz z rodziną dziewczyna imieniem Bloom, nieświadoma swojej Klub Winx (2004). Informacje. Oryginalny tytuł: Winx Club. Rodzaj: Kreskówka. Gatunek: brak danych winx club X transformations aesthetic: Roxy X Believix. Winx Club Shitpost Winx Meme Meme There's Only ONE Thing worse meme my pics pls excuse me I couldn't resist myself XD my editing kinda sucks though but I tried :p winx club roxy winx club flora wizards of the black circle..

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Winx Club All May 09, 2020. Today www.winxcluball.com celebrates 9 years supporting the Winx Club series and contributing to the fan community. NEW BOOK - Winx Club Giochi per vere fate [Italy] Reviewed by Winx Club All on May 04, 2020 Rating: 5 The series' visuals are a mixture of Japanese anime and European elements,[51] which Iginio Straffi calls "the trademark Rainbow style".[19] The main characters' final designs are based on Straffi's original sketches, which were modelled on celebrities popular at the turn of the 21st century. In a 2011 interview with IO Donna, Straffi stated that Britney Spears served as the basis for Bloom, Cameron Diaz for Stella, Jennifer Lopez for Flora, Pink for Tecna, Lucy Liu for Musa, and Beyoncé for Aisha.[20] This approach was part of Straffi's aim for the fairies to represent "the women of today"[15] and look much more modern than classic examples like la Fata Turchina.[52] The three Trix witches were also designed to appear "beautiful and fashionable" to counter the stereotype of ugly witches.[17]

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The president of Nickelodeon International, Pierluigi Gazzolo, was responsible for arranging the co-production partnership and became a member of Rainbow's board of directors (a role he continues to serve in, as of November 2019).[46] In addition to financing the television series, Viacom provided the resources necessary to produce a third Winx film.[47] In 2019, Iginio Straffi commented on the two studios' near-decade of continued work together, saying that "the know-how of Rainbow and the know-how of Nickelodeon are very complementary; the sensibilities of the Americans, with our European touch."[6] Winx Club opened the opportunity for Nickelodeon and Rainbow to collaborate on additional co-productions together, including various pilots from 2014 onward and Club 57 in 2019.[48] Winx Club - Bloom - EncantixTransformation. Winx Club - Bloom - Winx Transformation. AStar0425 The eighth season of the series was not produced immediately after the seventh. It followed a multiple-year hiatus and was not made as a direct continuation of the previous season. At Iginio Straffi's decision, Season 8 was heavily retooled to appeal to a preschool target audience.[6]

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Имя файла WinX Club (USA).zip. Размер файла : 7,99 mb For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Winx Club bölümleri listesi. Winx Club bölümleri listesi. Connected to: {{::readMoreArticle.title}} Cinélume (also known as Cinélume Film Video) is a Canadian company that dubs European cartoons. The Cinélume dub is completely uncut without extensive script edits or censorship. All four seasons aired in Singapore on Okto

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Winx-Club-OCs. Do you believe in magic? Chubby Winx Base InsomniaRodent 40 7 *f2u* Butterflix kiss animation base xXTwiggy 40 1 Winx Sirenix Bloom base HeartStorm4ever 15 2 Cosmix bases xXTwiggy 70 41 Winx - Male Base starfirerencarnacion 77 6 In a New York Times article, Bocconi University professor Paola Dubini stated that the themes and characters of Winx Club appealed to both the target audience and their parents. After studying the rise of the show's production company, Dubini wrote that the fairies' "defined and different personalities" made them relatable to viewers.[100] Common Sense Media reviewer Tara Swords gave the show a three-star review, calling it "an imaginative story with bold, take-charge heroines" while also arguing that the show is hindered by its design elements and by "ongoing drama surrounding the main characters' attraction to their male counterparts".[101] Winx Club. Season 7 Episode 1: The Return Of Valtor. Bloom was with Daphne and has arrived at Alfea. Wow I can't believe how many fairies have came this Next time on Winx Club. Musa is cast by a spell by Valtor that makes her not to sing can Musa get her singing back or will it be over for her Iginio Straffi opened up to licensing Winx Club merchandise in order to finance his studio's other projects;[128] in 2008, he stated that he reinvests "almost everything" back into Rainbow.[16] Across the show's first ten years on air, more than 6,000[76] pieces of tie-in merchandise were released by external licensing companies.[129] As of 2014, Winx Club merchandise licenses generated around €50 million annually,[130] with most of the revenue going toward product licensees rather than Rainbow itself.[76] According to a VideoAge International article, Rainbow's take from merchandise sales averages 10 percent, with some deals only giving the studio five percent.[76] Outside Europe, Mattel[35] released products based on the show until 2012, when Nickelodeon named Jakks Pacific as the series' new merchandising partner.[131] The announcement followed a Winx Club advertising campaign on which Nickelodeon spent US$100 million.[132]

In April 2004,[109] The Walt Disney Company filed an unsuccessful copyright infringement lawsuit against Rainbow SpA.[109] The company accused Rainbow of copying the Winx Club concept from its W.I.T.C.H. comic book,[109] which was published over a year after production on Winx Club began.[110] Disney applied for an injunction order to halt the further release of the Winx Club series and comic magazine; to declare the Winx Club trademark invalid; and to seize the periodical and film material bearing the allegedly infringing Winx Club name.[109] Rainbow won the case against Disney, as they provided proof that Winx Club entered production by 2000, while the W.I.T.C.H. comic was not released until May 2001.[110][111] On 2 August 2004,[112] all of Disney's infringement claims were rejected by the Tribunale di Bologna's Specialized Commercial Matters Department,[109] which deemed them unfounded.[109] The suit later became the subject of a commercial law seminar at the University of Macerata in 2009.[112] Iginio Straffi made the decision to shift the show's intended audience after years of gradually aiming toward a younger demographic. In a 2019 interview,[6] Straffi explained that decreasing viewership from older viewers and an increased audience of young children made this change a necessity. He elaborated that "the fans of the previous Winx Club say on social media that the new seasons are childish, but they don't know that we had to do that."[6] Straffi stepped away from the series at this time and did not oversee season 8's production like he had for the previous installments. He instead shifted his focus to live-action projects aimed at older audiences: Nickelodeon's Club 57 and Fate: The Winx Saga.[6] Straffi explained that "the things we had to tone down [in season 8] have been emphasized in the live action–the relationships, the fights, the love stories." He added that he hopes that Fate will satisfy the "20-year-olds who still like to watch Winx."[6] Kızlar için Winx Club Oyunları. Didi Oyun ile Bedava Kız Oyunları. PopPixie'lerin hayranı mısın? Winx Club Peri YaratÇizgi Film, Giydirme, Peri, Makyaj, Baştan Yaratma. Winx perisi olmak isteyenler buraya! Bu sihirli küçük perinin zarif kanatları, sihirli.

Мультфильм, фэнтези, комедия. Режиссер: Иджинио Страффи. В ролях: Летиция Чиампа, Джемма Донати, Домитилья Д'амико и др. В волшебном мире Магикс есть школа Алфея, где юных фей обучают магическим навыкам Beginning in 2010, episodes of Winx Club have been jointly written with Nickelodeon's American team. Nickelodeon's writers aim to make the series multicultural and appealing toward viewers from different countries. In 2019, Straffi commented on his near-decade of collaboration with Nickelodeon, saying that "the know-how of Rainbow and the know-how of Nickelodeon are very complementary; the sensibilities of the Americans, with our European touch."[6] The continued partnership between Rainbow and Nickelodeon on Winx Club has led to the development of additional co-productions, including Club 57 in 2019, on which much of Winx Club's staff worked. Winx club is about five fairy friends that band together to fight the evil that threatens the Alfea. In the show, we follow Bloom as she blossoms into a powerful fairy. Do you consider yourself a big fan of the show

The 2011 specials introduced a new cast of Hollywood voice actors, who also provided voices for the first two Winx films and seasons three through six. For this cast, Viacom hired several Nickelodeon actors whose names were advertised on-air to attract American viewers; these stars included Ariana Grande as Diaspro,[63] Elizabeth Gillies as Daphne, Keke Palmer as Aisha, Matt Shively as Sky, and Daniella Monet as Mitzi.[64] The cast recorded their lines at the Atlas Oceanic studio in Burbank, California.[65][66] Game Name: Winx Club: Saving Alfea. Region: Europe. Winx Club: Saving Alfea is a Adventure video game published by Little Orbit released on November 17, 2014 for the Nintendo DS Winx Club is set in a vast universe that has several dimensions. Most episodes take place in the Magic Dimension, which is closed off to ordinary people and inhabited by creatures from European mythology like fairies, witches, and monsters. The capital of this world is the city of Magix—which is located on the planet of the same name—where the three main magic schools are situated. The other planets of the Magic Dimension include Bloom's home planet Domino, Stella's home planet Solaria, Flora's home planet Linphea, Tecna's home planet Zenith, Musa's home planet Melody, and Aisha's home planet Andros.[8] Some episodes take place on Earth, Roxy's home planet and where Bloom spent her childhood.[12] Seamos sinceros,¿no os da rabia cuando vuestra serie favorita dejan de hecharla mientras que en otros países siguen hechando mas temporadas?A que si,es el que caso de Winx Club mi serie favorita y la de muchos españoles,que emitieron 5 temporadas en España y luego dejaron de emitirla,pero en..

Главная » Комиксы » Разные комиксы » Winx Club / Винкс Клуб крутых девчонок! » 2007 # 3 Мальчишки из Редфонтайн Grazie a Roxy, l'ultima fata della Terra, le Winx raggiungono il livello di potere Believix. Le sei fate, però, devono ancora imparare a controllare la loro nuova energia e Roxy sta per essere trasportata nel portale oscuro evocato dagli stregoni. All'improvviso la giovane fata avverte una voce misteriosa e.. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, psychotherapist Gianna Schelotto assumed an opposite standpoint. She argued that the Winx are "anti-showgirls" with stories that highlight positive aspects like friendship, guiding female viewers "away from supermodels to which the commercial world drags them".[105] Rhodes University professor Jeanne Prinsloo agreed, saying in 2014 that "in spite of the unrelenting bad press", Winx Club episodes "present complex narratives with active female protagonists and positive relationships that validate 'girl power'".[106] Il Sole 24 Ore also wrote positively about the show's feminist themes, commending how the characters "expose narcissistic masculinity".[93] Responding to criticisms of the character designs, Iginio Straffi said in 2007 that the fairies' looks are an "envelope" serving to interest the viewer and are "never vulgar or exaggerated".[51] By 2014, the show had been aired in over 150 countries.[76] In 2019, after the Viacom-CBS merger announcement, Informa's Television Business International listed the show among the most important Viacom properties internationally.[77] Third-party broadcasters that acquired the show included China's CCTV,[78] Ireland's TG4,[79] and 4Kids,[80] the last of which aired the series in the United States until their broadcast agreement was permanently revoked by Rainbow in 2009.[28] 4Kids censored and edited the original content in an attempt at localization. Iginio Straffi criticized these adjustments in a 2008 interview, saying, "The Winx fairies cannot talk about boys there. I think this removes something essential."[81] Straffi wanted to launch the series in Japan, but he abandoned the idea due to the country's regulation that foreign content producers must pay for airtime.[28]

World of Winx is a spin-off series that premiered in 2016; Straffi described it as one "with more adult graphics, a kind of story better suited to an older audience"[125] than the original series. It features the Winx travelling to Earth on an undercover mission to track down a kidnapper known as the Talent Thief.[126] 26 episodes over two seasons were produced.[127] Winx Club desenleriyle dikkat çekici bir tasarıma sahip olan beslenme kaplarıyla çocuğunuzun karnını zevkle doyurabilmesini sağlarsınız. Kaşık ve çatal da içeren beslenme kapları çocukların kullanımına uygun boyutlardaki parçalarıyla kolayca yemek yiyebilmeye yardım eder Nhấn vào đây để chơi Winx Club. Winx Club. 791,066 số lần chơi Yêu cầu Plugin. Thêm game này vào hồ sơ TOP 3 danh sách được yêu thích của bạn A third film, titled Winx Club: The Mystery of the Abyss, was released theatrically in Italy on 4 September 2014.[121] The film made its television premiere on Nickelodeon Germany on 8 August 2015.[122] The plot follows the Winx venturing through the Infinite Ocean to rescue Sky, who has been imprisoned by the Trix. According to Iginio Straffi, the film has a more comedic tone than the previous two films.[121] Похожие игры. Winx Club. Gris

A team of specialized artists designs the characters' expressions and outfits for each season. About 20 tables of expressions and positions from all angles are drawn for each character.[17] The designers start to develop characters' costumes by creating collages from magazine clippings of recent fashion trends. Using these as references, they draw multiple outfits for each character.[53] Simone Borselli, the series' art director, designed most of the characters' early-season clothing despite lacking a background in fashion design. When asked by an interviewer where his fashion intuition came from, Borselli responded, "From being gay."[54] In a magical universe, witches, warriors begin fighting in the name of good .vs. evil! At a magic school, five teenage girls are selected to defend the universe with their magic During the 1990s, comic artist Iginio Straffi noticed that animated action shows were primarily focused on male protagonists;[13][14] at the time, he felt that the "cartoon world was devoid of female characters."[15] Straffi hoped to introduce an alternative show with a female lead aged 16 to 18, as he was interested in "exploring the psychological side" of the transition to adulthood.[16] He decided to develop a pilot centred on the conflict between two rival colleges; one for fairies and another for witches.[17] Straffi compared his original premise to "a sort of 'Oxford–Cambridge rivalry' in a magical dimension".[18] In expanding the concept, Iginio Straffi drew his inspiration from Japanese manga[19] and the comics of Sergio Bonelli,[20] a comic writer for whom Straffi had worked.[21]

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